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  1. I appreciate that Wombat, but actually I have some making up to do (never delivered on some things). I tried to avoid it (keeping focus) but I knew I would eventually get sucked back into the DID vortex! I'm just glad to see this sim getting some recognition, if just to remind flight simmers that it doesn't have to be DCS or Hawkx, there's a lot of middle ground.
  2. Ah, much better, thanks. And a very sincere thanks for welcoming me back. I have big plans and even bigger dreams but one thing is for certain in my possibly delusional flight sim universe, I have EF2000 to play today. Maybe a little dramatic but I know there's a lot of people besides this group that feel this game is special. Tornado is another that comes to mind, but I think EF2000 has them all beat for being the ultimate flight sim classic. I remember clearly my first post on the SimHQ F-22 TAW board, in a thread started by moms_killer about obtaining a license from Atari and getti
  3. My login still works, that's a good sign. Not sure how to skip to the next line with this editor, it's a little different from the last time I was here. Anyway, I need to understand the mechanics of a full-blown large-scale turn-based FLOT-moving fjord-flying Russian-fighting dynamic campaign and I can't think of a better way than to play and study EF2000's WarGen and then attempt to duplicate the add-ons: Strategic Command, ReViVe, EFUTIL, TAW Battle Commander and TAW's AWACS all rolled up into one big honking VB6 program. Possible? Who knows, but I aim to find out over the next several mont
  4. Heh heh. "I was lost but now I'm found." A good way to start off the new year, a new permanent home and a positive attitude! DKD, your posting in that thread reminded me of old times. It's weird but I needed that. Although I've already made some mistakes here (if in a much smaller quantity), I feel like I'm leaving some baggage at SHQ. Hard to explain but I'm using this upcoming new year as a fresh start. I'm really pumped about this game, I only wish Mr. Steve Hunt would have chimed in.
  5. <By habit I first posted this elsewhere, but I'm hanging out here more lately so I'll post it here too...> "In the fall of 1990, MicroProse president, Bill Stealey suggested the time had come for us to do it, and we had until the summer of 1991." Hard to believe this was almost 20 years ago! Enjoy some flight sim history... ++++++++++ DESIGNERS NOTES Background F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 is the result of lots and lots of people working closely together over a long period of time. It really goes all the way back to 1987 when the first game on the topic was done. Pro
  6. Nice description pic, Home Fries. -- Mark
  7. More TAW HUD work... Also a pretty cool TFX promo video... TFX 1993 PC Flight Simulator -- Mark
  8. Since it's related to TFX, I'll go ahead and post a little HUD project I'm working on... It's a WIP, lots more HUD work to do. -- Mark
  9. Thanks for that really interesting history of CombatSim. I've only been playing flight sims and frequenting these boards since mid-'03 so I wasn't around when it all happened. I have a new PC now which can handle almost anything, but I'm more interested in figuring out a way to make EF2000 V2.0 Win95 play smoothly on it (CPU slowdown programs are kinda jerky on this PC). Thanks again for the EF2000 and F22 ADF/TAW archives! -- Mark
  10. My DID collection is now more or less complete... Hi-res pic... http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/DID_L.JPG But these are the real gems in my "new" collection... Higher-res pic... http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/DID_FSL.JPG Dated graphics and FMs be damned, I've never enjoyed flight simming so much since Microprose's F-117 Stealth Fighter! I'm really just getting started with these sims and will be playing them for a long long time. -- Mark
  11. Oh, and I can't thank CombatSim enough for keeping the archived documents available for these DID sims. I REALLY appreciate that, as well as the archived forums (lots of good info there too). SimHQ is my virtual home and I know there’s some friction there but that's none of my business, I appreciate both boards and I'm just glad there's a place like CombatSim that still keeps archives for these old sims. I became a paying customer just for those resources (then it became free, of course). Many thanks CombatSim! -- Mark
  12. Thanks, guys. I'm really just getting into EF2000 and two other old sims from the same developer... http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/ADF.JPG http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/Desk.JPG BTW, I drive with a Saitek X52 now. I also have the F22 ADF/TAW Strategy Guide on the way. For whatever reasons these sims have clicked with me like no other, graphics be damned. I like playing them both because they contrast each other so well (from a/c to theater). I too wish there was just a graphics update to EF2000 available. -- Mark
  13. And my newest baby... http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/EF2000/DSCF0777.JPG http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/EF2000/DSCF0778.JPG http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/EF2000/DSCF0779.JPG http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/EF2000/DSCF0782.JPG http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/EF2000/DSCF0789.JPG http://www.lt-solutions.com/images/EF2000/DSCF0791.JPG -- Mark
  14. MGonzales

    Some pics...

    Just thought I'd be the first to post on this board... -- Mark
  15. Email received and one sent back to you. Thanks for the quick response. And nope, I'm not Gonzo. -- Mark
  16. Hello. I can no longer access the Combatsim archives. I tried the Forget Password feature (although I didn't forget my password) and all it says is that no new memberships are being accepted. Sent an e-mail today but no response. Any way to get help here? I really need access to the Falcon board. -- Thanks, Mark MGonzales
  17. Sorry guys, I panicked. The area I want is Forum (archive) and it's still there. This board is pretty slick, though. Well, back to the Archives... -- Mark
  18. I subscribed to Combatsim on Friday (I believe) to read the USAF board which I did (the entire board - 38 pages) over the weekend. I also read some of the Jane's F/A-18 board just to see people's first impressions on these sims when they were released, dating back to '99. Eh, are we going to get all of these old posts back? -- Thanks, Mark
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