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  1. Thaks The Dude!! you made my day, i'll be checking this. If need my e-mail, please let me know. Thanks again!
  2. Hi to everyone. I am looking for missions (tactical engagements) made by users for the original FALCOn 4.0 by Microprose, patched with us1.08. I know (and usally fly) all other versions of Falcon, but i am yet "in love" with this software since almost 20 years. I found a few sites, american most of all, with some missions for donwload. I have some missions collected by myself along this years. If some user have TEs from different sites or even made by himself , I would be very grateful if he doesn't mind contacting me or writting on this thread. Of course i offer my collection to everyone, being aware of the high level of perfomance of BMS and other improves, i know some pilots still enjoy flying the old Falcon. TEs made for this are, in my opinon, almost museum pieces with high value. Thanks to all
  3. Is this file hosted in anyplace??? thankyou
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