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  1. I didnt know you could fly other planes! Is this true?
  2. Hey, this may be a known problem but I notice every time I target an enemy ss-23 in the Highland campaign it CTDs. Maybe an easy fix? Its avoidable by not targeting them but thought I'd mention it.
  3. Hey, I got a new crash report. I havnt seen this 1. It crashed and said "Division Overflow at Ox5AA3A1". I was flying Highland campaign, Airfield denial, strike mission. Any ideas?
  4. Those are some nice system specs on your Falcon 4.0 AF PC. 8 GB of RAM? I must be livin in the stone age. I dont even have 1 GB. Lookin to upgrade soon tho, are sims like TAW 2.0 and Falcon 4 AF compatible with Macs? If not, what type of PC would you reccomend?
  5. Hey, just reporting that I've had 2 crashes since my last post. I can live with that. Just thought I'd inform you that although it's playable(and much to my satisfaction), the CTD still occurs once in a while. Again, we can't thank you guys enough for this release, it's like falling in love all over again. (With the game.. not you. Sorry) lol
  6. No rush, I've flown a couple missions since without problems. I'm sure you have a life outside TAW and I understand, so take your time.
  7. Hey Homefries, I uninstalled my original TAW and patch and when I went back to TAW2 I was in the old school cockpit with big letters and poor graphics. However, I restored the patch and edited my options to ensure I had the 1024 res on and went back and the graphics were back to high res and it did NOT crash on me. I made it thru the campaign mission without a glitch. I'm unsure what I might have done to fix it (maybe uninstalling the original) or even if it is indeed fixed. But I have a feeling it is as this is the 1st time I was able to go thru that part with out a CTD. I'll post back after a few missions to let you know if it is working now. Thanks for all your help, I THINK the problem is resolved.
  8. Hey, I'm back, I've been playing red sea ops and air dominance fighter. I'm still out of comission on the campaign. Everytime I try it still says I have a program fault. Same place everytime. Just thought you guys might keep this issue in mind and let me know if you have any more ideas. Thanks.
  9. Just got done with an AWACS mission. No problems.
  10. @mikew "its amazing that these missing file problems are cropping up after all this time" Leave it to me, I'll find all of em. Thats my luck! Thanks guys. I got it copied.
  11. Where would I go to do that? In my dat file? Sorry, I'm completely illiterate to the technical aspects. I really do appreciate everyone's help. Thanks.
  12. Hey, I tried flying an awacs mission on the campaign and it crashed with the same Program Fault message. I started another campaign and flew a mission with no problems but the next mission it did it again. Nothing really seems to be going on when it happens. Also, I started on the red sea operations and on mission 1(AWACS) about 45 minutes in it crashed saying "failed to find .\cgdat\p-trans.pcx". Also, I'd like to point out again that I did not uninstall the original TAW and maybe thats part of the issue? Any ideas?
  13. I was engaging a su-27 at about 20 miles out head-on. An enemy airplane had just been shot down but I did not fly through debris. I was medium to high altitude full throttle. I cant really think of anything else. It's good to know its avoidable, i'll just continue on and if it happens again I'll try to find out why and avoid it. Thanks! P.S. I'm lovin the upgrades! Many thanks!!!
  14. The file reads as follows: Program fault at 0x4A1F03, cleanup up and exiting! 00631A98 0006FC00 004A1F03 00250202 09F80002 20545341 45208D54 524F4E20 474E4944 00A2D050 00000023 00000023 0000003B 00000000 0000001B 00000023 version 5.191 by on Nov 16 1998 I'm not sure about how current that file is because I've seen it even before installing 2.0. But it probably is current because I checked the properties and it says it was created January 4 2010 and last modified today January 27 2010. Anyway, I dont know if that helps but I would give as much info as possible. Thanks again! Also I still have the original TAW installed from the disc but the disc is not in the drive. Again, just a little more info. Thanks.
  15. Here is the situation when the error occurs. Campaign: Highland Day: 1 Mission: CAP Air Intercept (2 stars) Airbase: Asmera Targets: Su-25 Ashra 101, Mig-27 Sabaa 103, Su-27 Kwayyis 230 Patrol: Eritrean Borders Direction (At time of error): West Time of Takeoff: 9:09 Flights 1 and 2: F-22 stealth loadouts Hope this helps. If you need any more info let me know. Can I just bypass this mission to avoid the problem or is it unavoidable? Thanks for helping!
  16. Hey, i've been playing TAW 2.0 for the last week or so and in the air dominance section with no problems. I started on the campaign tonight and half way thru the mission a screen popped up and said "Program fault: 0X5A000A Cleanup up and exiting" then closed me out. I started a new mission and the same thing happened. Any idea why or what I can do?
  17. I tried running 1024 with rez=3 on and it works when I go to the mission but my joystick doesnt. When I go to the options, it denies me access and says "unsupported screen resolution 3", then it closes out. I changed it back to voodoo and rez=2 with no problems. Any suggestions on getting the 1024 running? And I dont think I have a video card.. unless the computer came stock with one. Anyway, I appreciate your help. I'm illiterate to this stuff. Thanks!
  18. Finally got to play! Excellent work! I already have a joystick (Saitek ST290 Pro). I dont know if its any good compared to yours but it works. Thanks for the suggestions. Is the 1024 or the glide better? Either way, great improvements to a great game! I'll get back with you guys soon, I'm sure I'll have more to say. Thanks again!
  19. Finally got to play! Excellent work! I already have a joystick (Saitek ST290 Pro). I dont know if its any good compared to yours but it works. Thanks for the suggestions. Is the 1024 or the glide better? Either way, great improvements to a great game! I'll get back with you guys soon, I'm sure I'll have more to say. Thanks again!
  20. Awesome! Thanx Homefries! Cant wait to get started!
  21. ~My main question is: What are the system requirements of TAW 2.0? Hey all, I'm new to this site and have many questions. I have owned TAW for a few years now and just yesterday installed the D3D patch. I got a few questions so I'll break them down for easier viewing. I apologize in advance, I'm a dummy with all the technical stuff and can't seem to find much info on the technical aspect. Feel free to reply via e-mail or on this thread. Thanks. ~I had trouble with the 1024x768 patch, it all went well until i clicked the button to start the mission and it would not start saying "DDEnterexclusiveenv() failed to set display mode". Any suggestions? ~I also want to install the glide patch. Can I? How? The rest of my questions concern TAW 2.0. ~Do I NEED a vid card to play? ~How do I install it? (I saw a post saying to burn it to cd? Regular cd-r?) ~Will it work on my computer? My specs are: Dell, Pentium 4 cpu, 2.00 ghz,1.99 ghz, 768 mb of RAM. windows xp version 2002. (Old.. I know.) ~Any other tips or suggestions would be welcome! Sorry if these questions are basic knowledge. Thanks again! My e-mail budco83@yahoo.com.
  22. Cant wait to try it out! Thanx!
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