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  1. Thaks The Dude!! you made my day, i'll be checking this. If need my e-mail, please let me know. Thanks again!
  2. Hi to everyone. I am looking for missions (tactical engagements) made by users for the original FALCOn 4.0 by Microprose, patched with us1.08. I know (and usally fly) all other versions of Falcon, but i am yet "in love" with this software since almost 20 years. I found a few sites, american most of all, with some missions for donwload. I have some missions collected by myself along this years. If some user have TEs from different sites or even made by himself , I would be very grateful if he doesn't mind contacting me or writting on this thread. Of course i offer my collection to everyone,
  3. Is this file hosted in anyplace??? thankyou
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