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  1. Yes, well I do have 3D acceleration check boxed. No issues there. On a somewhat brighter note, I was able to get the Tactcom version of the game working fine and dandy and playable. It just looks like garbage, but what should I expect from a 20 year old game.
  2. mikew, Two levels if not more! It's like nesting dolls: DosBox inside of XP inside of Windows 7 The contents of the $$$ file are as follows: Program fault at 0x4F8095, cleaning up and exiting!74740A73 0007FB9C 004F8095 0025024602A30000 00000000 72757272 02AB0030 76737375 7474727200000023 00000023 0000003B 00000000 0000001B 00000023 version 4.46 by JOHNW on May 13 1997 Thanks for the help.
  3. Home Fries, I am having issues getting EF2000 to run in anything other than Surface. OpenGL works for the menu screen, but when I attempt to load a mission, the DoSBox crashes on me. I am running EF2000v.2 in 3DFX / Graphics+. My DOSBox Configuration is below. I am also using VM Ware Workstation 12 with Windows XP. I have tried disabling sound, but the the DOS Box still crashes. No matter what resolution I run, I am still having issues as well. Surface, or course, renders a playable version of the game, but in a tiny DOS Box. Sound works without issues. Video adapter shows as VMWare
  4. Home Fries, Special thanks for you and the gang for bringing back a favorite sim. Just one question, is there a way to break out the MFDs into their own screen? Thanks, Sunshine135
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