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  1. I have tested your workaround and it worked. Now I can select any TAW executable from the menu. Thank you very much and please keep on improving this great sim.
  2. 1. Fresh install, uninstalling first TAW 2.02. 2. XP Service Pack 3 3. Yes, selected glide, said Original 800 x 600 glide installed, if I remember it correctly, and dgvodoo installed. The name of the files seems not to be the problem, but I've found that in TAW 2.02 there is a line in tawexe.cfg that seems to be now missed in that file. In TAW 2.02, the tawexe.cfg said the following: Original Glide Glide 800x600 dgvoodoosetup.exe In TAW 2.10, tawexe.cfg says the following Glide Glide 800x600 dgvoodoosetup.exe I don't know why happens that. Is it significant? Thank you very much. PD Also, as I've ready said in another post, extracting glide file manually and placing it in the main folder fixed the problem.
  3. Thank you very much for your answer. No, I'm not using Vista or 7, just XP with the latest Service Pack. I'm now at work and I can't test it but, could it be something related with the name of the file to be unzipped? I'll test it when I get back at home. Again, thank very much, for your answer and for your efforts to bring back this great sim.
  4. I had the same issue. However, extracting manually the glide file to the game's main folder helped me to fix it. I didn't install the program in the default folder. Could that be the origin of the problem? Thank you very much and excuse me for posting first in the launch announcement post.
  5. First of all, thank you very much for all your efforts to take back this great sim. I'm suffering a very strange issue. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but glide seems to be not working in TAW 2.10. It seems to be running always in D3D. I mean, if you look close to the moving map, for example, it displays the D3D error. Nevertheless, glide is working OK in TAW 2.02. Am I missing something? Thank you very much.
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