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  1. All of the problems that I've had must have been related to the Saitek software. I've had no x45 related problems with TAW 2008 since switching to XDProfile. I have even been able to use the Glide wrapper without problems. When I first tried Glide with the Saitek software the X45 either went haywire or completely dead. I'm going to try the high res version next and hopefully that works also.
  2. Not quite that long but it has been awhile. What a fiasco those multiplayer games were. I remember that whenever we tried to get both of us and Captain Crusty in a game, you always seemed to get dropped from the connection. The multiplayer games didn't work often, but when they did it was fun. You and the others have done a great job keeping a classic game from disappearing. I think that I've finally gotten my x45 to work (I think the problem was the Saitek software) with XDProfile so now I can start to try some of the mods. Getting back into the training missions and some custom c
  3. I made a new profile with a little more complexity with XDProfile and played TAW for about an hour without problems. I had even overclocked the video a bit. I played a few custom combats and training missions. I'm going to add a little more complexity to the x45 profile to see if that will work.
  4. No, I haven't used this. I really didn't understand completely what it was. I thought it was similar to the patch that allowed access to all campaigns for the original version. In the original TAW I completed every one of the training mission (or single missions if you prefer) I also won at least 4 campaigns ( I'm not sure exactly) and I think that my pilot score was higher. I really am not very concerned about the score, and minimally about the campaigns, but I really wanted all of my training/single mission successes transferred. In the manual it stated that your wingmen proficie
  5. I was able to complete the Harpoon mission using the x45 as a basic HOTAS without programing. I had to laugh at myself pushing all those buttons on my x45 from habit and nothing was happening. So, the next step is to make a simple XDProfile and try and see if I can eliminate my x45 hardware as a problem. If I can prove to myself that the there isn't a hardware problem, then I will load up the saitek software again and try my hand at the original TAW. It will be interesting to see if my old players folder shows my pilot record correctly in the original TAW, because it never seems to be th
  6. Home Fries, I did actually complete the landing mission but that was after I switched from the Glide to the D3d version. I think that I also had the problem with the BVR mission in Glide. I'm going to have to start keeping notes of what I'm doing from now on because this is becoming complicated and hard to keep track of. I don't want to start repeating things that I've already tried. Right now I just want to work with XDProfile to make sure that my x45 works. I'm hoping most of the problem was with the Saitek software and drivers. One thing though, when I did a system restore back t
  7. Home Fries, So far I have tried the Glide version which resulted in the power to the x45 getting shut down and the D3D 800 versions. Yes, I have XP Home and I was using the latest Saitek software and Drivers from their website which were the SST software and Drivers version When using them I have run into a multitude of different problems both with my computer and x45 when running TAW. The first problem was a stated above when I tried the Glide wrapper. Then after some successful attempts in D3D I would get the problem of delayed response and then a stuck response from
  8. Well I thought I had the problem solved but then the x45 started to get stuck while running a training mission. I thought that maybe the problem is with the Saitek software so I went through several system restores and I had to load the McAfee again. When I did the restore the icon for F22 disappeared from my desktop and now all of the folders have a (2) next to them. I took a screen shot but I don't know how to insert into the post. I know that I just deleted the DiD directory because I didn't see any uninstaller. I wanted to install TAW one more time to see if my x45 is bad or it was
  9. I followed this procedure and it appears that TAW is running in 600X800. First installed TAW2008, then updated video drivers and overclocking hack for video card. Lastly, I installed the X45 drivers and software. After each step I loaded TAW and played a couple missions, quit, restarted and checked to make sure my system was working correctly. I did this several times before proceeding to the next step. I'm going to run through a few more missions before trying higher resolutions or mods. Hopefully, I have everything installed correctly and I can keep on playing.
  10. Well I've been having notheing but trouble since trying to get TAW to work on my system. Last night I reinstalled it, loaded it, then quit and then I put my old 0 folder in the players folder. I started TAW back up and for some reason it didn't recognize all of my old achievements. It recognized my medals and scores, but it didn't recognize all of the campaigns I had won and only three of the training missions that I had completed (which was all of them). When I quit TAW, and rebooted I started having problems with my system again. I started my x45 profile and then went to adjust the so
  11. OK, I was having some other issues with my computer that I wasn't sure if it was related to TAW. One was that the sound control was missing from the system tray. I tried several reboots and I couldn't get it back so I used System Restore to go back to a restore point that I set before installing TAW. I was getting ready to reinstall when I noticed that the DID folder and most of the contents were still there. Should I delete these prior to reinstalling TAW? I also have a question regarding restoring my old high scores and campaign victories. How should I do this? When I installed the
  12. I wasn't aware that there were two different versions of F22 2008. How can you tell which one is installed? I just don't remember the defense radar screen being restricted to 11 miles in the Pilot Aids HUD. I thought that I remembered it having a lower range and it wasn't different than the screen in the defense MFD. Does this mean that I can just copy the files for the 1020 into F-22 2008 folder? I know that you don't recommend this if you had been using Glide (which I think would require deletion of the Glide files first), but it would be OK if you were using D3D.
  13. Okay, I'm having some major trouble with the program. I installed the glide version of the game and everything went pretty smooth and I was able to go through the options screen all right. I just modified the speech and fx volumes and clicked on hard difficulty. Everything else I left defaulted. I went in and thought I would try the landing training. When I start the mission everything seems ok but then my X45 has a very serious lag which renders the game unplayable. At first I thought it was a framerate issue so I unchecked some of the graphics. After a couple more tries I realized tha
  14. Thanks again for the information Home Fries.
  15. Hi guys, Let me first commend you all on your talent and perseverance in both updating and preserving a classic game. Very impressive! I've been following the modding on SimHQ for a while and every time I decided to try and get back into TAW (I haven't played it for over 6 years) there is a flurry of activity which makes the task of re-installing my X45 and TAW a more daunting task. I am interested getting back into TAW and do some testing for you, and I have some questions regarding installation. First of all D3D or Glide wrapper? I have a Duron 1.3G, with 1.2 GB RAM and a MSI
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