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  1. @Blitz_KG200 OK, i uploaded those files to www.Flanker2.info, no problem. You can find them on the Site Map there under "Requested Downloads" or just use this link: Magneto's High Res Cockpits (without English labels) I tested the download--no viruses. My Flanker2.info website needs work--it is true. All the apostrophe's there appear as small squares. I should call my web host and ask about that problem. But i just can't seem to get interested in war games lately. It's the US war in Afghanistan--it really bothers me. I want US troops out of Afghanistan. The drone
  2. I think around 2001 CombatSim started requiring a paid subscription to post in the Flanker2 Forum. That was when Flanker 2.5 was just being released. Before that, there was a thriving Flanker2 Forum here. I don't know when CombatSim stopped requiring a paid subscription to post here, but i joined in 2009 and wasn't required to pay. Now that the FrugalsWorld website has disapeared, it seems to me that the only English-language active Flanker2 forum on the Internet is here at CombatSim. Please correct me if i'm wrong. If you enjoy Flanker2, i encourage you to post your requests here, espec
  3. I've received a request for these Flanker2 cockpits by HAM. If you have these cockpits and send them to me, I will put them on the Flanker2.info website for others to freely download. There are some add-ons that allow you to fly these aircraft, and there are missions created by individuals in which you fly these aircraft. The add-ons show the Su-30 or Su-39 exterior of the aircraft that you are flying, but unless you have the HAM cockpits, they show the Su-27 or Su-33 cockpit. The links to these cockpits at Alas Rojas are broken (the HAM website has been down for years).
  4. It is now free and easy to join CombatSim and become a member. Apparently you need to be a member to vote in their polls. Joining also allows you to post comments below. Please join if necessary to share your experience with others, or to request information. Note that while Flanker 2.51 may run reliably on Windows Vista and later Windows Operating Systems, this doesn't mean that all of the Training Tacks will run exactly the way that they were intended to run. Sometimes small differences in the way the Training Tracks run on different operating systems gradually result in different out
  5. The Flanker2 Forum Archive is currently buried within CombatSim.com and not easy to find, so here's a place to post directions to its location--the last post within this topic may contain more current info. There's about 2,000 topics in the CombatSim Flanker 2.0 Forum Archive from years 1999 to 2002, and each topic has any number of posts. It seems that forum ended when CombatSim started charging a fee to post to the forum (it's free now though). At that time, WinME was the modern operating system and Flanker 2.5 was just being released. There's also a Flanker 2.5 Forum Archive separate
  6. Flanker 2.51 mods by mlracing are now available at Flanagan's Flanker2 Website (www.flanker2.info). The modifications alter the flight characteristics of the aircraft, enabling some fantastic aerobatics. It's less realistic, but more enjoyable. For those of us that fly with the keyboard, there are some very user-friendly improvements. There is also a visual shaking effect added during flight at very low altitude and at the sound barrier. Also, the cockpit zoom range (Field of View) has been significantly increased. For more information, and to download the mod, go to www.flanker2.inf
  7. Wow mlracing! I really like your Flanker 2.51 Video Mod shown in your "SightSeeing" movie. How can I get the mod? I was unable to find a download link on your webpage...
  8. Anyone who has tried to use the digital Flanker 2.0 Manual knows that it lacks luster, to say the least. There is no Table of Contents, and there are no page numbers on the pages. Furthermore, the Adobe Acrobat page number indicator is about 8 pages off, so you can't use the Index of the Manual to locate information. Besides typos, there is some inaccurate and misleading information in the Manual (for example, regarding the HUD symbology of the Beyond Visible Range Flight Mode). There are also some horribly blurry pictures of the HUD in the manual. I have revised the Flanker 2.0 Manual
  9. Thanks, Home Fries. But I've since...obtained www.flanker.info, so I've decided to upload the add-on to there. I was going to post a note about the add-on at FrugalsWorld Flanker2 forum...but it has died. I heard that it may revive sometime in 2010. If anyone knows of other active Flanker2 forums, please post that info in this thread. Here it is. At long last, the Flanker2 English Language Instrument Panel is back! This is a high resolution version based on Magneto's Hi Res Cockpits. You can download it from my new Flanker2 Website.
  10. I've decided to share my High Resolution English Language Instrument Panels for free. But where can I upload the 3 MB file? Combat Sim no longer hosts downloads. The English Panel uses Magneto's Hi Resolution cockpits. I also created an Add-on Bundle which greatly facilitates the installation and removal of a dozen popular add-ons (hi res cockpits, English Panel, clean mirrors, HUD shading, chaff & flares, terrain & sea, splash effect color, buildings & trees, railroad tracks color, Kuznetov detail, runway detail, and clouds). This Add-on Bundle is 60 MB. I'm posting here b
  11. Does anyone know what that new indicator light is for in Flanker 2.5x? It's at the bottom of the Status Panel on Su-27 and Su-33, but it's above the Radar Altimeter in the MiG-29K (at top center of the Instrument panel). Wasn't included in Flanker 2.03. It's not for the Arrestor Hook or AutoThurst, and it isn't mentioned in the Readmes for Fllanker 2.5 or 2.51. I translated the Russian letters for the unknown indicator light ("Vysota") and did a search for it, but I found no direct translation. However, the name is used for a nuclear missile launched from a Russian submarine. Also, the
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