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  1. Wohoo fantastic work gentelman thank you for great work dont give up
  2. Hello Homefries I saw your answer for molni in this thread and I have this question- how looks comparison dynamic campaign ef 2000 vs TAW?What is your(and other people) opinion?Is the same level, more advanced?thanks http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4020754/Re:_EF2000_Reloaded#Post4020754
  3. No news is good news?
  4. Amazing huge work with this mod wow I have few questions: 1 is possible increase 2d menu higher than 800x600? 2 searching whole forum, do not shoot if it's frequent question is possible mouselook in cockpit? 3 Are you still in the plans is version 2.30? 4 and curiosity-why you decide that the taw is completely addition (dont need game) and EF2000 not? though ef is older? Thank you for new game
  5. Thanks mikew,I thought it was a little easier.This is very much work In eech is much simpler.
  6. What is the format files? Bmp? Using transparency or not?Maybe you may also file responsible for explosion?
  7. Hello Firstly i want say big thank you all for amazing work:) I love ef2000 and long played many years ago. before I PM you HF on SimHQ, but you not respond, so I registered here. I have a few questions-whether you have the source code of EF2000? Is it possible to edit textures cockpit? have such? The same question about the texture of the earth. If so, maybe I could try something to improve in this regard;) And another question-do I need to patch my version EF2000, if it is not v2.0?That is, your installer overwrites and update each version and patches for the latest 2.0?I can no
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