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  1. I think I'm dumb or my english is too bad^^, from where I can get the latest Beta of TAW 2.0, what do you mean with "shared beta folder"? I'm already searching in the whole forum for that =/...Can you help me a little bit^^? Thx at all modders for doing this great job. I was a big fan of TAW! Hmm, I think the older Generation would remember TAW, if you advertise a little bit in other "gaming-forums" I'm sure, that more people would join this community and can test your Beta and give feedback to you. If I had time (I have still 2 examinations), I will also advertise a little bit in german forums for the modded TAW^^. Thx again, you guys really have done a great job for resurrecting this old, but nearly perfect game(perfect, because I never seen a simulation with such a good balance between fun-factor and realism). Jeff from Munich in Germany
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