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  1. Unfortunately these days I only have Thursday nights open for flying.
  2. Hey I just wanted to say hello. I bought F-22 ADF and TAW back in the day when most of my friends were into Doom/Quake/(insert random FPS title). I did a lot of flying back then but lost interest when I got frustrated with the difficulty level of the campaigns. I wrongly assumed that the first campaign on the list would have been the easiest difficulty level. (What was I thinking?) Anywhoo, I recently learned of TAW 2.0 (ver2.20A) last week and did a Snoopy dance that day. I flew a couple of missions last week and have been busy this week reading all the updated documentation. Thank You to all who have contributed to making TAW 2.0 possible!!!! This truly is a dream come true.
  3. Yes, yes! My prayers have been answered! Thank you very much for all the work you have done! (And others who have contributed) I have been following the saga of TAW modding and had kind of lost hope back around 2002-2003 when it seemed like the DAT file would never get decoded. Oh and also Kudos for the strategy guides inclusion. I had searched everywhere for those.
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