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  1. I like it ! And especially the logic which is clean and simple, like Sorbet to cleanse the palate without complicating the process. Wading through the Collision Triangles data to check the values is, for me, currently manual and time consuming so I have cheated a bit and used the .3 model vertex data instead. I really thought the relationship between the tag values and the base height values would prove to be direct, maybe even 1:1, but that is not the case is it? How did you discover this pattern or did you find something in the tfx files that pointed to it?
  2. Nice work, very close indeed ! ☺️ The only difference I see in your image is one that seems to implicate the redsea.wld as being incompletely updated. It has index location 171 without a palette name and yet it has 5 occurrences in the Box Canyon areas as desert textures. Similarly # 108 (not in your image sample) may translate to aswan_p.ssd or are you referring to another difference?
  3. The way I see it, a big part of this exercise is understanding and assimilating the names and naming conventions of the three systems. The three systems being: 1. .wld/.lbm, 2. .lst/.asc, and 3. .env/.ssd. My interpretation of the above posted 3 names leaves me wanting for the correct interpretation of the last one. I read "plrvdt_1" as; pipeline, river, desert, _1 (= North/South). These naming conventions representing primary feature, secondary feature, base texture and directional orientation. ie. pipeline is the primary feature which is assigned the directional orientation "_1",
  4. I do not yet know whether pipelines are always at the same elevation, or can they be put on slopes. Pilpelines seem to always be on one of 3 base tiles (desert-3, dunes-4 and forest-7) there is some indication in the ssd files that they can be at varying elevations although not yet confirmed. Working out the elevation transition rules is critical. The current focus for me is the infrastructure intersection rules. Indications are that of a hierarchical system where, perhaps, the palette codes indicate a value-magnitude relationship involved with transitions: 3
  5. Perhaps that is true and it may not be easy to prove. For example, you wrote: "Need to rethink those transitions... ", and I am not yet 100% sure, however, I think of those .lbm maps as transition maps but thinking in transitions can be counter-intuitive. My current EXAMPLE: 87 104 desrtm_1;88 104 rvdsts_2;89 104 desrtm_1 87 103 pldsts_1;88 103 rvpldt_1;89 103 pldsts_1 87 102 desrtm_1;88 102 rvdsts_2;89 102 desrtm_1 rvdsts_2 rvpldt_1 rvdsts_2 3 19 3 3 19 3 rvdsts_2 (532) 3 23 3 3 19 3 23 23 23 rvpldt_1 3 19 3
  6. There are only 5 of these Estuaries on the TAW palette map and they are all in the SE corner of the world: (estuaries are encircled, but faint) Maybe it's elevation, I'll have to work on that. Note how each transitions from river to sea. The main goal is to understand the rules on how this system works, especially the rules governing the .asc tag lists. it seems clear that there are significant differences between tfx3 and tfx1 and 2. One example is the advent of what I call the Target Complex. Below is the Kings Complex: 55
  7. in tfx3 "20" / estuary is also a type of water which makes it unclear to me as to why the substitution to "19" / river is necessary if water transitions is the objective. Would you clarify the statement where it seems as if you are suggesting that the desert tile will be classified as both the lowest and the highest in the hierarchy?
  8. That helped me find the original threads to review and digest, thanks!
  9. Okay that may be helpful. My understanding is that the 8 digits define the transition to the 4 edge (horizontal and vertical) tiles and 4 diagonal tiles. However, when I look at TAW tiles like # 279 ctsest_1 , in the .wld it is PALNAME 20 "estury rock" and that is displayed in the redsea.lbm correctly for colour, and yet the .asc is: q:\projects\tfx3\sh\ENV\COASTSND\ESTUARY\1\ 0 2 2 1 19 19 1 2 2 1. 19 = River It is listed in the .wld as an estuary (function?) but the 5th digit defines a river. Similarly, only the "m" (middle) type of dunes ssd has a 4 (PALNAME 4 "dunes")
  10. That sound so very simple and yet, the devil is in the details! I am working on world ENV modifications so I hoping you have worked out some of the details since then. For example, in the 9 digit string (.asc) which is the unique transition combination for each .ssd, do you recall what the middle (5th) digit represents?
  11. You certainly are in an enterprising mood and being met with some success. Noname1668.txt had me wondering how the Watcom environment would be set up. CONFIG=WIN TMP=C:\TEMP TEMP=C:\TEMP PROMPT=$p$g winbootdir=C:\WINDOWS COMSPEC=c:\4dos\4dos.com CMDLINE=b GBVTYPES.TXT BPATH=c:\apps\brief\macros BHELP=c:\apps\brief\help BFILE=c:\apps\brief\state.rst BFLAGS=-i120kll250M70z -mSJP -mrestore -Dega TMPDIR=C:\TEMP INCLUDE=C:\WATCOM\H;C:\WATCOM\H\NT WATCOM=C:\WATCOM QUICK_FLAG=1 CVSROOT=n:/projects.rep LOGNAME=Stephen CFLAGS=/d2 /fhq LFLAGS=debu
  12. Hmmm, I'll have to look at it some more because I thought I found that 0088 was used by the open canopy code and 008E for the closed. I do recall that, years ago when I converted the F22 skin to 24-bit color, using the AGP, I could only keep the game from crashing by loading the texture for the base strip from slot 201 (C8), exclusively, and I never figured out why. I still have all my notebooks from those days, I will have to find out if there is any help in there.
  13. I'm doing some work in TAW on Transparency and modifications of the canopy. Can you recall the specifics of how TAW draws opaque (?) an transparent on the same triangle ?
  14. Scale is complicating things here but I am wondering if the dark dots might be related to a loss of transparency in rendering the side-dots / lights (0033) The runway is lined up just the way it should be if you look at Luxor in TAW 🙃
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