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  1. Hey, I am Italian too (but I live in Ireland) and have been played with TAW 2.0 for a while. Currently, they normally play on Wednesday night (12/1am), I joined occasionally and it is immense fun. Only problem is that the time is not particularly timezone friendly. We tried for a while to set up a second date for european players but we didn't have many players etc ... so it didn't last long. Send me a pm and we can try and organize something (and speak Italian all we want ;-)). Ciao ! Matteo
  2. Hi HF, I will be around tomorrow night - in any case, if it becomes too difficult, we can safely skip for the next time (which is going to be the 28th for me, I am flying to Italy with my son for a couple of weeks :-) ...) Cheers, Matteo
  3. Hey HF, In term of modules I have all of them except Mi-8MTV2 (which just got discounted so I might actually buy it :-)). The modules I normally plays are FC3 modules (especially su-27/Mig-29/F15 and Su25T). The type of mission I would like though would be CAP/CAS or pure strike air to ground mission (something I never really achieved with DCS modules for some reasons and yes I know the Warthog is excellent for that but what can I say :-)). Finally in term of complex/full fidelity aircraft/avionic I would like to master the Black Shark to start with but I am still a novice ... I'll see you on Saturday ! Matteo
  4. Hey HF - I am MOST definitely interested and Saturday looks a good day for me nearly every week :-) Cheers, Matteo
  5. Sorry Wombat I just realized that what I meant was "fun to use" not that they "behave funny" ;-) so I guess we are on the same page ... Cheers,
  6. Hi Wombat, I think the most notable thing that is not correctly reflected in TAW is the weapon payloads and types, especially A/G weapons. As far as I know today's F22 do not carry Maverick missiles and only have JDAM BOMB or SDB (small diameter bomb). But I understand that Mavericks can be quite funny in the game ;-), maybe this could be material for a MOD, sort of real F22 weapons mod. As for the rest TAW is and remain one of the great simulators ever ! Cheers,
  7. Hi Guys, This one is just to say I really enjoyed myself last night (despite the late time, some glitches with firewall and my cougar config without mentioning my performance on the taxi-way ...). Again sorry about having pressed shift+q at the end, I didn't really imagine that it would log everyone out of the game session ... . I must also say I am really impressed with the stability and the completeness of TAW in multi-player (I never played before in multi and I thought I saw it all with Falcon 4 AF ), someone might say avionic is not exactly realistic but all the complexity of the tactical and strategical aspect of air combat is there and greatly done ... of course a mention to the great work of Homefries and all the team needs to be made, congratulations again for having brought this simulation to its next level . Cheers, Matteo aka "FrankIlVandalo"
  8. Yes, and actually your HOTAS profile IS great !! I went for a very easy one with no-logic programming involved but now I want to merge my profile with yours (i.e.: including some logic and use the AA/AG/NAV switch idea). In general what I am trying to do is to re-organize all my HOTAS profiles since I also play LOMAC, Falcon AF, Black Shark, IL2, ROF and occasionally SF series. I also desperately waiting for GOG to republish Mig Alley playable on Vista 64 !! but this is just a hope ... Basically I want them to share a sort of basic design, say Trim, countermeasures, teamspeak and VAC buttons to be the same for everyone. It might seem a waste of time but I enjoy doing it ;-) Ciao !
  9. Yes VAC stands exactly for voice activated command, as the moment it is the best one that i found so far and run with no issue on Vista. It has also a nice and user friendly interface. If you have 18$ I would reccomend it ... (if you are interested here is the dwvac). Shoot is great as well and it is free but i had some problem to run it on vista (and after few attemps I surrended almost immediatlely ;-(). Sooner or later i will complete my profile and share it (I think I tshould be easy to convert it for Shoot as the xml profile is very similar ....). Cheers,
  10. Hi guys, I noticed in a previuos topic that someone was looking for a HOTAS Cougar profile and HF offered his ones. I thought it would be nice for every cougar owner to share its profile here using this topic that can help people that own a HOTAS Cougar but that play TAW 2.0 for the first time. Is not documented and I didn't map any radio-command on it (it supposes you own VAC, Voice Buddy or Shoot! for sending radio command via voice ... still have to complete my VAC profile by the way ). It works pretty well for me so if you want to give it a try ... there it is HOTAS_profile
  11. Hey HomeFries, I did notice this problem as well, however during the weekend I have decide to install the baseline 2.01 version instead of using the patch (forgetting to save my progress btw ;-() and the problem seems to have disappeared ... On the note: The only difference between this install and the previous ones is the fact that i didn't reinstall the c++ libraries and the codec. Hope this can give some hints. Again Thanks for the great work !! My Rig: Mobo - ASUS P5N72-T Premium Cpu - INTEL Q9550 2,8 Mhz SoundCard - SupremeFX II Graphic - XFX Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 Memory - DDR2 Kingston HyperX 4GB OS - Vista 64 Ultimate Matteo
  12. Hey Nemo I am from Italy too, but I live in Ireland so the time-shift would be one hour only ... we should definitely organize a weekly fly in with TAW. Ciao ! Frankilvandalo
  13. Hi HomeFries, I am Matteo and we already had a conversation exchange in the forum regarding a problem with TAW in Multiplayer. I was looking at the pics of the realistic-texture for TAW and man they are amazing ... I think i have some time to spare for helping with the beta-testing and if you can tell me how to "enroll" (i.e.: what is it requested during the test, what to check and the like), I would love to be part of this project. Cheers,
  14. Hi Home Fries, I tried to uninstall the Nvidia Network Manager and it worked (unfortunately i didn't find any games to join in f-22 2008 hamaci group but i guess the time-shift, i play from the Republic of Ireland, didn't help either ;-)). Anyway you are so much better than many customer supports that you pay for ... Thanks again for the great work you are doing with this fantastic simulator ... Frankilvandalo (Matteo).
  15. Hi Home Fries, first of all thank you very much for all the fantistic work done with this project ... I would like to join a multiplayer session but I am experiencing a bug (I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit and all the c++ run-time libraries installed (2005 and 2008 64 and 32 bits) and the latest directX installed), whenever i try to join or crate a multiplayer session via tcp/directlay i always obtain a "failed to open service provider". I have the same problem with the original version of taw (installed in an win server 2003 virtual machine and than copied in Vista 64) I want also to signal that i have an nforce 780 mobo with latest nvidia network drivers and that I run the game with winxp sp2 compatibilty mode and in a separate hard-drive. I think it worked before (i.e: i didn't have this error even if i didn't actually join a session) and am thinking if there is something that could brelated to run-time libraries (reinstalled after a clean up of the system). Any ideas ? Thanks again for the excellent work ! FrankIlVandalo
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