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  1. What can I say about Knuckles? First of all, the guy is a talker! Yakkity, yak, yak! Can't shut him up.

    Seriously, Knuckles makes Clint Eastwood look like a babbling idiot. A good guy to have flying your wing or backing you up in a firefight.

  2. Guess what device i just used to make this post? Here's a hint:
  3. Computer crashes Savior of data files USB sushi Metal faced pilot His muffled lyrics cause pain Please unplug the mic Precious fuel runs Half inch incendiary Quite exothermic
  4. Sounds crazy man. Probably a good match for ya Good luck and have fun.
  5. (From the 8th Airforce museum in Savannah GA) ZOOM IN S!
  6. Everything is set up for the party! It's almost too cute to eat Happy Birthday Bro!
  7. S! Nice illustrated tribute, Shep
  8. Makes me glad I'm getting shot at in the Pacific rather than having to work across the wing from that guy posing in his undies
  9. Good story. It actually woke me up as I sat in my cubicle at 7 am reading. Before you submit it though, I noticed right at the end: "She Pirate vibrated to the anvil beat of explosions." ...That should be "Blackbird" instead right?
  10. Just throwing in my 2 cents so everyone doesn't immediately pass up comcast service if they happen to be shopping... I've had it for about 2 years now and its had about 99.9% uptime (estimating the average number of hours it has been out each year). I run a couple of personal webservers off it too and it seems to have much lower latency than my previous DSL services gave. Things like this are highly dependent upon the hardware in your area or, in the case of DSL, the telco's central office and/or their employees and the business relationship with the DSL service provider (if it's not the tel
  11. the alignmnets are right on for me. The steering wheel is about ten degrees down from a normal desk connection set up. All the controls are installed at one time using a usb hub, so all of them can be used on games that support multiple controls, so the pedals are connected and configured to be used as rudders.
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