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  1. Wow nice to see you guys are still at work ^^ While studying for exams I've found a moment to check in on the forums here (procrastinating like a boss), and this just caught my eye, as I've been studying some linear algebra lately so here goes a short comment: having an initial starting point A, and a second different point B, the vector from point A to B could be interpreted as a normal vector to a plane, couldn't it? so two points COULD actually define a plane.. sorry if this comment makes no sense in the context of the 0011 op code, I've only briefly been able to read through
  2. I was using your two scripts, the first to generate the pallet, the second to fill the tiles together to create the map. I think I didn't realize I still had to flip the generated pallet to get it to look the way it is in your original post. (top left corner is black) When the script created the pallet for me. the top left corner was a land tile. After flipping the pallet vertically to have the top left corner be black again, the second script worked fine. I think the script to generate the big map expects the flipped pallet ^^
  3. I think that happens when the plane is out of a certain sensor range and only it's location is getting picked up but the altitude reading is obviously wrong. If you get close to it, you should be able to properly pick up it's altitude as well.
  4. Hi guys... I'm trying to generate a Hi-Res Image of TAWs terrain... Any ideas on how to fill those black squares?
  5. Hey everybody, so I met up with mireazama via skype - was still waiting for the simhq approval to get TS3 access - and I can confirm that we were both able to host and connect to a multiplayer game. Mireazama, you are all set up! Guys - I feel bad that I have a cool joystick and I don't have it set-up properly!! I will work on that and will get it ready ASAP. Can't wait to do some flying ^^ Cheers!!!
  6. I have tried quite a bit with Cheat Engine ^^ Maybe this will help you if you like to fiddle: -When in-game, press the NUMPAD-Delete key to bring up the mission briefing so far -From this briefing screen you can use alt-tab to switch to windows and back Have fun!
  7. Buna ziua mireazma! Bine ai venit la noi!! ^^ Hello everyone I just wanted to say I'm up for a European Fly-In... I live in Switzerland, so I currently have GMT+2. Furthermore I'm a student, so I have irregular times I'm available. But I would also offer to try to get mireazma set-up and the ports forwarded properly... Just contact me about meeting up in Teamspeak sometime before we try to fly, just to make sure everything is set up properly Cheers!
  8. It has it implemented and works even better than the original freetrack. It uses a PointTracker module that comes included with the main program. Just do a Full Install and you will have it included. It works very smoothly, and calibrating the curves is very easy and intuitive. Basically click on a curve to add a point you would like the curve to go through. Then drag'n'drop to add deadzones, to flatten them out, or to make it more responsive so you don't need to move your head too much. I haven't yet gotten too much into playing with games that can use it though, but based on what the calibr
  9. Well just a little update: I have uninstalled Freetrack completely and am now using FacetrackNoIR with the PointTracker 1.0 - With great success and no error messages whatsoever. Also ARMA sounds work! ^^ I basically have the same measurements I was using for Freetrack that I input. Editing the curves is also much better and easier! I don't know why I was so stubborn to keep to Freetrack when it was causing me only trouble.... Anyways! I'm happy I can use my construction and ARMA 3 at the same time. ^^ Cheers Everybody!
  10. I originally had the exact same issue as well. http://forum.free-track.net/index.php?showtopic=2416 Check out this link. The error still shows up, but you can click it away. With this I start freetrack, Set-Up the Camera Stream (640x480 75 fps), Then click on Camera to set it up. Whenever I click anything in this menu, it gives an error, but if you press enter you can continue anyways. Here is how I have it set up - Gain at Max (all the way to the right) - Exposure about 20% from the left. - White Balance all about 40% from the left. Then I set the Threshold almost all the way to the righ
  11. I have disabled the PS3 Cam Microphone in Contol Panel -> Sounds -> Recording Tab. In the device manager I also disabled the USB Camera B4.09.24.1 under Sound, video and game controllers. It still shows up as PS3Eye Camera under Imaging devices, but I'm assuming this is needed for it to work with Freetrack... Searching the internet I cannot find anybody with a similar issue. The only thing that helps after having Freetrack use the PS3Eye Camera is to use a System Restore Point to a point before it was used, then Arma has sound once again. But this is no solution...
  12. Hi tirta. Currently I'm using the drivers, but I have an issue with my sound not working in Arma 3 as soon as I plug in the PS3 Eye. This issue is only with Arma 3 curiously enough, and when I connect the PS3 Eye, the hardware install manager also shows a USB Audio device that didn't install properly, but I haven't yet found a fix for this....
  13. Howdy Folks I have been pretty busy with school and stuff for a while, but since I was on vacation these past weeks, I pulled myself together and orderd some IR-LEDs and other bits and pieces to start a project I've been dreaming about for quite some time... It turns out it was worth it!! ^^ Presenting my Freetrack 3-Point-Cap!! For this build I basically followed these instructions at the freetrack-forum: http://www.free-track.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1856#11461 I have decided to use the Serial Build, and the USB connector, to not have to worry about bat
  14. Hey no worries I also actually got Friday and Saturday mixed up a little bit.. But I also wasnt able to make the Saturday flyin. Maybe we can somehow coordinate again with Dany to try to figure out his Firewall issue... He had Teamviewer, which helped alot in being able to literally see what we were dealing with...
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