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  1. Home Fries, i got your PM, thanks for the links. the Glide F22.DAT is modified this way: go to 0x00145377, find "a1 7c f6 6c 00 3b 05 80 f6 6c 00 7f 05", change to "89 05 7c f6 6c 00 89 15 80 f6 6c 00 90" go to 0x0014538F, find "a3 7c f6 6c 00 89 15 80 f6 6c 00", change to "05 80 00 00 00 81 c2 80 00 00 00" the two "80" in the last line have the same meaning as in the D3D version of F22.DAT - bigger number means zooming in. and one more thing, the "00" behind "80" can be changed to "01" if increasing "80" to "FF" is still not enough (you must be kidding to use that zoom factor)
  2. i only have old version of TAW (1.xx as i remember) since i didn't play TAW for the past several months. i don't have DGvoodoo here. so i can't test the glide version at the moment. in order to modify an EXE, you need "reverse engineer" tools such as OllyDBG etc to see what the EXE is doing. then you can alter some commands inside.
  3. here is a solution for 800x600 D3D version: in F22.DAT (800x600 version), go to 0x00132683, find "a1 7c a3 6c 00 3b 05 80 a3 6c 00 7f 05" , change to "89 05 7c a3 6c 00 89 15 80 a3 6c 00 90" go to 0x0013269B, find "a3 7c a3 6c 00 89 15 80 a3 6c 00" , change to "05 80 00 00 00 81 c2 80 00 00 00" note the two "80" in the last line: "05 80 00 00 00 81 c2 80 00 00 00", you can change these "80" into other number to suit your need. such as, changing the second "80" into "f0" will fit a wide monitor better. lowering these two "80" will zoom out, increasing them will zoom in. i can't run glide version so i can't test it. but try finding those lines in F22.DAT(glide version), and do the same change, maybe that will work too.
  4. just to contribute to this community a bit. there is a method to change FOV and screen aspect of TAW. open F22.DAT with a HEX editor, go to 0x001326ad, see "00 01", and go to 0x001326b2, see "00 01". the first one affects the width of screen (3D graphics), second one affects the height. 1) if your TAW looks like too wide(happens with 1024x768 patch on a 4:3 monitor), changing the second "00 01" to something like "20 01" will make TAW has "normal" aspect. 2) if you want smaller FOV(zoom in, objects appear larger), changing "00 01" to something like "80 01" will do. if you want both of these, change the two "00 01" to something like "80 01" & "a0 01". try some figures to suit your need. hope this helps.
  5. here is something more interesting, an extension of Cobra maneuver, don't know what it is called. http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMTMxNDEwNzg0/v.swf
  6. this forum looks inactive, but I just got intestested in this old game which runs smoothly on my PC. here is what i have made so far: http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMTMwNTIwNjIw/v.swf new features including: ground effect(air gust), touch down suspension, sound barrier effect
  7. i am interested in this game (Flanker 2.5) because of the Russian planes and the low PC requirements. how ever, i like to play games with keyboard, and in this game the elevators don't auto return when arrow keys are released. can anyone change this ?
  8. there is a mission editor in this game, player can create his own mission. is this one, i edited the IDs of all F18s in the mission file, to "00". "00" means that plane is controlled by the player. so now all F18s are controlled by me. then put the F18s together on the runway, if they all have the same physics, they will do the exact same thing. it was a quick experiment and something was wrong with one of the planes so it droped out of the team. let's say "an F18 got a mechanical problem during the air show but the team carried on the show without him"
  9. Thanks Dude here is something funny: " F18 team performance " http://player.youku.com/player.php/Type/Fo...2NDI2OTIw/v.swf
  10. NEW PHYSICS for PSF. http://player.youku.com/player.php/Type/Fo...1NzQ0OTcy/v.swf new behaviors of the plane in this demo include: 1) cobra maneuver 2) stall 3) tail slide maneuver 4) high-AOA level flight (up to 30 degree) 5) pulled backward by landing strap and these are all saved correctly in replay. the stage in this demo is Pretzel's beautiful training mission CROWDED HOUSE
  11. here is the demo video http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMTIwNTYxODQw/v.swf
  12. i made some more new features for PSF, some are very handy, such as the working brake light for 3D cockpit, also there are eye candys: 1) moving engine nozzles ! now only expand and shrink. all axis thrust vectoring is possible, but, not realistic and too much work. 2) moving ailerons ! 3) moving front and rear flaps 4) controllable formation lights 5) pilot view restriction, mentioned at the previous post 6) working brake indicator for 3D cockpit ! 7) corrected cockpit 3D model errors 8) new 3D cockpit colors 9) pilot seat and canopy symbols 10) new sound effect, only 1 so far demo video will be up soon.
  13. another new feature for PSF: flashing navigation lights and formation lights http://player.youku.com/player.php/Type/Fo...5MDEwMDU2/v.swf
  14. Thanks. if anyone tried it and find something not good, please feel free to comment in this thread.
  15. sorry i didn't notice this thread until now. currently i have been working on another game F/A-18 PSF, and had made some interesting features for it. the project is still going on.
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