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    First of all... HF and anyone who has shared his knowledge for modding this game: YOU ARE MY NEW AWESOME MYTHS!!! Now... hemmm I feel so dumb but I have a new stupid question for you: I thought all the mods are available installing the game, but sincerely I don't understand the mean of "mod management", is there anybody can teach me anything about GME? Thank you all Nemo
  2. Home Fries, please read the post and decide if it's helpful for the community. ***** Hidden Key Commands ***** (ALT) + 7 Enable/Disable FSAA (3dFX only?) (ALT) + C Center joystick (SHIFT) + (Keypad)7 Zoom in (SHIFT) + (Keypad)1 Zoom out (SHIFT) + F12 Screenshot (ALT) + F7 Increase Gamma value (3dFX only?) (ALT) + F8 Decrease Gamma value (3dFX only?) (SHIFT) + Enter Switch to M61A2 GUN (no matter AA or AG mode) ***** Complete Commands Reference ***** ====> Aircraft Aileron-Left (Keyboard)LEFT Aileron-Right (Keyboard)RIGHT Elevator-Up (Keyboard)UP Elevator-Down (Keyboard)DOWN Rudder/NWS-Left , Rudder/NWS-Right . Throttle-Up = Throttle-Down - Throttle-Up-100-140% + Throttle-Dn-100-50% _ Left-Engine-On [ Right-Engine-On ] Thrust-Vectoring ` Air/Wheel-Brakes b Left-Toe-Brake < Right-Toe-Brake > Landing-Gear-Up/Dn g Open/Close-Canopy i EJECT (SHIFT) + ESC + ESC ====> Weapons Open-Bay-Doors o Cycle-AA-Weapons Enter Cycle-AG-Weapons BacKspace Fire-Selected-Weapon Space Cycle-SGL/RPL/Salvo f JETT-Menu (SHIFT) + jand... JETT-Tanks 1 JETT-AG-Weapons 2 JETT-All 3 ====> Defensive Systems Chaff ; Flares ' Smart-Countermeasures (Keyboard)INS ====> Avionics EMCON-Menu e Sensor-Range-Incr (Keyboard)PGUP Sensor-Range-Decr (Keyboard)PGDOWN Cycle-Lantirn-Modes l Move-Lantirn-Target-Up (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)UP Move-Lantirn-Target-Rt (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)RIGHT Move-Lantirn-Target-Dn (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)DOWN Move-Lantirn-Target-Lt (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)LEFT ACMI-Recording (SHIFT) + r ====> Heads Up Display Cycle-HUD-Mode h Cycle-HUD-Color (SHIFT) + h Display-HUD (ALT) + h De-Clutter-HUD j ====> Navigation Autopilot-On/Off a Auto-Recovery d Next-Waypoint w Prev-Waypoint q ====> Visual Aids Night-Vision v Pilot-Aids-In-F1-View (SHIFT) + g ====> Shoot List Build-Auto-Targeted t Auto-Target-Cycle (SHIFT) + c Target-Cycle-FWD c Target-Cycle-BKWD x Add-Padlocked-Target s Add-Padlocked-Target-To-WM m Clear-Target u ====> Padlock Cycling Cycle-Forward z Cycle-Forward-Group (SHIFT) + z Cycle-Backwards \ Cycle-Backwards-Group | ====> Cockpit Views Wide-Angle k Defense-MFD (Keypad)1 Situation-MFD (Keypad)2 Attack-MFD (Keypad)3 Comms/Warning-MFD (Keypad)4 Systems-MFD (Keypad)0 Up-Front-Panel/MFD (Keypad)5 Artifical-Horizon-MFD (Keypad)6 Look-Left (Keypad)7 Normal-HUD-View (Keypad)8 Look-Right (Keypad)9 ====> Cameras And Smart Views Cockpit-HUD-Only F1 Check-Six (SHIFT) + F1 Player-To-Target F2 Player-To-Threat F3 Threat-To-Player (SHIFT) + F3 Player-To-Object F4 Object-To-Player (SHIFT) + F4 Player-To-Wingman F5 Wingman-To-Player (SHIFT) + F5 Cycle-Player-Flyby F6 Loop-Player-Flyby (SHIFT) + F6 Player-Moveable F7 Cycle-Player-Fixed (SHIFT) + F7 Missile/Pylon-Moveable F8 Cycle-Missle-Fixed (SHIFT) + F8 Padlocked-Moveable F9 Padlocked-Fixed (SHIFT) + F9 Cycle-Padlocked-Flyby F10 Loop-Padlocked-Flyby (SHIFT) + F10 Choose-Padlock-Filter F11 Smart-View-Menu F12 Hold/Release-Object F9 Choose-Object F10 Choose-Allegiance F11 Next-Object z Next-Group/Flight (SHIFT) + z ====> View Modifiers Pan-View-Up (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)UP Pan-View-Rt (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)RIGHT Pan-View-Dn (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)DOWN Pan-View-Lt (SHIFT) + (Keyboard)LEFT Zoom-In (SHIFT) + (Keypad)7 Zoom-Out (SHIFT) + (Keypad)1 ====> In-Flight Communications WM-All-Freaqs TAB WM&Airfield/ILS-HUD-Menu 1 WM/AWACS&MAYDAY-Menu 2 WM&AWACS-Menu 3 WM&Refueler/HUD-Menu 4 Type-MSG-To-All 5 Type-MSG-To-WM 6 Yes/Confirm y No/Deny n Repeat-Last-MSG r ***** Useful links and sources of this document ***** http://www.fas.org/programs/ssp/man/uswpns...ighter/f22.html http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post696481 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post697119 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post697548 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post697947 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post697984 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post700672 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post701612 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post702836 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post703913 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...tml#Post2177190 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...tml#Post2202547 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...tml#Post2329485 http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post696890
  3. Nemo

    Has anyone ever had this problem?

    Hola Ramjet, here we go, you can find the simplified version here In this version I've assigned vectoring to the pinkie shift (pinkie not available) With new driver and software I'm working to a configuration with 2 or 3 pinkie shift state (want bypass keyboard at all) Mode 1 = Takeoff/Landing/Navigation Mode 2 = Air to Ground Mode 3 = Air to Air Now I'm busy due my work and my family but I hope to complete the new version in 4 weeks. Byez Nemo
  4. Nemo

    Has anyone ever had this problem?

    Hi ramjet, my x45 configuration is ready for you (if you need it). Byez Nemo
  5. Nemo

    joystick mapping?

    Hola CHADDOGG, try AUTOHOTKEY for programming keyboard and mouse while CONTROLLERMATE for your stick. Yeppa!! Nemo
  6. Nemo

    HOTAS profile

    Hemmm, sorry, you right this thread is concerning HOTAS, I've gone off-topic. BTW I could post my Saitek X45 profile, if needed. Ciao Nemo
  7. Nemo

    HOTAS profile

    Here again (sorry for my absence guys), Concerning Voice Activated Commands I would like submit this stuff too... http://www.linder-network.de/thelindercompany/html/english/flightassistant.html In the past I used "game commander" but the success rate of understood commands was really "trashy" so I abandoned this helpful possibility. Reading your posts (as usual) I would like to try again, VAC seems a good software, but I'm looking for something freeware, and considering I like to have more than a single chance (shoot) I'm going to try the software I wrote above; I will let you know something about my experinces. Cheers Nemo
  8. Nemo

    F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Thank you!!
  9. Nemo

    Another Sneak Peek at TAW 2.0

  10. Hola Frankilvandalo, you have my contacts (via PM), let's try this session asap!! Ciao ciao Nemo
  11. Nemo

    TAW 2.0 Release Title

    Posting from my vacations place... :-) NG TAW / TAW NG = Next Generation TAW or... X TAW / TAW - X (recalling 10 years...) or... TAW XGen (...no comments...) Hummmm maybe the sun is too strong here...
  12. Yesterday I installed TAW 2008 on my netbook (Toshiba NB100). I didn't expect great performances especially for 3D graphic but... The game runs really fine, the hardware acceleration provided by the poor (Intel GMA950) is good enough for TAW. The only issue I've noticed is related to the sound card... when there are many missiles in the air, the sound becomes "crappy" and sometimes becomes mute. BTW Now I've solved the problem of TAW portability (for the summer vacations)... I have to find a way for make my X45 portable.... LOL Bye all Nemo
  13. Nemo

    F-22 Total Air War 2008 v2.0

    Hummm I wrote something wrong... When I wrote "I apologize for my absence in beta testing activities" I meant: I would excuse with you (and all the persons involved in this mod) because I always write thanking you for your work and asking for new features but I never give my availability for testing the stuff. I would like to help you actively but I don't have enough time, and when I have read your post in another topic: I felt just a litte guilty for my passive approach to this game. I feel flattered for your proposal for testing the new files, but I have to decline hoping you understand my reasons. Bruno PS(I hope I have clarified my previous post, now you know what I mean when I'm frustrated by the ignorance of the english)
  14. Nemo

    F-22 Total Air War 2008 v2.0

    Dear HF, I can only say "thanks" to your job I have seen the best reprise of this game since you are involved in this mod. BUT ...yes but, I apologize for my absence in beta testing activities. Sometimes I wanna write so many things about your work, and sometimes I start a post but soon I gonna frustrated by the ignorance of the english language, and simply I can't find the right words to explain what I think. I'm working on it and in the future I will try to post my opinion more clear is possible for me. About new graphic, I'm just a little bit puzzled because on a side I have to say the textures are really amazing, but on the other side (maybe) there is too much white or at least it is too much intense... I think the same of the palettes, for example at sunrise there is too much difference between the red and the blue of the high sky, in the reality any colour vanishes in the other one and the red slowly fades in the blue (humm sorry I don't know if it is clear). Except for the fading any colour is quite similar to the reality.... Consider my opinion like the words of noob in computer graphics anc colours... and if it isn't helpful, ignore it!! Byez Bruno
  15. Nemo

    Free IR Tracker

    Hola Mates, what do you think about this? Free IR Tracker I don't know anything about track IR, I would like to buy one and surfing the web I've found this FreeTrack. Could this hardware/software being supported from TAW? Thank you! Nemo@Rome
  16. Nemo

    Free IR Tracker

    Yes, of course. Thank you! Nemo
  17. Nemo


    Hi HF and all, I've just read about the release 1.54, no words mates... no words! I would like to thank HF and any other person involved in this mod project for their efforts. BTW I don't want bore you with my compliments and would ask for one add-on to the future versions of TAW 2008. LOGITECH G13 compatibility I'm going to buy a Logitech G13 and integrate it with my Saitek X45 (I have plans for others controllers). The question is: Actually F22/TAW is not included in compatibility list of G13 but... is possible to write a third-party plugin for this kind of hardware (G13 & G15)? Thank you all Nemo PS(thanks to MLRACING for the new fantastic sounds!!)
  18. Nemo


    AutoHotkey??? Hummm seems really good, I will try this evening and let you know. About my X45 I have a lot of profile for TAW and I choose between these basing on the kind of mission (CAS, CAP, and so on...) The last version of the software is pretty good but there are a lot of uncorrected bug; one for all (because is annoying me so much) is related to the keypress (or combo) associated to "mode". I try to be clear: Is possible to configure a keypress or combo to any of the 3 modes... so when you pass from a mode to another one, the keypress or combo is executed; well if I use this feature taw screen freeze when I use POV (hat). So I had to bypass this feature... it's a sin because is very useful for autoconfiguring the hud passing from Navigation to AA or AG mode.... I meant exactly that... BTW I've just ordered my G13, I will let you know... I tried it (using voice commander... dunno if is the right name) but I had really a bad experience because, I'm used to speak so much when I play... even if I'm alone (mental mental mental.... LOL), often my curses had beed interpretad like a command... and the game became three ring circus of anger and frustration...
  19. Nemo


    Please, would you ignore the strikethrough part of my topic. The reason is I have not yet bought G13 so I'm not sure if is possible to profile it for differents games. Sorry Nemo
  20. Ok, it's time to think about moving my home from Rome to Los Angeles!! Is there a job for a skilled WAN manager? BTW I think I'm not the only european "pilot" here... so the question is: "Dear european collegues do you have plan for multiplayer session? Yes/No/When?" Is the case of opening a new topic like " Total Air War 2008 v1.53 Weekly European Multiplayer Fly-in"? Byez Nemo
  21. HF, pacific time is related to west coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco and so on...), correct me if wrong; that means 9 hours before my time... So 4:00 am for me.... Sbonk! ...really hard for me wake up on 4 o'clock, I'm really a bad pilot during the day, imagine on 4 o'clock BTW one of these days I will show up and surprise you all... Nemo
  22. Nemo

    Looking to start a TAW wiki; need help

    "Nemo" => You have not specified a valid user name. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
  23. Nemo

    TAW old love returns

    Kritter u r welcome! I understand your feeling because I'm an old F22 pilot, too (ADF and TAW), and when I have found this site I was absolutely shocked... BTW nothing to add to your old installation, dowload version 1.5 (standalone) and pach it HERE you'll find what u need!! I have installed D3D and Glide version, but I have more feeling with D3D... make your own choice and... enjoy. I hope it helps, but I'm sure HomeFries (our mentor) will reply with more info. Check your six C.pt Nemo @ Rome PS(all the manuals and many other docs you are looking for, are included with the installation!!)
  24. Nemo

    Looking to start a TAW wiki; need help

    ...I forgot: There is a NEWS service where is possible to publish any kind of news and subscribe to these news in RSS.