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    IL2 Battle Over Europe

    Thank you Spectre USA, Iam not very good with computers and programmes, so will blindly have a look where I can find these files, and what I can change. Any more help in the form of pointers with regards to these possible file changes would be most appreciated albeit it has been a long time since you last played this.
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    IL2 Battle Over Europe

    Hello to allIam new to this Forum I am currently playing and enjoying IL2 Battle Over Europe however I have chosen the FW190 in the career mode starting from the beginning (May 1944) when I complete a particular phase and move onto the next one(ie Invasion to Battle over Berlin within the ongoing career mode) my plane automatically reverts back to the Me 109 although my career is still on going Can anyone help and let me know how I can prevent this from happening and allow me to stick with my chosen plane