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  1. That's the answer I was hoping for !!! Thanks ! Yesterday I did'nt know if I would ever be able to get the game, now I know that it will be back online soon... I didn't want to have an exact timetable, I just wanted to be sure that someone was taking care of whatever needed to be taken care of...
  2. Yes, I think we all saw that. But nobody said when the files would be back online... In fact, nobody said if the files would ever be back online...
  3. Hello, I'm new here. I found about your new version of F22 / Total Air War only a few days ago. I realize it's offline, I understand why (even if I don't have any details) but I'd like to know if you guys plan to put it back online someday... It's very very frustrating : I played TAW a lot, but not since I bought a new computer and began using XP a few years ago. I never managed to use it under XP. And now, I find out about F22/TAW 2.02, and realize that's it's not available... If I kow that's it's going to be back, then I'll be about to wait (not too long I hope...)
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