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  1. It's my fave old game. still, my fave. Base on "Prelude" or whatever mission, I always rearm, refuel by landing at allied airport. Landing, stop, and go again. It's automatic refuel and rearm your weapons. Try as short as possible time you get to go to fly again. That's, it, have fun.
  2. Why my campaign log status never update ? I just did win a campaign with my windows 7. I still love this game, since before 2000, start with F22 ADF.
  3. Greeting Flyboys ... I've bug for my pilot profile. I can't find the logs for that. Here : my pilot scores always reset to zero. So, it always need 500 points for next promotion. And it always reset to 1st wing (I mean 1 yellow aircraft sign). But the points of deaths, ejects, success and other are counted. I need help ... please ....
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