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  1. Hello everyone and homefries. I'm so happy to see that this wonderful game that made my youth a dream is still alive! Great work to all modders working on it and long life to TAW!
  2. Hi again Col. Gibbon. I hadn't anyproblem using all the skinning tools you gave me and i thank you again for that. I don't manage to make the 3DZ studio work at the moment though. Maybe because of Vista. As i am going seven i should try to see. Right now i am quite busy but later i will try to figure out what bugs it. Have luck. Regards. P.S: I m very happy they oppened a EAW section at combatace forum. AT LAST!! See you there!
  3. Very much thanks col. Gibbon, you earn me much time. And good luck with your future work.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm a great fan of EAW since it was released but did never real modding from myself, else skinning my own plane. Now it has been time and i have been modding on other games from TK like First Eagles, but EaW just remains my "first love", that's the game that made me love flight simulations. I'm happy to see i'm not the only one playing it today, 10 years after its release. And when i discovered that a patch had been released lately, 1.28b, i tried it out and it gave me much motivation to get back to EAW modding. And there is the problem that is totally stopping my work: I lack the necessary tools for modding and the EAW most common sites, like Tally-ho and others are unjoinable. So basically those files are "inexistent" on the web. As i know many of you posters are great modders, i suppose you have and use regularly those utilities i miss. What i need at the moment is: -"Paulo Morais' CDF extractor" or any program that would extract EAW CDF files, windows based. -A program called "gpmtpc2pcx.exe" that permits the conversion of TPC textures into pcx. -A way to get all standard textures from a fresh EAW install, to make them appear. I guess the CDF extractor will do it for me. Any thing related with the three said points above will be of a great help. Thanks by advance.
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