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  1. I have a Saitek combo joystick/rudder USB that is not recognized even though I have it as controller #1 and windows sees it fine. Any thoughts?
  2. No matter if I use the keyboard or joystick, the right throttle is stuck at 100%. The left throttle seems to be able to be controlled by either the [ or the ] keys. Using Win10. Any thoughts?
  3. File cannot download as host is out of bandwidth. too bad as I wanted to try TAW again after playing EF2000.
  4. sobe

    EF2000 Reloaded

    Thanks Home Fries. Will try it when I get home. I have been using Autokey and the F15, F16 and F17 keys for tracker as they don't interfere with the game keys and Tracker recognizes them even though they are not on my keyboard. I just assign a key to these F keys and autokey runs the key and sends the info to tracker. Is it possible to get rudder pedals/brakes to work when they are not connected to the joystick/throttle? I have the WH joystick/throttle combined as ID #1 and it seems to work fine. However, nothing I seem to do will get my CH rudder pedals/brakes to be recognized. I read that the game only sees one ID-is that correct?
  5. sobe

    EF2000 Reloaded

    ALSO POSTED ON SIMHQ So far the game is working nicely with only the following issues: Note: I am using Win7 pro 64 bit and the Warthog joystick and throttle and Ch rudder pedals 1. My WH is joystick ID 1 and works fine, but the rudder pedals AND BRAKES are not being recognized in the config of the game setup. I have them listed as ID 2 2. So far, the trackIR is not working. I have checked the box and loaded TrackIR before I started the game. On page 13 of the manual, there is a sentence that says "assign your EF2000TrackIR profile to TrackMapper in your TrackIr software." What does this mean? All TrackIR boxes have been checked and there is the trackir status box in the taskbar and it says the trackir interface is initialized. THANK YOU MIKEW. ISSUE RESOLVED. i KNOW JUST HAVE TO ADD THE ALT F1 KEYS TO A BUTTON ON MY STICK AS YOU LOSE TRACKER WHEN YOU CHANGE SCREENS.
  6. Home fries Your profile is a little to complex at this time to convert to the WH. Want I am going to do is program a relatively simple profile using as much as posible your key assignments and locations. Once I understand what the different game commands do, I will then prepare a conversion chart for the throttle. The joystick and the TM MFDs should be no problem. So I will have to give some thought as to how to change the key assignments from your couger throttle to the WH throttle. When that is done, I am sure I will have a number of questions for you. Sobe
  7. Home Fries I just found the part of your article on physical v. virtural drives a little confusing. I would have preferred a step by step example based on the assumption that most users have their CDrom drive as E or later and how to make that the D drive. I found an easy way to do it by clicking the drop down file menu in the virtual drive and then simply selecting the virtual d drive. Once I did that, the rest was easy. Perhaps most of the problems were my own lack of knowledge. I now have all 3 versions installed on my physical D drive. I have been studying your Couger profile in Target and I must say this is fantastic and it is going to take me a while to convert it for the Warthog. If Wing Nut and I are successful, than I will post our converted WH profile, but clearly give you all the credit for this amazingly complex profile. As you might expect, I have the TM Warthog, but I also have the TM MFDs and the CH rudder so your profile will be perfect for me if I can do the conversion. thanks again for all your hard work.
  8. I have loaded the XP Mode on my Win7 computer, but had some problems understanding drive c and d issues. Currently, I have a flash drive as C:, a harddisk as D:, and the DVDCDROM drive as E. I installed XP Mode on my D drive as the C drive is not that big. When I load in XP Mode, the software states that the CDROM drive is E. I do not understand how to change it to be the D: dirve and the instructions are very confusing. Also, did I cause a problem by installing the XP mode in the D drive and not the C drive? So the bottom line is how do I get EF2000 to show on my XP mode CDROM D drive and to load my XP mode drive to be the c drive?
  9. I have the TM Warthog and will attempt to use your TM Couger profile as a start for me Warthog profile. Will let you know how I am progressing. Has anyone done this before?
  10. Do you have to uninstall 2.16 or can you just overwrite it with 2.20?
  11. I was on last night and didn't see anyone????
  12. I am new to TAW and when I tried to taxi, the plane would go in circles. I have CH rudder pedals and I finally figured out the problem. Besides the rudder axis, I had the brakes attached to each toe pedal. Therefore, the slightest pressure down on the pedals would activate BOTH the rudder and the brakes. The solution: I copied a little program that didn't activate the brakes until the brakes were depressed at least 1/2 way down. By doing this, I no longer accidentally pressed the brakes which caused the plane to go in circles. I am now using N Glide as it was suggested that this program was the best one for an Nvidea card. So far so good and as a bonus, you get the 3FDX logo.
  13. I am just starting on TAW, having played F4AF for awhile on TS3. Since I was able to join fly with AF with all the port forwarding stuff, I thought that I would like to see if I am going to have a problem with TAW. Are you still on the SimHq TS? I have used that in the past to play with flyers in England. Do you have any special times for just testing?
  14. OK. That solved the problem on VAC. Now on with another issue. In taxiing to takeoff, I had problems with the rudder steering on the ground. AT times, all the plane would do is little circles. If I used a very soft touch to the rudders, they seemed to work sometimes. I checked by setup and it works fine. Any ideas?
  15. OK I found your profile but problem is my lack of understanding how to use the program. everything works when I test it, but in the game, nothing works so I am doing something wrong. all I want is for the Vac profile to be active UNLESS I am using TS3 to activate the VAC I can use the middle mouse button and for TS3 I use the control tab command. So in the top PTA Mode I use the middle mouse click and to deactivate, I use the same command that I use to speak on TS3, ie, control tab. I leave blank the Vac on/off switch. This works in the test but not in the game. What am I doing wrong? thanks
  16. Intersting When I looked at the windows game controller applet, the MFD's were listed as 1 and 2 with the CH gear listed as 3, 4 5 and 6. Maybe If I plug them in now they will go to the back of the line.
  17. I have CH equipment and the TM MFD panels. When I just installed the new version of TAW, I got a direct play error (the exact error I cannot recall). I was using Glide and followed the addendum. I then got the idea to disconnect the TM MFD panels and rebooted and everything was ok. So for now, I continue to have them disconnected. Has anyone else come across the problem? PS: does anyone have a VAC profile for TAW?
  18. The help file continues to show the old Hud. Is there docs that showed the new HUD that I missed?
  19. I have installed the new version up to 1.52 and am using the new hud. However, is there a description of some of the new features on the HUD? thanks
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