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  1. "Direct3D 1024x768 X has been installed" - I'm sure about it.
  2. 1. I did fresh install after removing TAW 2.02 into D:\DiD\F-22 Total Air War 2.0 2. I run Windows XP with Service Pack 2 3. When lunched TAW for the first time I select D3D 1024x768 and click on the F22 icon. After this appears 'Direct3D 1024x768 X has been installed' massage. When I start a mission game crashes with: '1024x768 not supported by hardware' (this not happen on 2.02) Glide works only in 800x600, in fact it's a D3D 800x600(got mowing map bug) I have no idea what else I can tell you about this problem. Hope this will help Oh... and once again sorry for my English. My grammar is horrible I know. You've got definitely too many tenses EDIT: I think I know how to solve the problem with 1024x768 resolution. I just copied TAW_RES file from the D3D_1024x768_Patch folder to the TAW main directory luched it and changed res via this program. It seems to work! Maybe glide problem can be solved the same way. one last question. Where can I find Faustan's MFD mod? It should be in mods folder but it's not there(maybe it's already applied to TAW?)
  3. Hi! I have this problem but only with current version. TAW 2.02 works fine with 1024x768 resolution but 2.10 crashes when i begin any mission. I'm running Windows XP with SP2 Please help... I really don't like 800x600 and Glide version is unplayable on my computer(game is far too slow) BTW. Sorry for my English... EDIT:I dont know what has changed in 2.10 but Glide version works good now but i can play only in 800x600 res
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