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  1. Hi, I noticed that when using a joystick, whenever I pull, F-22's g rise instantly to 8-9g, pretty agile. But now I am away with my laptop and have no joystick, so I use keyboard, and when I pull, the g rises slowly (but eventually to 8-9g). The roll response is also slow, so that makes it almost imposible to take the first shot in dogfight. Any corrections for that? thx.
  2. Hi, Almost all AI aircraft can supercruise and you cannot outrun a MIG21 if you do not light the afterburner. It's absurd. Is it possible to modify AI crafts' drag coefficient and maximum speed?
  3. Since modifying FM is still a long way to go, is it possible to modify radar detection range or other parametres?
  4. Every time I take a strike mission,I can't find the target.I wonder if the ewr tower can't be locked by AGM65
  5. here,F-22 team web site: http://www.f22-raptor.com/technology/data.html
  6. Every AI can supercruise, and there speed doesn't seem to be influenced by payload, thus make the supercruising rapror the slowest jet in this game...F-22 cant even outrun a MIG21... Since we are able to modify the textures and making geat progress, modifying flight model wont be a long way to go?
  7. First you must know how AI cheats in this game: they cruise slower than you. but when they are far behind(3NM),they will increase their speed by a magic power to decrease the distance this power disappears when they get back to 2~3NM. but the gun only works within 2 NM. So just fly straight ahead and you won't get hit. when using after butner,the f22 climbs faster than any other fighters in this game. you can keep a safe distance from your enemies when you climb.Reach 20000FT and keep super cruise.Now you are followed by 20enemies.wait until they get close to 2~3NM. Now dive straight to t
  8. Thanks a lot TAW is one of my favorates,the others are crysis and GTA4 I have played lots of F-22 sims,and taw is the best of them. In my eyes, a good F-22 sim should meet the following standard: 1)real stealth. 2)super cruise, that means the player must feel a strong speed advantage over other fighters. 3)realise the JHMCS+AIM9x, able to shoot the fighters behind you with a turn of your head, just like the aim9x test videos on youtube. 4)AI doesn't cheat to balance the gameplay. the nova f22(raptor and lighting3) doesn't meet any of them. TAW doesn't meet 3) anf 4),but that's the b
  9. In the taw configurator i see some options that don't exist in the game menu. At the bottem left corner there is a "REALISM 1,0,0,0,0,0,1" and i can chage the numbers,but it seems nothing changed in the game, at least i don't feel any. What does this option mean?
  10. Ha,thx. I think it's good to live with a hope
  11. Thanks. I am looking forward to that mod
  12. I can lose a F-18E at 55000ft, and that's all I can do. I can't even lose a tornado if the AB is not properly used. It seems the raptor is a magnet that "pulls" a pursuing plane. Maybe the best altitude is 40000ft to get the fatest cruising speed. So what do you usually do when you are followed? In the campaign I always run out of ammo and got followed by lots of flankers.
  13. So happy to find this site, sorry for my poor english. I have two questions that bothers me a lot. The F-22 in the real world can cruise at mach 1.72, and no plane can catch up with it. But in the game, every one seems can supercruise, including su-27/35/37. I have done severals test and I tried to lose it at 30000/40000/50000/55000ft, but none of that works. What i want is an altitude, at which i can sustain a speed without using my afterburner and fly faster than the sukhoi family. is that possible? Besides, i have watched a video showing the texture mod on youtube, which improved groud
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