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  1. desmoflex

    DCS World TARGET profile for Cougar and Warthog with MFDs

    Awesome work, Home Fries! Haven‘t tried it yet , does your latest version work with DCS World 2.5 Beta? thx desmo
  2. desmoflex

    EF2000 Reloaded

    Hi guys, I just reinstalled ef2000_reloaded on my new W10 system. Although i am meanwhile with DCS, EF2000 is still a blast... free flight glacier... getting goosebumps still good memories... kudos to all of you!!! cheers flex
  3. desmoflex

    EF2000 Reloaded

    Wow!! This is just awesome!!! Thanks to all of you who made this possible. I am a little nervous to startup EF2000 again after such a long time.... Thank you!
  4. desmoflex

    3dfx EF2000

    wow!! great!! thanks much!! flex
  5. desmoflex

    3dfx EF2000

    mikew, thanks a lot for for feedback. don´t hurry.. i do have other things on my agenda as well. when i tried the SVN DOSBOX setup some time ago my framerate was below 10/sec. not really satisfying and playable. what you´ve mentioned about framerate sounds slightly different. but anyway i would love to try the 1920x1080. thx a lot in advance flex
  6. desmoflex

    3dfx EF2000

    Hi, i just tried to download the modified DosBox (https://rapidshare.c...9/dosbox_xx.zip). but rapidshare tells me that the download is not availiable any more. same with 1980x1200 version. can you provide a update link? thx much in advance. flex ...btw is there a 1920x1080 version availiable?
  7. desmoflex

    3dfx EF2000

    Hi there, great that this thread is still a live! due to RL priorities i wasn´t here for quite some time. a lot of intersting news!! what is your framerate with the 3dfx DOSBOX setup? thx flex
  8. desmoflex

    TAW 2.0 Known Issues and Bug Reports

    Thx Home Fries! I´ve never finished a ADF campaign. so no need to recover any old profile. it´s a fresh start of a new sim. sounds perfect to me... flex
  9. desmoflex

    TAW 2.0 Known Issues and Bug Reports

    thx for your quick reply! i did a clean install but tried a couple of things with the players profile (restore from old game etc.). seems that this caused a problem. i deleted players.lst, started the game successfully and created a new player. nglide with 1920x1080 looks a bit streched... but i am impressed! great!! no i am going to start the 2nd step with flightstick integration etc. BTW thanks to Hawkx who entertained the latest version of TAW2.0
  10. desmoflex

    TAW 2.0 Known Issues and Bug Reports

    Hi, i´ve just installed latest version including patch 2.20a. this thread helped a lot as someone mentioned NOT to have a DID disk in the DVD. so this problem could be solved. but i still cannot start due to this error message: TAW starting screen can be seen AND error message "SetEditBoxText()- unable to set the text" i´ve tried several setup options (D3D, Glide, various screen resolutions, i gave tawmenu.exe admin rights,...) but no luck. i already searched this forum and the web, but no success. your feedback is much appreciated. this is a really great project!!! rgds flex I7-920, W7x64 Ultimate
  11. desmoflex

    F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    hi there, this is an amazing work!! thx much! i wonder if it might be possible to amend EF2000 with an "glide option" like in TAW2.10? again your work is much appreciated! i started with TFX in "the good old days" years ago and switched to EF2000, ADF, TAW. F4AF, LockON and DCS. cheers desmo