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  1. DrKevDog

    TAW terrain format

    I would like to take a shot at this. In doing so i would assume WYSIWYG for your images and describe what I believe I see. On the first image I see what you later described as Additive Blend Mode layers (E = min(M + I),255) and I would agree that there is no real transparency of an alpha type. This is the additive-image I see in my nightmares, ever since I was introduced to 24 bit, AGP color in TAW using 0088. On the second image I disagree with the descriptor 'without blending'. What I believe I see is 2 layers in Normal Blend Mode (E = M). This is probably the default blend mode and, with 100% opacity, only the upper layer is visible. You mentioned there may be a problem with indexed colour bitmaps regarding transparency and that might constitute the be all and end all unless a way to effect transparency can be found.
  2. DrKevDog

    TAW terrain format

    TAW uses 008E, single index color, for terrain masking, it seems that the transparency problem solution here is a simple color-to-alpha, yes?
  3. DrKevDog

    TAW terrain format

    It appears that you are off to a good start on a new VRML project 👍
  4. DrKevDog

    TAW terrain format

    This may be a silly ask...but did you intentionally include the hyperplanes ?
  5. DrKevDog

    TAW terrain format

    I think 0076 is a very sneaky and elusive opcode / flag and the full definition remains a bit FOGGY... Is it possible for you to post a couple of images?
  6. DrKevDog

    TAW terrain format

    I'm glad you are still working on it. Off the top of my head I seem to recall there was a convention to place the hyperplane bytecode in a easily accessible locale, like at the end of the block. That would make 0015 culling fairly easy. I will have to check on that though... Tile Hyperplane key:
  7. DrKevDog

    F22 ADF Extracted-Working

    I have been spending a considerable amount of time having the executable teach me how to read the mission files, particularly those that apply to weapons, however, the educational 'low-hanging-fruit' for weapons lies elsewhere and although I am just getting comfortable with modifications, I have been successful in converting an AG weapon into an AA weapon by simply changing one variable value. Each weapon appears to have approximately 55 variables. For AA that variable is "1" for AG it is "2", for GA, Ship-to-Air it is weapon specific. Needless to say, I am learning a lot about NATO and non-Nato weapons.
  8. DrKevDog

    F22 ADF Extracted-Working

    We are thinking along somewhat the same pathways. Searching 'JSOW' is what initially motivated me to make this post about ADF. There are a significantly larger number of search returns in the ADF executable than for that for TAW. Some of that is, most probably, a result of the different modes and interfaces and yet, there may be some leads to suggest different levels of support in ADF that were abandoned for TAW. So far I've found a number of curiosities, for example: I only found one .mdl-like file (ADF nnm7104) and it deserves some analysis, as it is not in a standard format.
  9. DrKevDog

    F22 ADF Extracted-Working

    Some certainly say seeing Simon seems senseless, so...I have collected all the files referencing the JSOW, unfortunately that has not yet born any fruit. I have hex edited the simultor.txt to run sim14jc.txt instead of mission sim14c and still no joy. I spent yesterday creating weapons tables from the ADF F22.dat, in order to understand the weapons system. I admit to getting side tracked by the AGM86ALCM, which I had previously activated in the past, however, I am making some progress. Does anyone know how the weapons handling process works, starting with the .pak, files?
  10. DrKevDog

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Thanks for the potential support. I also suggest starting to write a unique OS...just notify me when it's done 😱...
  11. DrKevDog

    F22 ADF Extracted-Working

    It's because of you, and a handful of others, that we have most of what we now have. I'll cut to the chase on the executable analysis: do you know of major differences that would allow the ADF executable to support such things as the JSOW feature and it's sub-munitions. The ADF Tour of Duty parser file describes the sim14cj mission, which is the JSOW mission. This is of critical importance because I NEED a 100 mile standoff weapon for my next Campaign...😄
  12. DrKevDog

    F22 ADF Extracted-Working

    I am asking because I am wanting to compare the executable's and their differences as well as some specific analyses. For example, I want to see how ADF handles the 2BXX code in the .3 files and how it handles the unusual files (maps, JSOW's, etc..) that are included in it's did.dat which are not in that of TAW.
  13. DrKevDog

    F22 ADF Extracted-Working

    Does there exist a working, extracted F22 ADF?
  14. DrKevDog

    F-22 ADF Original Patches

    f22_pilot_97, My files go "way back" and are extensively complete. I had to go thru some floppy disks first but it was on other media. What I would ask is that you keep us informed about the progress of your throwback project. My current project is dissecting F22.dat, the graphics memory program (special case coding for AGP) and I have made some fascinating discoveries. My next phase is to involve F22ADF to find out "what they knew and when they knew it"...🤔 WEBUPDATE
  15. DrKevDog

    Interpretation of SSD files

    Okay I now see that there are three to which this static target list applies and has common namespace. In tfx3 in IDA, the off_6652C8 enumerates that list and in tfx2 (superw.dat) the AAAA list may be the one at DGROUP:0056BC40. thanks about the EF2000 debug, I find it much more useful than that in tfx3 although I seem to recall Krycztij eluding to a dual screen process which I have not yet discovered. There are still some things I wish to improve upon in the use of the process, for example: initially I could not get the collision boxes to remain stable for viewing. somehow I discovered that if I get the camera in a position of displaying an unstable CBox and I pressed the "C" key, all the boxes became stable. Do you know anything about that?