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  1. You can access SmartView anytime using F12
  2. Are you using a laptop or desktop? Judging from your statement though it sounds like you're using the former. Try disabling NumLock when you're playing and see if that helps, or disable it first before assigning the keys to JoyToKey.
  3. Maybe if someone with an old rig with the original recommended TAW specs can do some tests on this. We should also probably define the testing parameters so that we can maintain repeatability and consistency. I've been out of the loop for quite a while (RL and all...), but reviving this thread kinda also revived my interest. I've thought of other methods I hadn't tried when I did my tests before. So I'll try to do those again and let you guys know how it goes.
  4. Thanks for the new info. I was wondering though what system you're trying to run WinThrottle from. I kinda mentioned before that officially it no longer supports newer southbridge chipsets (details here), but if my assumption's right that your system is at least Core 2, then it seems to support even the newer Intel southbridges. I couldn't say the same about the newer (and even not-so-new) AMD southbridges though, my brother had an AMD laptop (Athlon QL-60) a while back and it basically crashed his system as soon as we tried running it.
  5. No prob! Just glad you got it working
  6. Uh oh... that sounds like a missing file error. Could you tell us what campaign you were playing, what mission, which airbase you took off from, what your targets were, which way were you headed, and pretty much any other information you think might be useful. A bit of elaboration about that error I believe you've encountered. Due to the fact that the files used by TAW 2.1 was originally extracted from the compressed file did.dat using a filelist containing the actual memory start and offsets, if a file wasn't in the list, then it wouldn't have been extracted. Unfortunately the did.dat fil
  7. By some chance do you have AA enabled on your Catalyst driver?
  8. I think you could try disabling 'Force Trilinear mipmapping' or try playing around with the 'Colorkeying Method' Hope this helps a bit
  9. Whoa! That was awesome! I wonder how much those would go for?
  10. Well... it may happen in real life, and although TAW's modelling was pretty advanced for its time, I don't think they would have implemented such a feature yet.
  11. AFAIK the AIM120 drops first then ignites its rocket whether launched from the underside bay or from the wing hardpoint, the AIM9, on the other hand, fires its rocket as soon as you launch it.
  12. Not really strange... that resolution is standard 16:9 ratio (around 12% more resolution than 1920x1080 though). If you're used to a 22" 1920x1080 monitor, text and icons shouldn't look too small compared to it. TAW should look fine in it too, although having dgVoodoo run at that resolution will probably hit the fps pretty badly. My monitor is glossy too, it's fine most of the time... as long as you don't have light coming from behind.
  13. Hey there Adder, The glitch in the moving map has been an issue in D3D in all newer systems. If you say Glide is OK in 2.02, then Glide should be OK as well in 2.10. Try using that instead. Cheers!
  14. This is Home Fries' post on the matter:
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