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  1. Ancaster, Canada - BattleGoat Studios is delighted to announce the development of their upcoming Real Time Geopolitical Strategy/Wargame, Supreme Ruler The Great War. BattleGoat's Lead Programmer and Co-Founder George Geczy commented, "Supreme Ruler The Great War adds a new era to the franchise, building upon a game system which has evolved over more than a decade. The combat, diplomatic and economic systems developed for the series continue to offer a unique strategy experience, one which has always been well suited to global conflicts. The First World War remains a topic of great interest t
  2. Hello, We just wanted to share our most recent press release with the community; As always, I'll watch for replies and questions.
  3. Hello, I just wanted to share our news. We are very excited to announce the official release for Supreme Ruler 1936; If you have any questions, please let me know.
  4. There are a number of differences in terms of unit scale and combat system. While HoI uses "provinces" for territory, we track individual hexes. They tend to put their units into containers where we allow more individual control. The Supreme Ruler games also have no fixed end date, you can play on into modern times. I'd suggest you watch the video on the kickstarter page, it includes some gameplay footage. That may do more to indicate the differences.
  5. Hi, It would seem I was remiss last time I was doing my rounds, keeping the community informed of the progress on the Supreme Ruler series. We announced back in March that we would be producing Supreme Ruler 1936. As users of this forum have discussed the previous titles, I figure it would be good to share our progress. Development is well under way and we've launched a Kickstarter to reach some extra users and try and increase the scope of the project just a little more. Here are the details; Let me know if you have questions.
  6. Hello, Just wanted to share the announcement of our latest title;
  7. Update 6 has now been added to the Check-for-Updates system for all versions of Supreme Ruler 2020. Supreme Ruler 2020 (Original) - Version 5.6.2 - Use 'Check for Updates' from the Windows Program menu to update to the latest version, or download the update from here: http://www.bgforums.com/2020LatestUpdate Supreme Ruler 2020 : Global Crisis Expansion - Version 6.6.2 - Use 'Check for Updates' from the Windows Program menu to update to the latest version, or download the update from here: http://www.bgforums.com/2020GCLatestUpdate Supreme Ruler 2020 : Gold Edition - Incremental Upda
  8. Demo's ready! Direct link to the demo download: http://demos.gamersgate.com/SR2020-GoldEdition-DEMO.exe Digital Download GamersGate site: http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-SR2020G/supreme-ruler-2020-gold Digital Download GamersGate UK Site: http://www.gamersgate.co.uk/DD-SR2020G/sup...ruler-2020-gold If you're curious about the game, just load up the demo and take a look.
  9. Thanks, I figured since the game has such high military content there might be some users here who would enjoy it. We're working on an updated demo, I'll post again when that is released so anyone interested can check it out.
  10. Hello everyone, Since this is a forum about combat simulations, I though there might be some interest in our latest press release regarding Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold Edition. SR2020: Gold Edition is scheduled for release on September 15th in North America, and September 18th in Europe. It will be available both Retail and Digital Download. Here is the Features blurb: All the features of Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis, plus - Four New Single Player scenarios (objective based) - New Multi-player scenarios (for shorter and more balanced MP games) - Enhancements to the AI, inclu
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