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  1. Finally, after months of work the new EAW 1.28 1024 exe is released. You can find it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/182455005/93217714/EAW_128d_1024.html This release is designed to be installed after EAW 1.28c. You will have problems if you do not install that patch first. You can find EAW 1.28c here: http://www.users.on.net/pam_biddell/128CInstall.exe This exe should finally put to rest any issues involving the 7217 error and the infamous ATI Briefing Screen problems. It works by increasing all of the menus to 1024x768 screen resolution. Also included are the changes made by Knegel and Mr. Jelly in their MP series of exe files, as of this date. I'd like to thank the members of the SEAWC Code Group and the Mod Squad that tested this for me, especially MadProf for letting me kick around ideas and the occaisional rant, and Knegel and Mr. Jelly for allowing me to add their efforts to this project. Cheers! Crashin' Jack Here is the readme: European Air War - Readme! © 1998 MicroProse Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1942: The Pacific Air War and MICROPROSE are U.S. registered trademarks and European Air War is a trademark of MicroProse, Inc. or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Uses Smacker Video Technology, Copyright © 1994-1996 by RAD Game Tools, Inc. 3D models in Intro, AutoPlay screen and Hangars by REM Infografica TM. EAW 1.28d 1024 Installation: 1. Install the game from the CD, either by the copy-paste method (see the 1.28c readme for details) or copy an existing installation to a new directory. 2. Apply the 1.28c patch. 3. Install this patch, allowing it to overwrite all files. 4. If you use OAW, you can install to an "E" file and use OAW to install / uninstall. General Notes: This modification increases the resolution of the menu screens from 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768. This has several effects. For computers suffering the 7217 error (which was fixed in 1.28b) but still suffer screen tearing, and also for those that do not display the briefing screens properly, these problems should be fixed. There are still a couple of video cards that exhibit problems, but this should help the vast majority. None of the changes in this modification affect game play. It should be noted, however, that any campaign game that uses unique menus will need the images changed to the new size. This is a fairly easy task using available tools. Only screens that have moved text and/or hotspots will then be affected, with the exception of the Career screen. This screen should still be usable, but the placement of the three campaigns may not be centered. Modded campaign files will be available in due time. Changes to the program include: 1. All screens and menus changed to 1024 x 768 resolution. 2. New Career screen and sprites. 3. The hanger screens have had the sprites removed. 4. The multiplayer selection screen has a new layout. 5. The debriefing screen has a new look, and you first appear before your CO. 6. The "fuel gauge" before entering the flying portion of the game now appears if your ini setting is 1024 x 768. 7. Each nationality now has it's own arming screen. These are CHALK3D.MPC (US or Default), CHALK4D.MPC (German), and CHALK5D.MPC (British). If chalk4d.mpc and chalk5d.mpc are not present, the game will default to chalk3d.mpc. 8. The fonts may appear small in many cases, and in some, too small. The game uses font sprites in most cases, not Windows fonts, and changing the sizes of existing fonts is a matter left to future mods. 9. The WSPRITES.CDF has all the hanger sprites removed, and some custom ones added. 10. The PIC.CDF file has all the "extra" graphics removed that are not used in the game. This was done to decrease the download by 9 megabytes. Also included are the changes made by Knegel and Mr. Jelly in their MP series, many of which are for online play. These include: 1. Multiple controllers. You can now add rudder peadls or a seperate throttle to your set up. An example Mr. Jelly used to get rudder pedals working with his joystick: [CONTROLS] Force Feedback=0 Force Feedback Gain=0 Flight Sensitivity=0.560000 Camera Sensitivity=5.000000 Swap Mouse X=0 Swap Mouse Y=0 Windows Joystick=1 JoystickDeadZone=4 ============================ Device Port1=2 Device Port2=1 Rudder Device=1 Throttle Device=2 Stick Device=2 Device Port1 and Device Port2 define which devices get used. There might be 3 or more. Note: Only the Stick keys of "Device Port1" get used in EAW. If you want to also use the stick keys of "Device Port2", this controller needs to use stick control software, which will allow you to assign Keyboard keys to this controller. These assigned keys can then be used in EAW. An example from Knegel: "I have a very cheap stick, without software, set up in the EAW.ini to use it as "Device Port1", so the buttons work. Additionally, I have a Logitec WingmanExtreme3dPro. With help of the Wingmand Profiler software I am able to assign keyboard buttons to the Stick buttons. Now i can(could) use the buttons of both sticks in EAW." 2. The Mousewheel can be used as a throttle by setting Set Throttle Device=0 in the eaw.ini file. This is very handy for those that use mouselook to look around. Now you don't have to take your hand off the mouse to adjust the throttle. 3. Rearming feature for online play. Just land and move close to a hanger and wait a bit to rearm. While waiting for the guns to be rearmed, you can select a loadout (if available for your plane-type) by pressing one of the following keys: F1 = "Bomb(s) loaded" F2 = "Rockets loaded" F3 = "Gunpods loaded" F4 = "Extra fuel loaded" (only offline) F5 = "Torpedo(s) loaded" (only offline) BackSpace = "Unloaded" If you choose a loadout that is not available for your plane, then "Unloaded" is displayed. 4. The "Kill Shooter" feature. This keeps people from sniping at you when you spawn in online play. As long as you fly low with your gear down, anyone shooting at you is killed instead. This gives you a chance to get into the air before someone can shoot you down. 5. Another online feature is that when you drop a bomb, it will no longer appear to stay on the hardpoint. This was a bug in the default game. 6. When in Online Multiplayer mode, when a player is using the "Chat" feature, his guns won't shoot. 7. You can now join a game already in progress. If it is an air started mission, you can join up to the mission setup screen. At this point you can join in the chat for the game and let them know you are there. This makes it easier for a new player to join a game, instead of waiting for a game to end and someone to show up in the chat room. If it is a ground started mayhem, you can actually jump right into the game! This works very well for Team Mayhems, as up to 4 Home Bases can be selected. Up to four different plane types can be selected, but by the Host only. An advantage to this is that when a person joins a game, it is a bit random as to your plane type, and adds variety to the game instead of everyone picking the same aircraft. Now , if you arrive a bit late to the game, you can still join in! In addition, if you need to leave the game to make some adjustment to your stick, resolution, graphic quality, or take out the trash, you can rejoin the game when you are ready and not have to wait for another session. 8. New "End Mission," "Quit Game," and "Pause" routines for Multiplayer. In the default game, accidentally pushing "Esc" or "Alt Q" would pasue the game for all. This situation is much worse when many people are playing (currnetly up to 16!). So, the "Pause" feature is not available in Multiplayer. To end a mission, you must press and HOLD the "Esc" key for a period of time (time differs depending on the speed of your computer). To quit the game, press and HOLD "Alt Q" for a period of time (again, time differs depending on the speed of your computer). In both cases, a "Yes/No" question will appear. 9. An adjusted "Warp" correction. This should prevent the "Stall" bug, where the planes rolled to one direction, then flicked back to the normal flight position. 10. The Preflight chat now can be activated and stay "hot." By default we had to activate it every time we sent a message, usually by pressing any key. This was annoying, because the you had to press the first key of your message twice - once to activate, then to enter the letter into the chat. Now the chat will stay activated, until you make a "right mouse click." Then it stay deactivated, until you press another key. 11. There is now a "War Emergency Power," or "WEP" key. This only work for planes that are modeled with WEP!! The WEP toggle key is the "Throttle 100%" key. To set this key, from the main menu go to Configure game --> Control --> Advanced --> Flight and click on the line that says"Throttle 100%." Then click on the key you want to use. When you start a game, WEP is available by default. By pushing "Throttle 100%", you will deactivate it, then the Max Throttle will be reduced to a value where the engine wont overheat in normal flight (if you park on the runway with max throttle, the engine still might overheat). Pushing "Throttle 100%" again will re-enable the maximum possible Throttle. This should help you to fly with the best plane performance, without cocking your engine. If you take a look at the rpm, you will see that only a little reduction in throttle is needed to prevent overheating. 12. The "computed Gunsight" has been fixed. Before the EAW.28c release some code for this was lost, and it has been re-introduced. The default setting for this is 300 which sets the deflection range to 300 metres. You can try variations. I would like to thank the SEAWC Code Group and the Mod Squad for testing, and Mr Jelly and Knegel for their advice and allowing me to add their code. Cheers! Crashin' Jack December 2009
  2. Our tests have been showing EAW to run just fine under Vista, both versions if IRC. The trick is to install it as a full install, COPY (not cut) all of the files in the European Air War directory to a new one, then uninstall the game. The reason behind this is that EAW was not designed to use registry entries, and Vista likes to set them up. Now just make a shortcut for your desk top and you should be able to go from there....
  3. Wow, those are gorgeous! Can't wait to try then out....
  4. Flying Tiger does some amazing work, and the volume is staggering! I use a combination of Paint Shop Pro and an old version of Photoshop to da all of my skinning. The newer versions if Paint Shop Pro definitely rival Photoshop, and it's a LOT cheaper. I use Photoshop mainly because I know where everything is, but I think most people seem to use Paint Shop Pro.
  5. Very nice work, the both of you. An interesting feature of this model is the fact that it was made from scratch, including the RS and Normals section. It wasn't modified from another ground object. Although VonBeerhofen has created a few things from scratch, this is the first time in the long history of EAW that a ground object was designed and built entirely from scratch, with virtually no rendering problems as the rendering sequence was designed as the model was built. A major step forward! Cheers!
  6. Geg, the cool part of this aircraft is that it was created from the ground up -- brand spanking new everything, INCLUDING the RS!!! That's right, this is not a modded default aircraft. We now have the ability to build from the ground up, thanks to Gurney, WB, Col. Gibbon and Sydbod. Nice work, guys!
  7. Twitch, you've got quite a bit there that a lot of people would love to have! I have to second Moggy's suggestion and suggest you send to Sandbagger for downloading. Cheers!
  8. Very impressive work, Moggy. You can also definitely see the original layout in what exists today. Coming along very nicely!
  9. Yeah, Rotton50's mods are pretty unique. If you like to ground pound, he has some great stuff. He also has a series of unusal aircraft, including a lot of contrarotating prop stuff. There is an advanced P-47 -- the P-72 -- that will catch a Me-262 thats a lot of fun. It will actually fly straight up -- for a bit! Pretty cool. I did a search on the He-100 and you seem to be right, there isn't one. I'll have to tempt someone into it, LOL!
  10. For those of you that don't know, there is quite a bit of information availalbe at the EAW WIKI site. The address is: http://eaw.wikispaces.com/ Rotton50 and I have collaborated on a new tutorial for Mr. Jelly's excellent Loadout Editor. The page is here: http://eaw.wikispaces.com/Using+Mr.+Jelly&...+Loadout+Editor Rotton50 has created a couple of weapon mods that are a lot of fun. One turns a drop tank into a series of 250 bombs. They are set up to not do anything to flight performance, and they don't really blow anything up on the ground BUT -- after your squad starts dropping these all over the place during a furball, the effect is that there really is a war going on below you! Another of Rotton50's mods allows you to have multiple salvos available for dopping. So, you can make several runs on an airfiled, dropping each bomb in seperate salvos rather than all at once. If you like to pound the ground, it's a blast!!!! Cheers!
  11. Twitch, there are several issues with the ATI cards. I have an old 7500 that would cause a minor glitch, until I turned "Wait for Horizontal Sync" to off, or never, something like that. More recent cards create a problem often refered to as "tearing." This really messed up the screens, and would be my guess as to what you are experiencing. That can be solved by using the latest driver -- it has worked very well for many, myself included (I have a built in ATI card now). The one I am using now is the Catalyst 6.9, and there is no more tearing. That just leaves the briefing screen problem. As far as I know, there is no fix for it yet; don't know that there will be. You can still get pretty much all the info you need for a mission, just messes a tad with the immersion factor. Hope that helps! Cheers !
  12. Twitch, you do have all the updates in 1.26e, including better AI, use of cannons, and long contrails. Now, in regards to your ATI card, there is a solution to the "edges and corner of the world" problem - Zeckensack's glide wrapper. Unfortunately, I just tried his web page and it doesn't come up. It should be at: www.zeckensack.de/glide if you want to give it a try. Otherwise, I can send you a copy. It emulates glide, allowing the ATI cards to show the fog around the edges. There are other advantages as well, such as the lower resolutions being doubled, giving great resolution but keeping the HUD readable. If you want a copy, drop me a line at bakerinnodesign (at) aol dot com. Cheers!
  13. Red, good to hear from you mate. Stop over at the old place and say howdy!
  14. Oops, you caught me Stans!!! I inadvertantly copied the wrong image....but we DO have working torpedoes!!
  15. Geg, you say that like there's been more than one, LOL!
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