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  1. hanging out in the bessie bastards forum and running with the guys on Friday nights...
  2. Ohhhhh ahhhhhhh almost as pretty as your new prime minister
  3. Nvidia problems sorted out quickly. If you want directx12 you're going to have to plus up to 10
  4. Super quick and easy to update to Win10 smooth and fast OS.... no gripes to to speak of yet
  5. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes. No need to wait on my end.
  6. I've been reading up on it and will take their free upgrade. Since you have 8.1Pro you'll get 10 Pro. When you sign up for the upgrade Microsoft downloads 10 in the background so that it will activate and install at the end of July on release day.
  7. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/05/08/wwii-flyover-vintage-fighters-bombers-national-mall-arsenal--democracy/70967724/ So it was pretty cool. Walked to Capitol Building and met a prior Marine that now works for a senator running for Pres. He got us to the area that the president is sworn in at to watch the flyover. I'll check my pic and vids later to see if there were any good ones to share
  8. Come on in Donnie, I'll put you up. Bus and metro are the only way to go around here. I just sent myself a reminder to my work email. I'm sure I can get some of the Marines interested in going out and taking a peek
  9. WW2 DC flyover http://ww2flyover.org/about-the-flyover/
  10. https://www.dvidshub.net/video/391667/iwo-jima-memorial-ceremony#.VOZPbIY8KrU Had the ceremony today for the 70th anniv of the landing on Iwo Jima. (Above is video) Met some amazing vets and will get to spend the day with them this Saturday. To hear them tell of the hell on those black sandy beaches will make your eyes sweat a little.
  11. Deacon

    Happy holidays

    The fellas were just talking about you last night when we gathered to run and gun. Glad to see you in these parts. Hope you have a terrific New Years as well
  12. Happy birthday and Semper Fi fellow Leathernecks Deacon
  13. Unbroken, the biography of Louis, is an amazing read. RIP hero
  14. Thanks for MSI mobo review. After 4 yrs with current rig I've started my new build and picked up the MSI gaming 5. To answer your question on vid card Donnie I have a Radeon 7870 which is only a year old. With the games I play Radeon does quite well but some like Arma3 I tend to see more tech graphics issues on the AMD side vice NVidia cards, or that's what my unscientific browsing seems to pick up on.
  15. Yes you do Gunny. We're having some good times with A3
  16. Don't get too frustrated. When you need a sniping break let me know
  17. Your awesome news is back. Thanks
  18. That's all that is on the front page. No other news available for some reason
  19. Sorry Whiz. The X45 I just replaced bit the dust after 12yrs of use.
  20. Whoa... interesting regarding GameSpy. Will need to keep an eye on that for running ARMA
  21. Deacon

    Hey O.G.

    If you have the steam version be sure to turn off automatic updates via steam. You don't want to mod it and then have steam bork it
  22. Padlock settings need to be turned on in controls. Also be sure icons are turned on.
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