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  1. HI Everyone, Some ArmA 2 news for you! ARMA II TWEETS ARMA II SHOWCASE TO RECEIVE LIVE TWITTER UPDATES Milton Keynes, 19th May 2009 – 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive have ensured that all ArmA II fans awaiting updates on the game won’t miss a thing from the upcoming UK showcase and demonstration sessions in London by setting up a dedicated Twitter feed for the event. As one of the first gaming companies to use Twitter in this way, 505 Games has invited members of the ArmA II online fansite community to the press day on Wednesday 20th May, where they will be able to share new information with their fellow fans via Twitter as they are announced on @ArmA2PC. “The ArmA series quite simply would not be what it is without the passion and commitment that our community so clearly shows,” commented Mark Allen, European Consumer Communications Manager for 505 Games. “Communicating directly with the ArmA fans has always been high on our agenda and we’re glad to be able to utilise new forums, such as Twitter, to help us communicate to our base.” In addition to tracking developments as they happen, followers of the ArmA II Twitter feed will be able to post their own questions to the development team during the press day. These will be shared online and will be searchable using the tag #ArmA2Event. Fans of the game will do well to keep a close eye on the feed after the event and in the weeks leading up to release, as new information will be regularly posted there first, along with special competitions and the feed will act as a hub for the dedicated ArmA community. As ever, Bohemia Interactive rely on player feedback, and the Twitter feed will act as a vital source for recommendations, impressions and reviews from the community after the game has launched. Follow http://twitter.com/ArmA2PC ArmA II will release for PC on 19th June.
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