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  1. ... and realize that they can change things just by voting and getting involved in the political process. Hasn't happened yet though.

  2. Correct I'm American. I guess everyone complains about their government, but ours is almost totally being taken over by corporations and the very wealthy. Our Supreme Court recently ruled that corporations can contribute as much money as they want to. Our courts consider corporations the same as citizens. I don't like where we are headed. Am hoping the masses awaken like the Egyptians a...

  3. Sorry,still getting used to this. I posted this on my end. Hope this is right this time."You can only repress people for so long before they revolt.This has been a long time coming in the Arab world and is just the beginning. Am hoping the wealthy here are watching closely because the less well off in the US are in a downward spiral. I wasn't aware that Australia had a King."

  4. You can only repress people for so long before they revolt.This has been a long time coming in the Arab world and is just the beginning. Am hoping the wealthy here are watching closely because the less well off in the US are in a downward spiral. I wasn't aware that Australia had a King.

  5. Yea, I don't understand how I went over the limit because I was under 400 characters. What I wanted to say was that the electronic social media doesn't convey the true meaning of an actual conversation. It's just words so you have to be careful about what you write. I don't always remember to do that.

  6. Wombat:I don't know if I'm doing this correctly or not, but I just wanted to let you know that I took no offense at all regarding your reply.I love discussing those types of subjects. My only concern is that I understand that the forum doesn't care for it.I'm old school like yourself and I'm more of a conversationalist and find that the social networks make it difficult to...

  7. I wonder if China pirated the design of the F22 for the J20 like they do for everything else. If so the joke's on them!! I still think that the F22 is the sharpest looking fighter, especially the front view when it's on the ground. Great game too!!
  8. I'm not a history professor, so certainly it's my opinion based on what I know about the subject which is only what I have read or seen. One of the points I was trying to make was that it's almost impossible to determine what technology will carry the day in a war, so whether or not stealth technology would be effective is really unknown. The other point was to be wary of information coming from government agencies shortly after their budgets are being scrutinized.
  9. It's been over 60 years since there has been an open conflict between "Super Powers". Most of the conflicts since then have been proxy conflicts with varying degrees of participation with a "Super Power/s". In the majority of these conflicts the technologically superior combatant initially won, but was subsequently forced to leave the conflict. Historically, in the open conflicts between "Super Powers" usually the "winner" was not necessarily the most technologically superior, but the one that was the most technically adaptable during the conflict both militarily and in manufacturing cap
  10. J-20 Stealth Fighter: BE REAL AFRAID! That's what the defense department hopes to convey. Any time there is talk of cutting their budget a new threat always appears. Generating fear = Fat budget.
  11. I remember a discussion on the missing AWACS on one of the older boards. The discussion revolved around the reasons for AWACS being destroyed resulting from running out of fuel or by enemy fighters. Since I had in the past used the AWACS missions to use F22's that I had "loaded up" at a specific target area I do remember times where I was in an AWACS mission and right after exiting the AWACS was destroyed even though it had fuel and there were no enemy aircraft in the area. Someone suggested that the AWACS was "scheduled" for destruction in certain campaigns in the .mdl file. There was a m
  12. Personally, I think that the GBU's are not worth taking along especially if you are going to target things like ground based aircraft, vehicles, etc. If you want inflict major damage to ground targets, you can take along a lot of rockets per hard point compared to a GBU. Even Mavericks give you more weapons. I never use GBU's or JDAM's. I don't even use the LANTIRN to acquire targets. For ground based targets I use the Cycle Padlock keys "\" and "z". Not only do they padlock your view to the target, they will also tell you what the target is up in the upper left hand corner of the screen
  13. There is quite a bit of difference from medium to hard in regard to weapon accuracy for both you and the AI. On the hard setting whenever you hear the missile lock warning you better stop whatever you are currently doing and begin missile invasion tactics because if you don't you are going to be hit. With SAMS this is especially true. As for realism, I would suspect that the hard setting is the most realistic given the technology of modern weaponry.
  14. I assign padlock keys to my Saitek X45. That allows you to "Look Around" without much effort. I find the target padlock very useful for locating ground targets (especially at night). Then you can just toggle through the targets and if you have weapons like Mavericks all you have to do is fire away.
  15. Assuming that you are using the Saitek software, just go into profile editor and right click on the rotary button and choose bands. This will allow you to set up bands or functions that will be initiated when the rotary is used. I don't know if you can make it do exactly what you want, but it might be worth a try for you.
  16. Wombat, I know that this isn't exactly what you want to do, but did you ever try banding the rotaries for multiple functions. Doing that would at least give you the multiple functions on 2 rotaries and using the shift 2 additional.
  17. That's why I thought that I would try it out. First in some training missions and then in a campaign. Every time I tried it I was hit. So, I thought that maybe I needed a little practice in some custom combats. Same result. I will say that the tactic does help to break a radar lock and it does set you up well for diving toward the ground, but if you continue with the tactic and get a missile locked on then you are going to be hit. At least that has been my experience. If someone has a good strategy for evading missiles on the hard setting that would be great.
  18. Yes I was. I tried that for hours and get nailed every time. Ok, then I do at least feel a little less incompetent then. That's interesting that the post is for the Easy setting. Is that also the case for the many ACMI's that have been posted for missile evasion? I was starting to get very frustrated while practicing that technique and starting to think that I really sucked after watching the pilots in the ACMI's effortlessly evading missiles. I can say from several years of playing TAW at the Hard level that if you don't get the edge immediately when you hear "missile lock" you are goin
  19. I've being trying out the missile evasion techniques and I can't seem to get them to work for me. About the only way that I can evade missiles is to turn off engines and dive for the ground for IR and dive for the ground with radar missiles. I play on the hard setting and I was curious as to whether or not the missile evasion tactics were for a particular player difficulty.
  20. I was most concerned about retaining my training mission status and my 5 star rating giving me access to all the campaigns all of which I was able to copy over to TAW 2.0. As I said previously I plan on going through the campaigns again so retaining my old campaign records were not as big a concern. I was just confused as to what was going on. Knowing that taw10 is actually the second campaign clears up some of the confusion. Thanks again for the info.
  21. Here is the pointer from the player.lst file that I created before copying the players folder "C:\DiD\F-22 Total Air War 2.0\players\0\" 0 1 1". This appears to be correct. In my zero folder though, there is no taw6.udl. There is a taw3.udl that I assume is associated with TAW3.MDL and TAW3.SAV (I'm assuming that the caps in the names are because it was one I just started in TAW 2.0 because all of the others are lower case). There is a taw10.udl associated with taw10.mdl and taw10.sav, but there are no .udl files for taw5 and taw6 .mdl and .sav files. When I go to the campaign menu it s
  22. Home Fries, I replaced my players folder with the one that I had been using with the TAW 2008 and my training missions that I completed are correct, but when I go to the pilot log I only have 1 point even though it shows all of my medals. When I go into campaign mode it shows that I have two active, but the campaigns completed in the pilot log don't show up on the campaign selection list on the left. When I try to go into one of the active campaigns I get; Error: unable to find UDL file - C:\TAW ....0\taw6.udl I guess there is something missing in the player folder. I didn't really
  23. I did a quick search but I couldn't find a post for the Paradox Tactic in this forum, but I can give you a brief outline for it. It's a powerful tool to use for campaign management if you like using the AWACS function in TAW. Essentially what the tactic does is use the mission editor in the campaigns to load up CAP flights with F22's armed with AG weapons of choice and then taking the required waypoint needed for a successful mission and moving it over your current position on the tarmac. You then get a mission success. At this point you move the waypoints to an area that needs to have a g
  24. Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well,some of those viruses can really take you down. I'm also happy that the guys were able to help me get that resolved. I ordered a monitor, the Dell sp2309w. That's the one with the 2048 x 1152 resolution, height adjustment and the glossy screen. I was going back and forth between that one and the Samsung t240HD which was 1600X1200. The Samsung is basically a TV/Monitor that had a lot of connection options, and can pick up HD TV. The price difference between the two was $40 and a couple days ago the Dell dropped another $10 so I bought it. I
  25. Hey Nemo, That sounds good to me. I'd be interested in getting it from you.
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