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  1. Wiped all traces of older versions and installed TAW 2.0 Whoo HOO! awesome work Home Fries and others , works great , looks great , WTG! Bjacks
  2. Bjacks

    Bill's Limo

    Great I will check it out , Thanks for the Helps! Bjacks
  3. Awesome Video ................Looks great ! Bjacks
  4. Hello Been having difficulty completing "Bill's LIMO" any tricks to this one, for some reason I am stuck on this particular one. Thanks, Bjacks
  5. I did read the "Read Me" text and found it very helpful...........was wondering if a fix for the (Font 6) issue in the virtual cockpit has been found? I am getting it in the lower right and lower left . Bjacks
  6. Great Stuff , Just found the forum and just download F22 TAW 2008 works great, awesome work. I had just recently pulled ADF with Red Sea operations out of the box and was running on Xp thinking what a great Sim it would be if it were revamped for todays machines, well besides a total re-engining this is the next best thing!.......... I am no programmer , more of a hack but willing to give any personal opinions I may have . Once again WTG Bjacks
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