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  1. Try registering here, if you already haven't: www.shopcollins.com
  2. Well, for cockpit simulation companies that work with the government, I think they won't give anything usefull for us because the cockpit still has many classified info, and some of these companies still might be competing each other in the same market, like Link Simulations www.link.com/fa22ptd.html, Clarks Machine www.clarksmachine.com/f221.html, USM inc. www.usminc.com/trainers/cockpits.html and Rockwell Collins making displays www.rockwellcollins.com/products/gov/airborne/fighters/f22/index.html and the HUD rockwellcollins.com/optronics/ProductsAndServices/VisionSystems/HeadUpDisplays/F22SimulatorHUD/page760.html. The Thrustmaster MFD's (F-16 replicas) aren't the same as the F-22, but for that price you can't beat that, except for the center MFD in the Raptor that is 8x8" in size. They have the same number of buttons so I think they're perfect. So I think we are basically on our own. The only thing that might be a major setback would be the impossibility to develop software specifically to INPUT DATA on TAW: getting those MFD buttons to work like in MFD zoomed mode, without even getting there. Simulating mouse click over a predetermined coordinates matched to the positions were the MFD buttons are - this is much easier said than done. The only command that has effects on MFD's using the keyboard are the sensor range increase/decrease (PgUp/PgDn), as I remember. And OUTPUT DATA on TAW: export these MFD zoomed images to separate lcd screens. So, if TAW doesn't allow these kinds of mods, for information exchange on new software addons, we have our hands tied. Developers and modders would have to say if this could have any future.
  3. Hello people, Incredible amount of effort put on modding this simulation to new capabilities. My hat off for you guys! This is still the best option for F-22 realistic simulation in a combat campaign environment, with very close to real cockpit behaviour, even more than 10 years after its release. I've stumbled across www.viperpits.org(WOW!)for some months now and I wonder if TAW could support inputs and outputs like Falcon 4 with its shared memory. At least some sort of application to output the 4 main MFD's and the 2 UFD's to LCD screens in TAW. Falcon 4 has F4 MFD Extractor written by Lightning that does exactly that www.viperpits.org/smf/index.php?topic=3376.0. For cockpit panel simulation, with functional switches, it could be done easily using for example Leobodnar's input/output electronics interfaces www.lbodnar.dsl.pipex.com/. Falcon 4 also has BetaInnovations, UCC, PHCC, just to name a few. Full wood construction is acessible and easier to build for all of us. Cockpit panels could be also be homemade easily and backlightable, using acryllic and paint, and aircraft switches from eBay. Gauges are LCD screen possible for Falcon 4/F-16 cockpits using F4 Gauges by Tango44 www.viperpits.org/smf/index.php?topic=3886.0. Just think about this in your home running Total Air war!: If only it could be possible to have a program to export all the 6 or 7 relevant screen informations to independent LCD screens, we could have a possible solution to build a homemade and fully functional cockpit simulator with MFD input and output capabilities along with switches inputs. MFD input is now easy with the Thrustmaster MFD's www.thrustmaster.com/product.aspx?ProductID=168, at least for the 3 SMFD's, so we only need MFD output software and hardware support. This cockpit is even easier to implement than a fully functional Falcon 4/F-16 cockpit because the lack of gauges and many analog dials. The first guy that came up with this idea for a F-16 cockpit simulation - Martin 'Pegasus' Schmitt www.xflight.de/ Check out F22 Bazooka's thread - www.viperpits.org/smf/index.php?topic=1060 Thanks.
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