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  1. what does the texture memory option do? i set it to a higher number and it seemed to speed the game up
  2. ok got the graphics issues under control, now all i need to do is figure out how to map commands to my joystick........how do i do this?
  3. adder was right in that thread home fries, i did exactly as he did and it worked! For some reason the glide wrapper is not loading automatically......i manually unzipped to the main folder and it works! Only bad thing is that the FPS dropped a bunch
  4. well your right the missile trails have a blue tint to them and when i fire lau's they have orange tint......if i remember reading correctly the glide version does not have colored missile trails? I read this in the read-me that came with game.......where to go from here?
  5. ill try it now and see what happens, i also sent a pm to home fries so crossing my fingers, i can get this figured out
  6. Thats interesting, i dont have an nvidia card im running an HP laptop with integrated video card and all latest drivers.......i heard somewhere else it could be mip-mapping?
  7. Hi all, ive just downloaded and installed v2.10 a couple hours ago on my vista machine as administrator and all that other good stuff everything went excelent untill i get into the game. All the objects including my pilot, canopy, rivers, wheels, and engine inlets all have a blue blocky outline/background. Ive tried running in glide, D3D, 800x600, 1024x768, 3dfx, and nothing helps. This is such a kick-ass game i wanna get into it but i cant handle the blue its driving me nutty! I did not install the game to program files as suggested and i carefully read and installed per vista instructions via the read-me. Any help would be AMAZING!!!!!
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