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  1. Thank you for replying, the ACMI indicates the radar missile tracking port side 80% to my nose from a near parallel track, perfect for a kill. Dropping chaff doesn't seem to be having any affect as the missile is inbound to my nose and the chaff is 100 feet behind me. Any success for me is sheer blind luck seemingly but the article is clearing things up a bit so thank you for that, it's a great article. As far as multiplayer, I'd like to get things a little more under control before I venture out to test my skill. I have your post to refer to when I'm ready. Thanks again.
  2. Has anyone else had a problem avoiding AA missiles in this sim. I mean I've been flying sims for a long time I find this to be impossible on Falcon 4. SAM's are no problem but AA, no luck after following the manual's suggestions.
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