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  1. The weapons stuff is very interesting. Going back to TAW code and looking at the 159 byte weapons block, it was possible to modify the loadouts, similar to what Mike displayed for TFX, using modifications at position 94. Now that I have compiled the blocks for each weapon, including those not used in-game, in document format, the next objective is t o define the function of each entry. Below is the disassembled code for AIM120C: DGROUP:006708C2 dd offset unk_6751F6 DGROUP:006708C6 off_6708C6 dd offset aAim120c ; DATA XREF: sub_4B90D8+D9r DGROUP:006708C6 ; "AIM120C" DGROUP:006708CA dd offset aAim120c ; "AIM120C" DGROUP:006708CE db 0 DGROUP:006708CF db 0 DGROUP:006708D0 db 0 DGROUP:006708D1 db 0 DGROUP:006708D2 dd offset aXaim120c ; "xaim120c" DGROUP:006708D6 dd offset aFzaim12c ; "fzaim12c" DGROUP:006708DA db 0 DGROUP:006708DB db 0 DGROUP:006708DC db 0 DGROUP:006708DD db 0 DGROUP:006708DE db 0 DGROUP:006708DF db 0 DGROUP:006708E0 db 0 DGROUP:006708E1 db 0 DGROUP:006708E2 db 0 DGROUP:006708E3 db 0 DGROUP:006708E4 db 0 DGROUP:006708E5 db 0 DGROUP:006708E6 db 0 DGROUP:006708E7 db 0 DGROUP:006708E8 db 0 DGROUP:006708E9 db 0 DGROUP:006708EA db 0 DGROUP:006708EB db 0 DGROUP:006708EC db 0 DGROUP:006708ED db 0 DGROUP:006708EE db 0 DGROUP:006708EF db 0 DGROUP:006708F0 db 0 DGROUP:006708F1 db 0 DGROUP:006708F2 db 0 DGROUP:006708F3 db 0 DGROUP:006708F4 dd offset aFxaim12c ; "fxaim12c" DGROUP:006708F8 dd offset aFyaim12c ; "fyaim12c" DGROUP:006708FC dd offset aFzaim12c ; "fzaim12c" DGROUP:00670900 dd offset aF0aim12c ; "f0aim12c" DGROUP:00670904 dd offset aF1aim12c ; "f1aim12c" DGROUP:00670908 dd offset aF2aim12c ; "f2aim12c" DGROUP:0067090C db 0 DGROUP:0067090D db 0 DGROUP:0067090E db 0 DGROUP:0067090F db 0 DGROUP:00670910 db 0 DGROUP:00670911 db 0 DGROUP:00670912 db 0 DGROUP:00670913 db 0 DGROUP:00670914 db 0 DGROUP:00670915 db 0 DGROUP:00670916 db 0 DGROUP:00670917 db 0 DGROUP:00670918 db 0 DGROUP:00670919 db 0 DGROUP:0067091A db 0 DGROUP:0067091B db 0 DGROUP:0067091C db 0 DGROUP:0067091D db 0 DGROUP:0067091E db 1 DGROUP:0067091F db 0AAh ; ¬ DGROUP:00670920 db 55h ; U DGROUP:00670921 db 55h ; U DGROUP:00670922 db 0 DGROUP:00670923 db 2 DGROUP:00670924 db 1 DGROUP:00670925 db 0 DGROUP:00670926 db 0 DGROUP:00670927 db 16h DGROUP:00670928 db 43h ; C DGROUP:00670929 db 0Ch DGROUP:0067092A db 8 DGROUP:0067092B db 0E4h ; S DGROUP:0067092C db 31h ; 1 DGROUP:0067092D db 0 DGROUP:0067092E db 0 DGROUP:0067092F db 0FFh DGROUP:00670930 db 0FFh DGROUP:00670931 db 1 DGROUP:00670932 db 6Fh ; o DGROUP:00670933 db 12h DGROUP:00670934 db 3 DGROUP:00670935 db 3Ah ; : DGROUP:00670936 db 0 DGROUP:00670937 db 64h ; d DGROUP:00670938 db 0 DGROUP:00670939 db 0 DGROUP:0067093A db 0A0h ; á DGROUP:0067093B db 41h ; A DGROUP:0067093C db 0A6h ; ª DGROUP:0067093D db 9Bh ; ¢ DGROUP:0067093E db 44h ; D DGROUP:0067093F db 3Bh ; ; DGROUP:00670940 db 0CDh ; - DGROUP:00670941 db 0CCh ; ¦ DGROUP:00670942 db 4Ch ; L DGROUP:00670943 db 3Dh ; = DGROUP:00670944 db 0 DGROUP:00670945 db 0 DGROUP:00670946 db 80h ; Ç DGROUP:00670947 db 3Eh ; > DGROUP:00670948 db 0 DGROUP:00670949 db 70h ; p DGROUP:0067094A db 94h ; ö DGROUP:0067094B db 46h ; F DGROUP:0067094C db 0 DGROUP:0067094D db 0 DGROUP:0067094E db 0Ch DGROUP:0067094F db 42h ; B DGROUP:00670950 db 0 DGROUP:00670951 db 0 DGROUP:00670952 db 20h DGROUP:00670953 db 41h ; A DGROUP:00670954 db 0 DGROUP:00670955 db 0 DGROUP:00670956 db 0F0h ; = DGROUP:00670957 db 41h ; A DGROUP:00670958 dd offset aWamraam_lbm ; "wamraam.lbm" DGROUP:0067095C dd offset aFamraam_lbm ; "famraam.lbm" DGROUP:00670960 db 55h ; U Refresh my memory on how these weapons blocks work .🙂
  2. Well... I was planning to download Visual Studio 2019 to compile Krus's old extractor, however, after reading this I think I'll put it off a little longer 😀
  3. Thanks to mikews scripts I have the TAW unknown file names down to around 400. Some of the previous unknowns, of both the TAW and ADF extractions have file names which seem to shed some light on their intended functions, for example: " cgdat\conflict.cg (859 kb), cgdat\navig.nav (941 kb) awacbk2: mp2iconz: Perhaps mp2iconz and awackbk2 are functionally related. tcommap: I will continue to work on reducing the unknown value to 0. if any one has accomplished that or gotten close, let me know 🙂
  4. I agree, that does look much nicer. ☺️ Have you the means to convert that terrain tile back to a game usable mont1c_1.3? The largest model in the game is 40kb, do you know if TAW /F22ADF have a volume limit?
  5. Happy, that I am. It's a very nice collection and I will take my time and study them to see what I can learn additionally. Thank you. 😀
  6. ...tried crossing my eyes but that didn't work very well but I suspect I wasn't doing it right because I'm not really Catholic 🙏... We should all convert soon because the final Nvidia driver to support 3D Vision is out this month...the standalone 3D vision video player is still available, at least for now:
  7. It is much more than Nastalgia. I already see concepts that I can explore immediately. A classic example is the unused cockpit image. I am now working on the vrcpt vs tcpt and am focused on the 0083 / 0084 implementation. That gives me a good insight into where to concentrate my efforts. Thanks! ☺️
  8. I would like to take a shot at this. In doing so i would assume WYSIWYG for your images and describe what I believe I see. On the first image I see what you later described as Additive Blend Mode layers (E = min(M + I),255) and I would agree that there is no real transparency of an alpha type. This is the additive-image I see in my nightmares, ever since I was introduced to 24 bit, AGP color in TAW using 0088. On the second image I disagree with the descriptor 'without blending'. What I believe I see is 2 layers in Normal Blend Mode (E = M). This is probably the default blend mode and, with 100% opacity, only the upper layer is visible. You mentioned there may be a problem with indexed colour bitmaps regarding transparency and that might constitute the be all and end all unless a way to effect transparency can be found.
  9. TAW uses 008E, single index color, for terrain masking, it seems that the transparency problem solution here is a simple color-to-alpha, yes?
  10. It appears that you are off to a good start on a new VRML project 👍
  11. This may be a silly ask...but did you intentionally include the hyperplanes ?
  12. I think 0076 is a very sneaky and elusive opcode / flag and the full definition remains a bit FOGGY... Is it possible for you to post a couple of images?
  13. I'm glad you are still working on it. Off the top of my head I seem to recall there was a convention to place the hyperplane bytecode in a easily accessible locale, like at the end of the block. That would make 0015 culling fairly easy. I will have to check on that though... Tile Hyperplane key:
  14. I have been spending a considerable amount of time having the executable teach me how to read the mission files, particularly those that apply to weapons, however, the educational 'low-hanging-fruit' for weapons lies elsewhere and although I am just getting comfortable with modifications, I have been successful in converting an AG weapon into an AA weapon by simply changing one variable value. Each weapon appears to have approximately 55 variables. For AA that variable is "1" for AG it is "2", for GA, Ship-to-Air it is weapon specific. Needless to say, I am learning a lot about NATO and non-Nato weapons.
  15. We are thinking along somewhat the same pathways. Searching 'JSOW' is what initially motivated me to make this post about ADF. There are a significantly larger number of search returns in the ADF executable than for that for TAW. Some of that is, most probably, a result of the different modes and interfaces and yet, there may be some leads to suggest different levels of support in ADF that were abandoned for TAW. So far I've found a number of curiosities, for example: I only found one .mdl-like file (ADF nnm7104) and it deserves some analysis, as it is not in a standard format.
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