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  1. Well the "coordinates" in TAW is really simple. When it says 109 for 190 it means that you have to turn and fly a heading of 109 degrees and the distance to the aircraft's position at that time is 190 nautical miles, which is REALLY far away actually.
  2. I use the same joystick, it does make flying TAW a little hard, but I have from FSX and flying the MD-11 learned to be smooth with small movements of the stick You don't want the MD-11 to bounce on landing and do a roll over
  3. Down for the third time... First was the GPU, Second was the motherboard... Third was a harddrive. While the first two said bye bye after 2 years, the harddrive went to 4.5 years.
  4. Well because there is no AIM-120R in real life, or rather, nothing past a prototype according to a google search. But have a look at the "Meteor" missile... Strong resemblance right?
  5. The difference is the range, as for whom can hunt better... Well that depends on your energy. If you are going slow, the 120C might be at the edge of its circle (Bigger circle you have, the higher the chances are of a hit, according to the TAW manual) so it depends on the conditions. Naturally you can reach out longer with the R than with the C, and if you are near stall speed, you may find that the R can give you the best results in the 20nm range.
  6. You better clear your driveway tomorrow HomeFries... To solve your power problems we are shipping you a nuclear reactor in boxes... Don't want it squashing any cars when they airdrop the parts.
  7. Of course it slows down when you surf, but that is because it doesn't need to run at full power, it won't go any faster if it does, all that happens is that more transistors are powered on when there is ZERo activity. But the moment you run something where it matters it will go up in speed, the only reason for shutting it off is if you are on LN2 and these underclocks causes instabillity, but in this case it won't matter. In short, it allows you save on your power bill when the computer is just idling and you aren't running a fancy sim or something, nothing lost, just gained, also reduces heat output.
  8. These two: 2. Enhanced Speedstep Tech = Disabled.. 3. CPU C1E = Disabled. You need them if you are to use the turbo feature of the CPU as well. It shouldn't affect performance or overclocking at all, only ones that needs to disable those are the ones running on Liquid Nitrogen. The C3 and the C6 are sleep features, if you put your computer into hibernation or stuff like that, but on desktops it is bugged all to hell and back so it is best not to use it.
  9. Curious as to why you disable the power saving features for idle? It shouldn't affect the performance, as for the virtualization, it won't matter if it is on or off unless you are using that extension (Server stuff essentially.)
  10. Dunno, I got a backup system, but not configured I can get it back up and running with the motherboard swap if I sacrifice the DVD drive
  11. Yep, it is annoying as hell... We shall see when I get everything up and going again. Bah, they don't make stuff the way they used to anymore the amounts of RMAs I do yearly is just going up.
  12. And now the next one to go is the motherboard, damn this is starting to get cozy. The board is starting to lose BIOS functions and gives me POST codes that doesn't exist according to the manual... The good news is I got a spare board, the bad news is that the spare lacks sufficient SATA ports.
  13. I am impressed that you can say this out openly like that, mad proper respect to you Redfalcon! My alcohol problem is reversed though when I feel like having a beer I usually cannot because I have to drive somewhere, work related or family related. As a result, I buy a 6 pack of beer for christmas, but lasts almost the entire year...
  14. And the hardware blues continiues... My replacement due to Nvidia chip shortage and possibly a recall of the entire 600 series lineup has given me an unconfirmed date of 30th of June... Backorders can suck... Too bad my 5970 couldn't have clinged on for a month or two longer so I wouldn't end up in the crisis
  15. Well, I could slap it on my FTP, but I'll have to fix some access scheme for it though.
  16. LOL! I am the one with the dumb stick in itself, so I operate the Raptor with half keyboard and half stick. But seeing how much blues those high end sticks have, I guess I am glad I invested in my "Microsoft Force Feedback 2" it is still going, and even has support in Win 7.
  17. All I can tell you Tigershark is the observations I have made when I came in on the east coast of Yemen. I had visual on 2-3 enemy airfields, both covered in SAMs and AA, and yes I got lit up by 10 SAMs and nearly depleted my chaff load getting the hell out of there. Yemen is the worst place, but reading the campaign material in the manual, Yemen is supposed to be as rich as the Saudi's, but their country representation on the map is cut in half, thus they have less space to put their SAMs on than the Saudis. A common tactic I use is going in with Mavericks to thin out their SAMs, as SAMs seems to be one shots, meaning once they have spawned upon game start, they do not come back if destroyed.
  18. What makes SAMs dangerous isn't the type, yes some of them have longer range but they pose the same threat regardless. The way you up the SAM threat level is numbers, winging it over Yemen in some of the later campaigns will tell you why, you will be painted by at least 10 SAMs at the same time and they all open up on you. In short, you are dodging missiles non stop, and getting in to a target unstealthy, heck even stealthy is hard if not impossible when you got the SU-37s, SAMs, Radars and other MiG's patrolling as close and tight as they do over Yemen. If they needed a rebalance it would be a nerf, but I have to admit, I do like their threat level, it makes that country unique to fight, sort of like a Yemenese trademark.
  19. Nephs server is a backup backup server since the normal backup one is filled to the brim lately so hardly anyone can connect. As for port forwarding, portforward.com is where you start by selecting your router model and follow the instructions for Janes F/A-18 which uses the same ports.
  20. Heh, well sadly Home Fries doesn't speak slowly nor does he speak "Proper" english when he flies. You will get the full abrevity language with proper callouts for his actions, keeping up is tricky at times
  21. JupiterBroadcasting did cover it though, but I do not trust cloud services unless I get to see their source code and datacenter in person. But, the problem there is, I am probably not alone and having a million people inspecting a data center isn't good. So I swear to KeePass that I control the distribution of locally. JupiterBroadcasting's coverage of LastPass:
  22. Two options to solve your password problems and get a good password hygiene too (Unique passwords for each service you use) 1: LastPass, Cloud solution for password storage, supposed to be quite secure and can generate passwords for you if required as well, and fill it into forms for you. 2: KeePass, For paranoid people like myself or where you need to be guaranteed of the security, this is an OpenSource solution meaning you can check the code for nasties yourself if you want to, and works across several platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Fruit devices) With the latter you can also specify your own level of security and split the key and database, meaning that to read it they will need both and your password for an example, or for super paranoid and single device users, you can tie it to your Windows account, meaning that they will have to steal your physical computer as well to read the database.
  23. If there is interest in using the OpenSource Mumble client, I can offer my own server for it. It runs 24/7 on a dedicated box in the hallway and is only down when the router needs a kick in the ass (Not too often.) or when there is an update to the Linux kernel, (Not too often either) Give me a holler if it is interesting. Mumble software: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
  24. Yeah, hardware isn't as reliable as it used to be, I got a lot of old GPUs that have been running years now in my retro rig, and not even a fan failure, while the more modern graphics cards I do not have many left of. And the reason is that they have gone on RMA, but fortunatly, I have had minimal expenses replacing them since I have gotten my money back and just reinvested them in newer products
  25. Well nothing more than using them The graphics card still works in 3D, but the 2D part and what the webbrowser addresses is shot to hell and produces artifacts. Still waiting for an RMA from the store though.
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