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  1. Scale is complicating things here but I am wondering if the dark dots might be related to a loss of transparency in rendering the side-dots / lights (0033) The runway is lined up just the way it should be if you look at Luxor in TAW πŸ™ƒ
  2. I'm working on a project on Transparency and am wondering about your question, but first, what is your understanding of why there is a black edge border around the Luxor scruff overlay?
  3. I would think of it in terms of fulcrum physics where you have a condition of balanced torque where the load is balanced and lever arm distance is equal on both sides and the Center Of Gravity is therefore established centrally. At least that is true for TAW which assumes a fixed C.O.G.. When you unbalance the torques (uneven weight distribution) you alter the C.O.G. which could, theoretically, be reestablished closer to the original center by shortening the lever arm on the side of the excess torque and that could be accomplished by a bank (roll), as you suggested. However, in a fixed wing aircraft, a bank would shorten both lever arms and the result would be a counterbalanced effect, although a roll to the side of the heavier weight would also serve to unload that torque to some degree and serve to make the maneouver a bit less than negligible. All in all, as Krycztij stated, in each of those simulations the resulting response will be solely dependent upon how the C.O.G. is individually computed.
  4. What about a step-wise transition process whereby you become comfortable, first, with what TFX gives us in the way of alpha, and then expand to a more comprehensive script to convert the terrain and other transparency masks? TFX gives us the rules/code for AGP alpha but only for the explosions. The good news is that it is 32-bit color with the format BGRA and the .3 instructions are right there. Bad news is the textures are only 64x64 BGRA8888 and a progression to create and include larger textures would be semi-necessary. With your skill set I would think you could make that work with your VRML project?
  5. Assuming you intended that literally, I did and TFXplorer behaved the same. Even though the games I am using are highly modified, the previous TFXplorer worked with both games. These are my registry edits: Any additional edits need to be made?
  6. Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: TFXplorer x86.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5eb74d7c Fault Module Name: StackHash_1376 Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18247 Fault Module Timestamp: 521ea91c Exception Code: c0000374 Exception Offset: 000c3873 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 The console used to display the message, 'ERROR: no game.cfg found; using defaults', however, when I place the 'CONTROL=0' game.cfg in the TFXplorer directory that message is not displayed.
  7. I got an '11' error on EF2000 game.cfg and when I emptied out the file I got: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: TFXplorer x86.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5eb74d7c Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18247 Fault Module Timestamp: 521ea91c Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00057092 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Not sure that helps.
  8. Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: TFXplorer x86.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5eb74d7c Fault Module Name: StackHash_1376 Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18247 Fault Module Timestamp: 521ea91c Exception Code: c0000374 Exception Offset: 000c3873 OS Version: 6.1.7601.
  9. That's not it, my program edits and modifications have gotten ahead of me so I'll have to reconstruct them... Thank you.
  10. I suspect my program structure is giving me problems. mike would you show me the registry edits you used?
  11. It's useful and I like it. Glad you got your game working again. Tried to download the new build but: This page is not available. Write to krishty@krishty.com if the problem persists!
  12. I installed the x86 version and get a similar response only with a crash: TFXplorer by Pjotr Krycztij 2020-05-05 05:49 special thanks to: mikew DrKevDog Home Fries Wombat1940 thanks to Benjamin Haisch (RA decompression) ... and the COMBATSIM.COM community found HID "Saitek Saitek X52 Flight Control System" axis 0131 (0000): 0-2047 axis 0130 (0001): 0-2047 axis 0135 (0002): 0-1023 axis 0136 (0003): 0-255 axis 0134 (0004): 0-255 axis 0133 (0005): 0-255 axis 0132 (0006): 0-255 axis 0139 (0029): 1-8 axis 0526 (002A): 0-15 axis 0524 (002B): 0-15 button 0901 (0007) button 0902 (0008) button 0903 (0009) button 0904 (000A) button 0905 (000B) button 0906 (000C) button 0907 (000D) button 0908 (000E) button 0909 (000F) button 090A (0010) button 090B (0011) button 090C (0012) button 090D (0013) button 090E (0014) button 090F (0015) button 0910 (0016) button 0911 (0017) button 0912 (0018) button 0913 (0019) button 0914 (001A) button 0915 (001B) button 0916 (001C) button 0917 (001D) button 0918 (001E) button 0919 (001F) button 091A (0020) button 091B (0021) button 091C (0022) button 091D (0023) button 091E (0024) button 091F (0025) button 0920 (0026) button 0921 (0027) button 0922 (0028) ERROR: no game.cfg found; using defaults __________________________________________ Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: TFXplorer x86.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5eb0ff24 Fault Module Name: StackHash_1376 Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18247 Fault Module Timestamp: 521ea91c Exception Code: c0000374 Exception Offset: 000c3873 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 1376 Additional Information 2: 1376441bff31b918c23a8e39f94e3a11 Additional Information 3: c714 Additional Information 4: c714c187e11ebe518c5d09f294773ae1
  13. As I examine the files it is clear that some, or all, of the indices in the affected files are either out of range, and / or erroneous. Could those files be for an alternate world? Would TFXplorer try to load them anyway? Looking at and comparing gtrond.ssd vs trond.ssd it is clear that gtrond's index values are 'erroneous' while tronds are correct. Further, if I compare them Block-by-Block they appear to be, basically, the same airfield super-shape, especially Block # 3 which is identical except for one entry. That makes them appear to be redundant. What does the g in gtrond designate? Is there a glide variance? If all the erroneous index containing files were culled from the ssd cohort would TFXplorer cease generating those errors?
  14. Code Page 00850...hmm, now that's going to take up some of my extra time...Thanks! πŸ€“ 🀨
  15. They would certainly imply palettes, it's odd that they aren't extracted...hmmm. Also, you mentioned the holes in the tfx1 terrain and I'm working to copy that and you mentioned the missing data or incomplete handling of the TFX1 3/ssd files, How did you two resolve the issue of Invalid Index numbers in tfx2, when the Block 5 Index value is of greater magnitude than the ssinfo.fn files greatest index value (1370)?
  16. This statement reminded me of the following old, historical post by an ex-DID employee: "Cheers for those link Mark - that TAW retrospective was great. Just looking at that interface artwork brings back so many memories. I really wanted to go overboard on the interface but that bugger Steve Hunt used Microsoft Windows gadgets instead of custom ones. It was a sound decision really because it made prototyping and creating the interface a lot quicker. I actually used Macromedia Director to prototype the interface, and I'm still using it today. Unfortunately, as we were using system gadgets you couldn't escape that Windows feel totally. Fortunately, we were able to texture the window and the buttons, but it was frustrating at times. I wanted to have video behind the main interface elements but it wasn't possible - not with any speed anyhow. I remember that main menu very well. That was probably my most creative moment with regards to the interface πŸ˜‰ And no, it wasn't my last (at least I don't think so). It was fun until I had to translate it for several languages. Credit must go to Donna who rendered those lovely scenes. I storyboarded them all and she really bought them to life. I had created the DID web site so I used HTML to style up the mission briefings etc. It was all simple stuff and only a few select tags but it worked relatively well. Yikes, just look at those bevel gadgets and those terrible scrollers. I hated those but this was a huge interface and it needed doing relatively quicky. In fact, I think it was the biggest interface (in terms of screens) in any game at that point. That's possibly not the case now. Steve does still work at Juice, who are now owned by THQ. Ihad it confirmed today! Cheers guys, Steve"
  17. I also like that you are supporting the Dark Theme, looks nice! Also impressed with the many scenario choices πŸ˜€
  18. Why re-invent the square when you should be looking elsewhere? There are useful tweaks in the extracted files and yet the executables are more furtile ground. A lot has been done to give access to the data files and still the best approach for quick and easy, more robust modifications, with disassembly at most (no programming), involves looking at the executable. With this method there is no need to define functions specifically or know the calculations and / or uninitialized data or floats, simple schoolyard logic is the guide. Although most of my free Covid-time spent on this methods analysis has been utilized on TAW, the principals can be ported and applied to EF2000 V2.0. I'll use the weapons domain as an example to demonstrate. In EF2000, as in TAW, the DATA segment (Pure Data) for weapons as viewed in disassembly finds each with a block of identical length. TAW weapons have 159 addresses while EF2k has but 145. Here I will give 2 examples: In TAW position #93 (EF2k = #50) contains the integer data for default weapons configurations for external stores. In EF2k the default code values are 00, 0F, 30, F0, FC and FF. In EF2000 Campaign the game limits AMRAAM loads to a max. of 10 (code = FC), however, edit to FF and each aircraft gets 12. Code = FC Code = FF *In TAW, the game limits HARM loadouts to 4 per AC, Code change gives each AC 16! In TAW the JDAM has the greatest standoff capacity of ~10 NM, still in sphincter-pucker distance. Simply substituting the code from the unused Tomahawk Cruise Missiles for that of the JDAM, at Positions #106 and #107, and it is converted to a JDAM-ER with an extended standoff range of ~60 NM! In-game the JDAM targets normally, maintains its accuracy and lethaiity, only with additional range. If your Escorts can get you within 60 NM of the target you simply need to know the communication commands to order the return and hope for clear skies... Code = A0F0 ...GAME CHANGER !
  19. Glad to see you're not looking back to the future but forward. I am reminded of when I discovered ATI Radeon D3D drivers that supported Alpha Dithering, which greatly improved scene appearance, and there was another setting which removed the banding. Over time the support for those features was abandoned. Looking forward to your current state-of-the art solutions πŸ˜„
  20. The weapons stuff is very interesting. Going back to TAW code and looking at the 159 byte weapons block, it was possible to modify the loadouts, similar to what Mike displayed for TFX, using modifications at position 94. Now that I have compiled the blocks for each weapon, including those not used in-game, in document format, the next objective is t o define the function of each entry. Below is the disassembled code for AIM120C: DGROUP:006708C2 dd offset unk_6751F6 DGROUP:006708C6 off_6708C6 dd offset aAim120c ; DATA XREF: sub_4B90D8+D9r DGROUP:006708C6 ; "AIM120C" DGROUP:006708CA dd offset aAim120c ; "AIM120C" DGROUP:006708CE db 0 DGROUP:006708CF db 0 DGROUP:006708D0 db 0 DGROUP:006708D1 db 0 DGROUP:006708D2 dd offset aXaim120c ; "xaim120c" DGROUP:006708D6 dd offset aFzaim12c ; "fzaim12c" DGROUP:006708DA db 0 DGROUP:006708DB db 0 DGROUP:006708DC db 0 DGROUP:006708DD db 0 DGROUP:006708DE db 0 DGROUP:006708DF db 0 DGROUP:006708E0 db 0 DGROUP:006708E1 db 0 DGROUP:006708E2 db 0 DGROUP:006708E3 db 0 DGROUP:006708E4 db 0 DGROUP:006708E5 db 0 DGROUP:006708E6 db 0 DGROUP:006708E7 db 0 DGROUP:006708E8 db 0 DGROUP:006708E9 db 0 DGROUP:006708EA db 0 DGROUP:006708EB db 0 DGROUP:006708EC db 0 DGROUP:006708ED db 0 DGROUP:006708EE db 0 DGROUP:006708EF db 0 DGROUP:006708F0 db 0 DGROUP:006708F1 db 0 DGROUP:006708F2 db 0 DGROUP:006708F3 db 0 DGROUP:006708F4 dd offset aFxaim12c ; "fxaim12c" DGROUP:006708F8 dd offset aFyaim12c ; "fyaim12c" DGROUP:006708FC dd offset aFzaim12c ; "fzaim12c" DGROUP:00670900 dd offset aF0aim12c ; "f0aim12c" DGROUP:00670904 dd offset aF1aim12c ; "f1aim12c" DGROUP:00670908 dd offset aF2aim12c ; "f2aim12c" DGROUP:0067090C db 0 DGROUP:0067090D db 0 DGROUP:0067090E db 0 DGROUP:0067090F db 0 DGROUP:00670910 db 0 DGROUP:00670911 db 0 DGROUP:00670912 db 0 DGROUP:00670913 db 0 DGROUP:00670914 db 0 DGROUP:00670915 db 0 DGROUP:00670916 db 0 DGROUP:00670917 db 0 DGROUP:00670918 db 0 DGROUP:00670919 db 0 DGROUP:0067091A db 0 DGROUP:0067091B db 0 DGROUP:0067091C db 0 DGROUP:0067091D db 0 DGROUP:0067091E db 1 DGROUP:0067091F db 0AAh ; Β¬ DGROUP:00670920 db 55h ; U DGROUP:00670921 db 55h ; U DGROUP:00670922 db 0 DGROUP:00670923 db 2 DGROUP:00670924 db 1 DGROUP:00670925 db 0 DGROUP:00670926 db 0 DGROUP:00670927 db 16h DGROUP:00670928 db 43h ; C DGROUP:00670929 db 0Ch DGROUP:0067092A db 8 DGROUP:0067092B db 0E4h ; S DGROUP:0067092C db 31h ; 1 DGROUP:0067092D db 0 DGROUP:0067092E db 0 DGROUP:0067092F db 0FFh DGROUP:00670930 db 0FFh DGROUP:00670931 db 1 DGROUP:00670932 db 6Fh ; o DGROUP:00670933 db 12h DGROUP:00670934 db 3 DGROUP:00670935 db 3Ah ; : DGROUP:00670936 db 0 DGROUP:00670937 db 64h ; d DGROUP:00670938 db 0 DGROUP:00670939 db 0 DGROUP:0067093A db 0A0h ; Γ‘ DGROUP:0067093B db 41h ; A DGROUP:0067093C db 0A6h ; Βͺ DGROUP:0067093D db 9Bh ; Β’ DGROUP:0067093E db 44h ; D DGROUP:0067093F db 3Bh ; ; DGROUP:00670940 db 0CDh ; - DGROUP:00670941 db 0CCh ; Β¦ DGROUP:00670942 db 4Ch ; L DGROUP:00670943 db 3Dh ; = DGROUP:00670944 db 0 DGROUP:00670945 db 0 DGROUP:00670946 db 80h ; Γ‡ DGROUP:00670947 db 3Eh ; > DGROUP:00670948 db 0 DGROUP:00670949 db 70h ; p DGROUP:0067094A db 94h ; ΓΆ DGROUP:0067094B db 46h ; F DGROUP:0067094C db 0 DGROUP:0067094D db 0 DGROUP:0067094E db 0Ch DGROUP:0067094F db 42h ; B DGROUP:00670950 db 0 DGROUP:00670951 db 0 DGROUP:00670952 db 20h DGROUP:00670953 db 41h ; A DGROUP:00670954 db 0 DGROUP:00670955 db 0 DGROUP:00670956 db 0F0h ; = DGROUP:00670957 db 41h ; A DGROUP:00670958 dd offset aWamraam_lbm ; "wamraam.lbm" DGROUP:0067095C dd offset aFamraam_lbm ; "famraam.lbm" DGROUP:00670960 db 55h ; U Refresh my memory on how these weapons blocks work .πŸ™‚
  21. Well... I was planning to download Visual Studio 2019 to compile Krus's old extractor, however, after reading this I think I'll put it off a little longer πŸ˜€
  22. Thanks to mikews scripts I have the TAW unknown file names down to around 400. Some of the previous unknowns, of both the TAW and ADF extractions have file names which seem to shed some light on their intended functions, for example: " cgdat\conflict.cg (859 kb), cgdat\navig.nav (941 kb) awacbk2: mp2iconz: Perhaps mp2iconz and awackbk2 are functionally related. tcommap: I will continue to work on reducing the unknown value to 0. if any one has accomplished that or gotten close, let me know πŸ™‚
  23. I agree, that does look much nicer. ☺️ Have you the means to convert that terrain tile back to a game usable mont1c_1.3? The largest model in the game is 40kb, do you know if TAW /F22ADF have a volume limit?
  24. Happy, that I am. It's a very nice collection and I will take my time and study them to see what I can learn additionally. Thank you. πŸ˜€
  25. ...tried crossing my eyes but that didn't work very well but I suspect I wasn't doing it right because I'm not really Catholic πŸ™... We should all convert soon because the final Nvidia driver to support 3D Vision is out this month...the standalone 3D vision video player is still available, at least for now:
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