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  1. Home Fries, I did what u taught me on missile avoidance and it worked. It's pretty scarry to hear the Radar missiles just zooming past, missing you by meters. On Win98 install over the USB external HD, it's a failure. It won't boot without running into errors. I think it may be the USB part. I've tried some fixes from Microsoft but it still won't work. Anyway, I am happy enough to be able to use my CH HOTAS setup.
  2. Yes, I've considered dual booting. Unfortunately. I had XP installed first, so that makes 98 install more difficult. It can be done without losing XP but needs a few tricks to get back the XP system files to be the 'master'. I will check out BootIT NG, thanks for the tip. My older rig is a dual boot 98/XP. After many attempts to get Speedkeys to work, I finally found the installer. Initially, I double click the existing installation but it just didn't work. So, I reinstalled Speedkeys and it worked. It saw the throttle and the rest was re-learning how to program it. Made a few mistak
  3. Home Fries, Appreciate the movie. Thanks a bunch! On the hardware side, the new PCI soundcard (ESS Allegro 1988) with gameport does not work. I noticed there is no dedicated gameport chip, just one ESS chipset. No gameport was detected in XP. This card's gameport is probably a MIDI only port, not for joystick. Switch back to the older ESS Maestro 2. Already bought a USB HDD to install Win98 and Speedkeys. Hope this configuration will work.
  4. Home fries, thanks for the tip to evade the radar missiles. Would u be able to release a video on this maneuver, and perhaps include it when the V1.5 release is out. It would be so cool. Anyway, don't take this as a demand but a humble request. I am not out of the woods yet on the gaming hardware, particularly the CH Pro throttle. So far, Win98 on the old rig refuses to see the throttle under Speedkeys, which means that I cannot program the throttle with my F22 TAW template which I made 10 years ago. Fortunately, under real DOS in win98, the PTMENU.exe dos program can see the throttle
  5. using the glide wrapper has no issues with F12 key. My video card is Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX. Previously with D3D (1024 x 768) and version 1 of the BETA, F12 key gave problems. I am getting a hang of this game now. Manage to dogfight in the training mission and come out victorious. I still have problems avoiding Radar lock missiles. Any tips to evade and survive this kind of threat? For IR missiles, I just switch off my engines and flare up. I manage to program my CH Pro Throttle but with difficulty. Only workable in my older computer but in real DOS mode. In win98, the speedkeys
  6. I have a question about dgVoodoo wrapper. When I set in-game for glide at 800x600, BUT in dgvoodoo, I set the resolution to, say 1650x1050 (that's my 22"LCD max res), which one takes effect? Or how do I check what res I am playing?
  7. Home Fries, The video which u made (which was really great), were u playing under Glide 1600 x 1200 resolution? I had the movie downloaded and converted to mp4 format and loaded into my PDA phone to try to generate interests among my friends. WMV format at 480p res is laggy on the pda with Mobile Medida Player (Microsoft). So far, no takers among my friends
  8. Got the BETA2 working under Glide. It is awesome! Will configure my throttle next. Hope the thing still works and programmable.
  9. Wow! This BETA2 rocks! I installed the Glide version and it is awesome. Very good job!! Practiced a little today and still extremely rusty.
  10. Thanks for all the help. I've not tried it, actually just knew about it days ago and until I went to the url, I didn't know exactly what it is. It would be great to have this setup. Will try it but not now. Now, the important thing is to have a workable setup and mastering the flight controls. Wow, my TO-DO list is expanding pretty fast. My regret is that I shouldn't have stop playing TAW, or fly it once in a while to keep the intuition going. Oh yes, I have d/l the 1.5Beta2. Broadband was behaving pretty well last night and the d/l was around 40kb/s, so it took me about an hour
  11. thanks guys for the advice. Not only flight advice but family advice u get here. She was shocked to see me pull out my CH Pro Throttle, CH Flightstick Pro, and a Genius F23 joystick. She couldn't figure out what the throttle was for. The Genius F23 replaces my worn out CH joystick. Mechanically it is still good but the pots inside is not doing too well. I don't have the heart to throw it away. I even played FIFA soccer game with it. It's the only stick that didn't have its springs snapped. I've been through quite a number of cheap sticks and they all broke within 3 weeks of intense
  12. Spear, thanks for the replies. I am now less ignorant. I manage to take off in the training mission, and then landed without much incident. I guess, I still have some of the old virtual pilot skills in basic maneuvers. The graphics still doesn't look good in D2D. I will try out the glide wrapper and hope it brings in more eye candy. On dog fighting skills, thanks for the advice. I remember years ago when I was a better pilot, I could dog fight most of the fighters except EF2000 and F22, which I can't seem to shake off my 6. The only time I beat the F22 was I went out to 3rd pers
  13. Opps...I forgot to say that, I will try the Beta once i get familirize with the basics of handling the F22. (again, d/l 100MB is very slow for me...due to fake Broadband services in my country) I was struggling with getting all the command keys. Got to do some training before I can really began to enjoy the flying and fighting. BTW, what is Track IR as listed in the Beta 1.5 release? On line playing....that was and still is a dream for me. I remember the days of EF2000, when I really wished I could join the players but never tried. And with TAW, I ran out of time to fully master the
  14. Guys! Thanks for the advices. The support here is great! Yes I sort of figured that u need to enter into low res mode to make changes in the Options menu, and then after that is done, edit the cfg file and set the Rez to 3. Then run the TAW_RES.cmd. OK got this one settled. The keyboard is set as default, Controls = 0. For joystick, Controls =1. I made a mistake by plugging in my USB gamepad and Joystick (gameport) at the same time, that was ONE of the reason why it wasn't responding. USB gamepad took the priority I think. Anyway, my first training mission was taxiing on the runwa
  15. Thanks for the info. Hard to find even these trivial products in Malaysia. I may buy a PCI soundcard with a gameport on it that I found in one of the PC shops, but got to make sure they have XP or Vista drivers support first. This is the cheapest route. I found a ESS Maestro 2 1968S PCI soundcard but have no XP drivers. My gameport joystick is still no go. On the F22 2008. Manage to run the game with 1024 x 768 res. Looks good! How do I turn on Anti-Aliasing? Do I use the game.cfg and set it to 1 or do I need to run the *.com file after I edited the game.cfg to patch the F22.dat
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