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  1. Ancaster, Canada - BattleGoat Studios is delighted to announce the development of their upcoming Real Time Geopolitical Strategy/Wargame, Supreme Ruler The Great War. BattleGoat's Lead Programmer and Co-Founder George Geczy commented, "Supreme Ruler The Great War adds a new era to the franchise, building upon a game system which has evolved over more than a decade. The combat, diplomatic and economic systems developed for the series continue to offer a unique strategy experience, one which has always been well suited to global conflicts. The First World War remains a topic of great interest to historians and gamers alike, although few games model the strategic challenges that the great powers faced during that era. Adding a World War I title to the series fills a gap in both the franchise and within the PC strategy genre." Game Designer and Project Lead Christian Latour added, "Since completion of Supreme Ruler Ultimate, the community has continued to ask if we'll be developing more content. Most players wanted us to go further back in history, and the First World War remained the most popular request. The scope of an entirely new era goes beyond adding another DLC to one of the existing games, it fits best as its own title within the franchise. Having developed the later eras already, we are able to add the earlier time frame and flow seamlessly into the gameplay experiences for which the Supreme Ruler titles are so well known. With the required development tools and an experienced team in house, we know that we can build the World War I strategy game fans have been asking for." About Supreme Ruler The Great War Expanding on sixteen years of development on the Supreme Ruler series of Real Time Geo-Political Military Strategy Games for PC and Mac. Supreme Ruler The Great War brings players back to 1914, to a world that has little understanding of the devastation that will be unleashed as long-time alliances and animosities drive ever-growing conflicts. Whether leading a major power or a minor nation, players can experience the tensions of a world descending into chaos. Campaigns follow paths similar to historical events while allowing players control of their own destiny, with the opportunity to change those events and chart their own course. Set-Piece Scenarios will provide for a shorter game focused on specific events from the era. As well, the ever popular sandbox mode allows players to customize their gaming experience by picking any nation and choosing their own preferred Victory Condition. With the further option of multiplayer matches, Supreme Ruler The Great War provides incredible amounts of replayability. - World War I Campaigns for various major powers from the era. - Take Control of any Nation in Sandbox Mode and impact the outcome of the conflict. - Start in 1914 and progress well into the 21st century for an Epic Game-play experience. - Challenge yourself with Set-Piece Scenarios for a faster-paced game. - The butterfly effect... Influence the timeline and outcome of thousands of historical events. - Use Diplomacy, Trade, Espionage, and Intimidation to influence the policies of other nations. - Guide your Nation through the first war waged on a global scale. - Modernize your economy to support whatever social and military policies you choose. - Comprehensive Tech Tree features over 100 years of technology and equipment advances. - Sophisticated Real-Time Strategic and Tactical Control of your Military Forces. - Detailed historically-accurate Armies down to the Battalion level. - Choose your level of control. Make all decisions or use your Cabinet Ministers to help. - Battle the elements! Fully integrated weather model influences battlefield outcomes. - Up to 16 players in Multiplayer over local network or Internet. (PC Only) About BattleGoat Studios BattleGoat Studios is a Canadian Software Developer committed to developing leading edge "Intelligent Strategy Games". BattleGoat’s game design history dates back to the first text-based Supreme Ruler game in 1982, making Supreme Ruler one of the oldest computer gaming franchises still in development, celebrating its 35th year in 2017. The design team firmly believes that Strategy Gamers are looking for more sophisticated games that also remain fun to play. BattleGoat insists that their approach to development will always emphasize an accurate, heavily researched environment assuring players an entertaining and immersive gameplay experience. Their previous PC releases are Supreme Ruler 2010, Supreme Ruler 2020, Supreme Ruler Cold War, Supreme Ruler 1936 and Supreme Ruler Ultimate. Twitter: @battlegoat Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/supremeruler
  2. Hello, We just wanted to share our most recent press release with the community; As always, I'll watch for replies and questions.
  3. Hello, I just wanted to share our news. We are very excited to announce the official release for Supreme Ruler 1936; If you have any questions, please let me know.
  4. There are a number of differences in terms of unit scale and combat system. While HoI uses "provinces" for territory, we track individual hexes. They tend to put their units into containers where we allow more individual control. The Supreme Ruler games also have no fixed end date, you can play on into modern times. I'd suggest you watch the video on the kickstarter page, it includes some gameplay footage. That may do more to indicate the differences.
  5. Hi, It would seem I was remiss last time I was doing my rounds, keeping the community informed of the progress on the Supreme Ruler series. We announced back in March that we would be producing Supreme Ruler 1936. As users of this forum have discussed the previous titles, I figure it would be good to share our progress. Development is well under way and we've launched a Kickstarter to reach some extra users and try and increase the scope of the project just a little more. Here are the details; Let me know if you have questions.
  6. Hello, Just wanted to share the announcement of our latest title;
  7. Update 6 has now been added to the Check-for-Updates system for all versions of Supreme Ruler 2020. Supreme Ruler 2020 (Original) - Version 5.6.2 - Use 'Check for Updates' from the Windows Program menu to update to the latest version, or download the update from here: http://www.bgforums.com/2020LatestUpdate Supreme Ruler 2020 : Global Crisis Expansion - Version 6.6.2 - Use 'Check for Updates' from the Windows Program menu to update to the latest version, or download the update from here: http://www.bgforums.com/2020GCLatestUpdate Supreme Ruler 2020 : Gold Edition - Incremental Update to Version 6.6.2 - New installations will download this small update automatically during install, or else use the 'Check for Updates' in the Windows Program menu. You can also download it from here: http://www.bgforums.com/2020GOLDLatestUpdate Update 6 Notes: Player Options: During the installation of Update 6 player options will be reset. Savegames for Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis are now stored in the My Games folder of My Documents for a given user by default. This can be changed in-game using the My Options/Player Options/Files settings to specify a preferred save game location. If you have updated from an earlier version and have Saved Game files stored, simply turn of the "Save in 'My Games' folder" checkbox in the Options. Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis (all versions) Update Notes: - Games for Windows compatibility - Windowed mode now supported (Graphic options) - Spies system reworked to create tension instead of wars. - More spy related e-mails added - Elastic banding improved (focus carriers with aircraft type situations) - Satellite construction cost added to expense report - Fixed ability to right click, pick Facilities, then select specific facilities. - Military branch remembered when going from a reserve facility to reserves unit list in Defense Dept - Improved AI commodity trading (including AI requests products/offers money, before did only reverse) - Added ability to mark units as excluded/favorites - Added rally point centre button - Added ability to adjust ‘autodeploy’ and ‘continuous’ to units in the Queue and in Production - Added more 3D Unit Meshes (6) - Orer of Battle (unit list) Updates - Uranium costs for units added to unit popup - Right click - bombard/attack facility command fixed - New Lobby Option - Units Die when Region Falls - Ctrl + elastic band can be used to add more units to selected units - Different Sound volume levels for on-screen and off-screen as well as other regions vs. own units - Sounds fade when map zoomed out - Fixed trade money for money exploit - Fixed "unlimited missiles" exploit - Fixed value for techs when negotiating treaties with the AI - Fixed Naval Rally points - Fixed various indirect fire issues (neutral/own waters, bombard, attack facility) - Fixed AI valuing techs when negotiating treaties - Fixed AI valuing naval unit designs - Fixed Satellite costs in regional budget - Fixed UN relations hit when an allied region dies - Fixed order of units being added to production and queued lists - Path line displays over world edges fixed - Completed various minor GUI improvements - Campaign maps updated Incremental 6.6.2 Changes (all versions including Gold Edition): - Fixed rare Fog-of-War off bug - Build-to-Strength on Merged Units fixed - Play on as Dictator available when losing an election Global Crisis (expansion only) Update Notes: - Enhanced Tooltip to show what's in a BattleGroup - Added AI trading of units - Maximize offer button added for Diplomacy Offers - Facility controls added for "Facility Build" screens in various departments (activate/deactivate and build by type, minister chooses best location) - Game Option to show War Declaration and Alliance messages about all regions - State Department priorities added for Trading Global Crisis Scenarios: There are four new custom scenarios and two new multiplayer scenarios.
  8. Demo's ready! Direct link to the demo download: http://demos.gamersgate.com/SR2020-GoldEdition-DEMO.exe Digital Download GamersGate site: http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-SR2020G/supreme-ruler-2020-gold Digital Download GamersGate UK Site: http://www.gamersgate.co.uk/DD-SR2020G/sup...ruler-2020-gold If you're curious about the game, just load up the demo and take a look.
  9. Thanks, I figured since the game has such high military content there might be some users here who would enjoy it. We're working on an updated demo, I'll post again when that is released so anyone interested can check it out.
  10. Hello everyone, Since this is a forum about combat simulations, I though there might be some interest in our latest press release regarding Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold Edition. SR2020: Gold Edition is scheduled for release on September 15th in North America, and September 18th in Europe. It will be available both Retail and Digital Download. Here is the Features blurb: All the features of Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis, plus - Four New Single Player scenarios (objective based) - New Multi-player scenarios (for shorter and more balanced MP games) - Enhancements to the AI, including more diplomacy and trades - A number of Interface and Graphics Improvements - New Units and 3D Models in Equipment list - Updated Manual - Improved multiplayer connectivity and firewall compatibility - Games for Windows support including Windowed Mode, Streamlined Install, and more. New Game Engine Features in Supreme Ruler 2020: Gold Edition: - AI Diplomacy includes trading of Units, also expanded commodity trades - New Minister capabilities & Priorities - Spy system improvements, added capturing of spies - User Interface enhancements (more tooltips, shortcuts, new options) - 'Maximize Offer' feature added to Diplomacy negotiations - Battle Sounds now fade for off-screen and third party battles - New Game Lobby options including "Units eliminated when region falls" - More Graphics resolutions supported, including Windowed Mode As well as hundreds of smaller changes, improvements, fixes, and more. Also, we will not leave our existing fans behind, and there will be no need for existing SR2020+Global Crisis owners to 'repurchase' the game. We are working to bring the new features of the Gold Edition to our existing SR2020+Global Crisis players as part of the free Update 6. This Update is planned for the end of September, and more information will be released in the coming weeks. Chris Latour BattleGoat Studios www.supremeruler.com
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