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  1. But, hey....... It is all part of the learning curve and I will NOT let such issues get in the way of my desire to do this right and enjoy the ride!! Anyway, I joined the "Official" Ubisoft Forum for IL2 at: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/49310655 and posted this query....let's see if I get any responses? Posted Fri July 10 2009 21:47 I had been playing this game with no issues until tonite when the small yellow triangular shaped game cursor became "stuck" right in the middle of the Main Menu Screen. This makes the game impossible to proceed to play, as no selections can be made without an active cursor. I tried everything I could think of....starting the game from the disc, from my C Drive, and using Control/Alt/Delete and Alt/Tab to try and free it up. My cursor works fine, as controlled by my wireless mouse, in all other applications and circumstances, including other games but NOT anymore on IL-2!! Please give me some suggestions or ideas as to how to fix this issue? Chuck PS: The one thing I didn't do is to delete the entire game and then reload it. I have ALOT of mods on it and it is a lot of work...if someone thinks that is what I need to do then let me know and I will do it anyway! Posts: 1 | Registered: Fri July 10 2009
  2. Stans My Vista OS is the 32bit version not the 64 so that isn't the cause of my problem? Perhaps someone who has had this same message appear and who is running the same OS as I am has a solution? With the amount of off line practice flying i need EAW seems ideal for me. Chuck PS I just got Battle of Britain II Wings of Victory in the mail today. That game IS set up to use with my TrackIR 5 so I will be going to great lengths to get that one to work for me. It looks like I am just going to have to give up on some of the 15 games I foolishly bought without first making sure that they were compatible with my system!
  3. I tried to set up EAW on my Vista OS PC to utter failure.... I might just forget about it as IL2 seems to have EVERYTHING I want and is TR supported as well. But, I still would like to run EAW after taking the time to load into onto my HD. When I start it up I just get a message that says: "....eaw.exe is not a valid Win32 application" What's the fix for that? Chuck
  4. Well I guess that answers my question that I asked in another thread. I bought a used copy of MIG ALLEY for only $5.00 on Amazon and was looking forward to playing it. Now that ain't going to happen with my Vista OS! Is are there no patches to enable Vista OS to play some of these older games? Chuck
  5. One of my favorite WWII Military Aviation Books is "THE GRIM REAPERS AT WORK IN THE PACIFIC THEATER"...this is the Bio of Major General John P. Henebry (RET) who was a B-25 Pilot in the 5th Airforce. He was one of the leaders of the 345th Bombardment Group in this famous raid of 11/2/43 against the Japanese at Simpson Harbor near Rabaul in New Britain. He and his crew were responsible for the sinking of two Japanese freigters during just this one raid....talk about a "COMMERCE DESTROYER"!!!!! The Dust Jacket has a GREAT painting of this raid that now hangs in the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force....it is THAT good! Here it is and I highly recommend the book that it covers as well! Chuck PS: As I noted elsewhere...one of my dreams in Air Combat Sim play is to somehow duplicate this raid and fly Henebry's B-25, nicknamed "Notre Dame De Victoire, on this very mission. Do you think that dream could possibly come true one day???????????
  6. Here is a pix of my VERY OWN B-25! Chuck PS: Now if I could only wave a magic wand over it and have it go from 1/48 scale to FULL SIZE!!!
  7. OK I got an account at Village Photo (it wouldn't let me create a folder called "WWII AVIATION PIX"? So, I just called it "1"?) I uploaded 6 pix and I copied the URL of one of them and will now try and post that pix here so that it appears within the body of this post...if it doesn't work, I will try "PHOTOBUCKET"!! (Cuz I am an "idiot" and need to use things that are "idiot" proof!) Chuck EDIT: ALL RIGHTY NOW!!! GOT IT! More pix to come....
  8. I have a smiall collection of WWII Military Aviation Art that I would like to share with the members. I would like to have the pictures show up in the body of my posts instead of including a link to a site to download them, but I havn't figured out how to do that yet? I will give it a try and if I don't succeed, maybe someone can tip me off as to how to do it? I really like these two paintings as they show a P-38 and a Corsair blowing away Zeros with the Japanese pilots bailing out....GREAT ACTION SHOTS! Chuck http://www.box.net/shared/myq1phnz1g http://www.box.net/shared/jg0nm8ennu THE FOLLOWING ERROR(S) WERE FOUND You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.gif, an invalid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.one.gif ================================================ Well....that didn't work...HELP!!! Chuck PS: I took out the "img" prefixs and suffixes to the URL links above so I could post this.
  9. Well men, I am in Military Aviation Gaming HEAVEN!!!! I am also in hot water with my SO for spending too much money cuz I am going into this BIG time....this is my New "LONG TERM" hobby and I want to enjoy it as much as possible. In order to do that, I ordered a TRACKIR 5 unit (this upgraded model is just out for a month now) with the TrackClip Pro accessory. I got it direct from the mfg, NaturalPoint, with a coupon for an "out the door, everything incl" price of $177. As they say :"IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY OF THAT AND MORE!" I just used it on a straffing mission in a P-51 on IL-2 and OH MY F-ing GOD!!!! This is the ONLY way to go.........the feeling of immersion in the game is SO much higher....being able to look around and see just what a real life fighter pilot would see is just AMAZING!!! Now, cuz I am a noobie and am such a poor flyer, I am sure I am not getting even 25% of what it can do out of it right now...but just that small amount of added thrills and spills makes for a simply superb experience! I have the TrackClip attached to the side of my best BOSE headphones and the sounds are also magnificant....... OOOOOOOOOOOOOpssssssssssssss...My SO just came in and said she has been calling me and I didn't come out of my room...cuz I couldn't hear her......this might be a problem....if I don't wear my headphones she complains of the high noise level and when I do, I shut myself off from her....I may have to use some "open" headphones even though they don't sound as good..... Anyway, although I am hardly in a position to recommend anything to anyone here.... I just have to say that IF you don't have a TRACKIR.....GET ONE NOW!!! You will never want to fly without it...It creates a quantum leap in the enjoyment level of our hobby!!!!!!!!!! I hope more games become TRACKIR usable......after this, going without it is going to seem pretty mundane and boring!!! I am practicing by myself and hope that within a few weeks I will be ready to join in the action in VMF-124. Is there a way that I could get access to the threads and attachments etc in that Section now? Chuck (And NO.....I did not get paid for this OVER THE TOP endorsement of TRACKIR 5!!!!)
  10. OK....I think I did it! Check out this Snip of some of the files now in my IL2 Folder in the Programs Folders: http://www.box.net/shared/9q0lecab7e There may be some files (RAR) that I can now delete but I didn't want to mess up anything. When I open IL2 the screen shows version 09 and the AAA Mods as a title at the top of the page... Let me know if I am now GOOD TO GO! Chuck PS: I did some quick Missions with the Missions builder..flew a P-51 and a B-25! Didn't hit anything and I sunk the B-25 in some So Pacific lagoon by getting too low straffing some palm trees......the main problem is that you don't know where to go to find the target...maybe I am missing something? BUT IT ALL LOOKS GREAT...crap it is 2:45AM and I am dead tired...this is WAY WAY too much fun
  11. The Dude and Stans: My goal is to, within the next 24 hours, successfully install IL2 Sturmovik 1946 and the "Unified Installer" from allaircraftarcade.com. Easier said than done! But, I will NOT EVER give up on this sort of thing...no matter how much it takes to get it right!!!! Here is the instruction set copied directly from AAA: =============================== DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION 1. Download ALL of the below files to a folder on your hard drive Make sure ALL of the files stay together within the same folder Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part01.exe Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part02.rar Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part03.rar Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part04.rar Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part05.rar Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part06.rar Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part07.rar Download > AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part08.rar 2. Once downloaded read the installation warnings below then read the installation instructions. Installation Warnings: 1. If you are installing this package over a fresh installation of the IL-2 1946 DVD, you must first patch the game to 4.08m. 2. If you have IL-2 installed, Copy your current IL-2 1946 game folder and rename the new folder. Next, Delete the FILES and MODS folders. The new install will copy 4.08 files allowing any Direct 2 Drive user to be compatible with the mod. 3. If you have the unified installer 1.0, move the folder named FILES and MODS folder from your modded game to another location for safe keeping. Installation Instructions: 1. Double left click the file 'AAA_Community_Installer_ver_1_1_part01.exe' NOTE: You only need to run/install the first part (part01) as long as you keep all the files together you can ignore all the other parts 2. Once opened Left-Click on the Browse button and Select your IL-2 1946 4.08m game folder. Selecting OK and Left-Click the Install button. 3. When prompted to overwrite files select Yes to all. =============================== As was the case with The Dude, (who asked Stans for help understanding this part) it is the "Installation Warning Instructions" that have my head spinning too! I havn't installed ANYTHING yet...I have the virgin IL2 etc DVD in front of me as I type this. As I understand it. I should do the following (and it is so helpfull to have all instructions (like you do) layed out in a numerical check list: 1. Install the IL2 files from the new DVD as is 2. Upgrade this install to 4.08 UNLESS the new DVD already IS upgraded to 4.08 (you have to watch for that info somewhere (?) as you install it.... 3. It is this sentence that I need clearly explained to me so I know what to do in MY particular circumstance: "If you have IL-2 installed, Copy your current IL-2 1946 game folder and rename the new folder (to what name?). Next, Delete the FILES and MODS folders (from where?). The new install will copy the 4.08 files allowing any Direct 2 Drive user to be compatible with the mod." So, what do I do and in what order do I do it? Of course you would "have IL-2 installed" Does he think you would D/L the patch without having the game already on your PC? I am ready to go and awaiting instructions from HQ (that be YOU troops!) Chuck PS: Not being familiar with all of the permutations of this game over the years...I have NO idea what a "Direct 2 Drive" is....maybe, I don't NEED to know!
  12. DAMN.....You are one smart DUDE!!! Yup....that was it! Once I copied and pasted it thru my Word Processor, the Confirmation code worked the first time! THANK YOU SIR!!! PS: Now I am going to post some installation questions re the IL Mods in my original thread....they will be a "piece of cake" for you to answer... I am sure! Chuck
  13. I don't have much I can give back to this group who have already given me so much! Perhaps some of you havn't seen this "Spitfire Music Video"....It is consists of some video shots from an Air Show featuring Spits with a background song performed by WWII singing star Vera Lynn. The song is "The White Cliffs of Dover". It is so nicely edited that it just flows and I have watched/listened to it many times....CRANK UP your speakers for this one boys! But, you will prolly hardly hear Vera singing cuz of the fabulous sounds coming from those 12 cylinder MERLIN engines as they buzz the camera positions.....OMG what a thrill to hear that! Anyway, I use a pay Video Uploading site called BOX.NET to host vids. All you have to do is go to this URL: http://www.box.net/shared/static/qyo125zbpe.mp4 No Password is needed...just click on this URL, then on "save" (you may want to play it again) to download the file (it takes a few mins depending upon your D/L Connection speed) and then click on it in the destination folder....it is only about 3 mins long... Let me know what you think of it? I have another couple of vids that I may upload later... Chuck
  14. Not having had the great benefit of the advise on what to buy from this group (as I made my purchases before joining) I read the reviews on-line and considered the costs/benefits etc and got these two units: MY GAME CONTROLLERS: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro USB Joystick Saitek Cyborg P3600 Force USB Rumble Pad Now, I read about the high end CH gear and the X45/52 HOTAS etc and think...."Oh crap" I bought the WRONG stuff...but, did I? I am a noobie after all and what might be out of date or not sophisticated technically enough for you seasoned pilots, might work just fine for me right now...or NOT? So....I know I will be using the Joystick, but what about the X-Box 360/PS3 style Game Pad? Will that ever be something I will need in the Aviation gaming genre? Or is it just for other kinds of games (the FPS shoot um ups etc...I actually do have a few of those... BTW, here is an updated list of all the games I own so far....I am SURE some will NEVER be played, but luckily they were SO cheap that even if I never learn to play some of them (or I shouldn't have even got them in the first place for some reason) it ain't no biggie: WWI, WWII & KOREA MILITARY VIDEO GAME COLLECTION 1. IL2-STURMOVIK 1946 2. BLAZING ANGELS 2-SECRET MISSIONS OF WWII 3. THE HISTORY CHANNEL-BATTLE OF BRITAIN 4. BATTLE OF BRITAIN II-WINGS OF VICTORY 5. HEROS OF THE PACIFIC 6. BATTLESTATIONS MIDWAY 7. BATTLESTATIONS PACIFIC 8. B-17 FLYING FORTRESS-THE MIGHTY 8TH 9. EUROPEAN AIR WAR 10. MIG ALLEY 11. RED BARON 3D 12. BATTLEFIELD 1942 13. MEDAL OF HONOR-ALLIED ASSAULT 14. SILENT HUNTER 3 15. SILENT HUNTER 4-GOLD EDITION The other unknown (at least to me) is which ones of these 15 games (more actually, as some are "packs" containing multiple games) either will play on Vista right out of the box or only if modded or not even then? That would be nice to know so I don't waste my time learning about a game I am never going to be able to play....can someone take my list and just note next to each one if it will play on Vista as is, if it needs to be modded or if even modding won't make it play or play correctly... I would appreciate that info very much! Back to the topic of this post: What about the Keyboard/Mouse combo....is that always used in flying Sims etc, cuz there aren't enough seperate buttons etc on the Joystick (although mine has a total of 15) to control everything you need to control. One of the games I got today has a fold out card showing a full computer keyboard with almost EVERY key assigned to do something....even tiny changes in somethings that don't seem to be to critical for flight have an assigned key to use to initiate/control whatever operation is mapped to it! Please try and give me a three part answer.....Part one being a critique of my two controllers and if (maybe) they will be "good enough for a noobie, but not for later in your flying career" The 2nd part regarding the Vista compatibility of my games and the 3rd part giving me an overview of what kind of controllers are used for what kinds of games and what kinds of actions? The only reason I decided to write this post, which is so FULL of a bunch of questions, is that you guys all seem so eager to go out of your way to help me.....Hope I am not pushing your generosity too far this time!!! Chuck
  15. I Just had a brilliant (or stupid!) idea..as I am far from an "Internet Nerd" who would even know if this will even work....something I recall about IP addys? Anyway, since you just made up a "mock" account at allaircraftarcade.com to test the registration program that I can't seem to get thru (and YES...as I noted in my post , I carefully CUT AND PASTED the Registration code into the correct field so it should be OK..but some quirk to this system is blocking me?) I also made sure I got the Confirmation code (which changes each time you use it) right...I must have gone thru the process 5 or 6 times now....I couldn't be screwing it up THAT many time in a row, could I....? I hope not! So...why don't you post the same Username and Password you chose here, and I will try and log on with them....for now, I just need to get something from the "IL" section to D/L so I can set up the game properly in my PC..... If you are actually going to be regularly using this Username and Password to log on to that site, this won't work as I am sure that the system wouldn't like it if both of us were to be logging on using the same Username and Password at the same time! If that is the case, maybe you (or someone else here) can set up another "mock" account, don't use it yourself but, instead, post the Username and Password here so I can try and use them to get in there..... Where there is a will...there IS a way!! Chuck
  16. I have been trying to join this site to obtain some updates for IL2 with no success. This Email just bounced back due to the Admin's mailbox being full just like the first one I sent..maybe he is away from his computer...any advise as to how to join up? PROBLEM REGISTERING-PLEASE HELP! Thursday, July 2, 2009 4:29 PM From: "CHARLES PROCHE" To: webmaster@allaircraftarcade.com I have been trying to register at your site for 3 days now. I have been putting in the following: User Name: CHUCKP Password: ****** I make sure all the info is correct and copy and paste the Registration Code from the Registration page so I KNOW it is right. That code is currently shown as: J3ll0M0ld But, each time, I end up getting this message: "General Error The authorization code you have entered is incorrect. The location of the code should be stated on the registration page. Please try again" I sent you a similar Email yesterday but it bounced back indicating that your "Mailbox was full". I hope you get this one so you can assist me in registering my membership. Chuck Proche
  17. I will check out that website! Maybe someone can find a game that includes a raid on Rabaul which features the B-25s as modded out by infamous Pacific Theater "One Man Airforce" Paul "Pappy" Gunn (is that a cartoon name or what..but it was his REAL name...I have a copy of his Biography!). The Army Air Force Mitchells in his outfit were modded with up several forward facing 50 caliber machine guns in place of the clear nose section. General Kenney was especially pleased with the results and ended up calling these planes his "Commerce Detroyers".....when all those 50s were trained on a Japanese ship at the proper convergence point, the superstructure would literally "melt" under the onslaught. There are a few grainy and blurred gun camera shots of the "CDs" in action but I have always wanted to see the power of these planes more clearly....JUST like could be done in a PC game environment! Eventually, North American Aviation got the word and started building B-25s with the massive 50 Caliber array right at the factory (eventually being produced with up to 14 total forward facing 50s: 8 in the nose itself, 4 in pods of 2 on each side of the nose and 2 in the top turret) ...Pappy flew back to the Statest to supervise the new models and make sure that the "Manufacturer" got it right and built the planes similar to how he had modded them!!! Chuck PS: The Parafragging of enemy airfields with mini chutes slowing down the bomb explosions to allow the bombers to get clear is another of Pappy's ideas (although perhaps not completely original). Then there is the story about the unfortunate attempt at installing a 75MM Cannon in a 25...that is also a good one.....but that is for another time...
  18. (Guess it's time to start a fresh topic instead of putting everything in my initial thread!) Anyway, the above raid on Rabaul in October 1943 is one of the most exciting and thrilling of the Pacific War. Here is a VERY well done article on it that is worth reading if you have an interest in this subject matter: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa38...08/ai_n9458149/ Now, I would LOVE to fly this mission as a B-25 pilot after reading so much about it... Any chance of that happening? Chuck
  19. Dude: Before installing IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 I will wait for Stans response and his input on how to do a "clean new" install AND then the easiest and quickest way to upgrade/mod it to the latest specs as you have noted above! In the meantime, I will sign up with AllAircraftArcade.com/forum I already have a very good Download Program called "FLASHGET"(I used to use "GETRIGHT" but I think this one is better)...that will prolly work fine to DL the files I will need from that site. Chuck
  20. WOW!!!!!!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez....I havn't even been a member of Combatsim for 72 hours yet and there are now over 50 posts in this thread that I started asking for some advise to begin my Military Aviation gaming career!!! I bet there isn't another hobby related Forum in the world that could match that kind of response to a noobie!!! I am excited and happy to be here amongst such a great group of men....your humor and wit are just iceing on the cake!! OK...back to business- As far as setting a time when I can be on line (and on com with TS) and ready for my "flying lessons": I am on the West Coast (Orange County in So Cal to be more precise) and usually can be done with dinner and by myself in my den and out of the SO's way by about 7:30PM every evening....For those on the East Coast, which is where some of you appear to be located...that is 10:30PM and getting late....I happen to be in the habit of going to bed late myself...around 1:00AM....But, that doesn't help much except for those of you East Coasters crazy enough to stay up 'till 4:00AM blowing up each other planes in hot dog fights! I am pretty much at my computer 7 nights a week unless we go out somewhere (less likely these days...) or I am watching something on TV (not that often either). So that is my availability time frame...I don't know how late you guys are up....or if some of you are out West or how long a "training mission" might last...? I havn't done ANYTHING yet with IL2 Sturmovik 1946. I only got the DVD last week! I will load it all in my computer tomorrow and then I will at least be ready to get started. I assume I will be using my Joystick (specs in my first post) and Mouse/Keyboard, but NOT my GamePad controller? Chuck PS: BTW, I REALLY do need you guys....WHY is this all so complex???? I read on another Forum just tonite that you should NEVER put the IL2 files into Window's "Program Files folders, where they would normally be placed automatically, unless you tell the installation program to put them somewhere else....they say that Windows Security is higher in the Program Files and this can cause some distress in trying to play parts of IL2 later....is this true....? So, maybe even the VERY FIRST STEP (loading the game onto your PC) is tricky and apparently can screw you up if you don't know the whole story????? Another thing that concerns me is all of the upgrades and mods available for IL2-Sturmovik 1946. There was a list of maybe a dozen or more "have to have" mods (and there are many many more than that which might NOT be so critical to have) with highly complicated Download instructions with multiple changes being required, to include the renaming and moving around of files ....I am just praying that you guys will have some kind of a quick "shortcut" for me to get my new copy of IL2-Sturmovik 1946 up to the level you think I need it to be to be able to successfully move ahead with learning all of its many aspects!
  21. Cowboy: (and Dude) OK...I am going to follow your advise! I just bought a Logitech USB Headset from Amazon for $34.24. It is VERY well reviewed and appears to be a good buy for the money. http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-ClearChat-C..._pr_product_top I am also going to DL "Teamspeak". IMPORTANT NOTE: I think some of you assume I am more knowledgable and competent at Aviation Gaming than I am! I have flown for maybe 5-6 hours total against the AI planes, NEVER against a plane being controlled by another person. This has been mostly with The History Channel: Battle of Britain and with Heros of the Pacific...all at the "Rookie" level. I struggle to avoid stalling and crashing and don't hit much with my guns. With the latter game I couldn't even program my joystick to allow me to lift the nose of a P-40 to be able to even take off without crashing...I am a REAL NOOBIE! The reason I want to make that clear is that I don't think I am ready to join into an "on-line" dogfight with you guys yet...maybe not for quite a while? I need to practice practice practice by myself....probably with IL2 Sturmovic 1946 at the easiest settings. What I would like, and what I think would benefit me the most, would be to get some on line "real time" verbal training. Sort of a "walk thru" type of tutorial starting with how to set up my controllers and how to select the appropriate in-game settings. It would also be cool to just observe and watch how the "Pros" fly and fight. But, I think that is asking for too much (and too soon) of your time, as I have only been here for a couple of days! You guys have already been so generous with the valuable info many of you have posted here for my benefit! Chuck
  22. I already have Battle of BritainII-Wings of Victory and, based upon the above recommendation, I just bought a Used-Like New copy of Mig Alley from Amazon for only $5.28 incl shipping! The payoff from joining this forum is quick and VERY good! My hope is that someday I will be able to contribute to the knowledge base here instead of just accessing it. Chuck
  23. Donster At my age, with BPH, I know all about "gentle" urine streams! OK, no more calling you guys "gentlemen"! How about "A bunch of tostesterone fueled fighter jocks"? Anyway, back to our hobby....I am not much interested in "Modern" warfare, so I stick to WWI and WWII for the most part as can be seen by my choise of games I am also interested in the Korean War, but there are very few games on that conflict. One that I did find is called "SABRE ACE:CONFLICT OVER KOREA". This game is available on Amazon in good used condition for $19.00 incl shipping. However, the reviews I found were pretty bad! My question is are there any "mods" for this game that improve it to the point that it is worth getting? Also, are there any other aviation related Korean War games? Finally, does one of the games I already have include F-86 and MIG15s in combat in MIG Alley? PS: I wonder why the Korean War is so under served by the PC War gaming companies? Chuck
  24. Gentlemen I am impressed by the warm welcome by all of you who have already responded to my request for help as a noobie to pc gaming! Just as a side point, I posted similar requests on a couple of other forums that specialize in military related gaming and did not get anything like the enthusiastic and friendly feedback that you guys have provided! In only one day, I think I have found my new home for my new "hobby"!! I will have MANY more questions and requests for help as I get deeper into all of this, but now that I feel confident of your continued support I can stop worrying about how I am ever going to become competent in both the technical and the performance aspects of PC gaming and relax and enjoy the flight!! Thanx again Chuck
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