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  1. Today i installed TAW 2.30 on my windows 10 Laptop, unfortunately i got no sound. Other sounds works, for example when i plug out my usb mouse, but the game sound is not there. Any idea? ( In TAW options screen sound is set on max.) Edit: I found out, that i can activate sound with alt tab to desktop , and switching sound in mixer on. But after every mission it s getting switched off again.
  2. I remember that the AIM 120 C had an higher POK than the AIM 120 R in TAW. Can you confirm this ?
  3. Super, freut mich. TAW Anleitung ist allerdings etwas anders. Nur zur Info.
  4. Ich habe sie alle hier, die TFX, EF 2000 , F22ADF , Red Sea Ops und TAW Anleitungen auf Deutsch. Ist aber eine Menge einzuscannen. Was genau möchtest du denn haben? Alternativ kannst du aber gerne deine Fragen hier auf Deutsch stellen, ich beantworte sie dir gerne.
  5. I remember this mission- you ll have to learn to call for support if you re aware of such extreme situations. Mark the SU35 s, and hit - in EMCON 2- the 2-4-2 keys as posted before. While the other flights are engaging, train your situation awareness and search for the other SU35 s. I think, there s an AWACS flight in the air, it may NOT get shot down! Use your wingmen,too and give them order to attack specific enemy fighters. It s hard, but several times i was able to accomplish the mission objectives in hard setting.
  6. There s no excuse! Belive me,having a family is most important thing in the whole world. Living together in harmony is what makes a man really strong. Tell your wife about your feelings and passions and always ask about her feelings,too. If she really loves and respects you, she will respect your flightsim passion. ( But you ll have to respect her own passions ,too!) Always look that there s something you can share with your wife. ( Like going dancing, doing sports together etc...) It took me long time to manage this, and i ve lost a family because of egoistic wishes. :-( Maybe you
  7. I remember that long time ago someone used a hex editor and found out, that there are all files in it compressed with a kind of zip tool. Steve Hunt, formally a member of the DID crew told us, that there s some kind of security check which will prevent of changing files there. When i remember right, this way was used for faster loading time??? (maybe all that files will get decompressed into RAM if possible, i remember some support comment by DID, that TAW will use all available RAM .) At first should be checked, which tool was used , as i remember right, Steve Hunt wrote about a tool speci
  8. Thank you for your great work. I got one issue: Sometimes i got delay in briefing/debriefing/menu screens. But cannot reproduce ,when i got this delay and when not. Harddisk is not working ,other software is not active. Just have flown two training missions in Beta2 and i love it. :-D Will the Track IR patch work with Unionreality Gear, too? Greetings from germany... :-)
  9. Thank you for your reply, Spear! I ll download V1.5 Beta as soon as i ll be back at home, here at my girlfriend s home i only got a linux laptop which isn t able to run your mod. ( I only use windows OS for TAW ) I m very impressed , flying your MOD is like driving a brand new motorbike on a wonderful sunny road without any traffic around...
  10. @ Spear: Are you planning to design a HUD exactly like the real F22 HUD? If not, can you tell me, why you ve decided to make it that way in your great mod? (Just have flown around 2 hours, but i m very impressed. ) When i m back home i will make some more testing. Great work. Please continue making F22ADF / TAW better.
  11. EF 2000 2.0 was an upgraded version. Also i m missing my very first DID simulation: TFX. And Wargasm was a DID Product, too.
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