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  1. TCat


    We don’t need Raid!
  2. TCat


    The room has new paint! Haven’t been around in a while!
  3. TCat


    Windy and I just finished a beautiful Remington action, blue printed with a air gauged, stainless barrel. It's chambered .308 WIN, sitting on an aluminum chassis and holds a 1/4 min group with Sierra 168 gr match bullets. I'm opening a Sam Adams Boston Lager and calling it a day. If my old brain could remember how to do it, I'd send you guys a pic! Have a good one guys, I did!!!?
  4. TCat

    This Day in WWII 5 May 1940 - 1945

    Good one Donnie !!
  5. TCat

    Hump Day

    At the moment I am drinking a beer because I forgot what I had been doing before the power went off.?
  6. TCat

    Hump Day

    Storm came thru Monday, just got the power turned on since 9am Monday.?
  7. TCat

    We have run out of time

    I really do like you Rotigglia, is it OK for us to be friends? You can call me TC a n maybe I can call you Rot! ?
  8. TCat

    We have run out of time

    .I think Royunda is correct, now that I think about it! Rotigulia should be congratulated for his notifying the masses of our mistake, leaving our awful carbon footprint on this earth. Rotillis is the man Well, I swear, I fear, Rottis gonna buy the beer, so hooray for Rotunda, he's a grand ole man!! HOORAY!!
  9. TCat

    Good Friday

    Tomorrow at noon, I get my first beer in 40 days!!! Tomorrow night I will have slurred speech !! Happy Easter guys!
  10. TCat

    Doc is out!

    Great story! ?
  11. TCat

    pleasant surprise while reading!

    ? Great story, beats the hell out of the weather forecast for Louisiana!!! ☺️
  12. TCat


    That's great Cobra! We're going to have sun here too!! ? 62F low and 79F for the high under the S word! Yeaaaaaaaaaa!
  13. TCat


    An elderly couple were in church when the wife leaned over to the husband and whispered in his ear, I just let out a silent fart what do you think I should do. The husband replies, put a new battery in your hearing aid! ?
  14. TCat

    St. Patrick's Day Greets

    Damn, gave up alcohol for Lent. No green beer for me.?. But happy St. Paddy's Day to you Irish lads and lassy's and yous who ain't!! ?
  15. TCat


    Sunshine!!!!!! Clear skies, 58 low, 70 high! ?