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  1. Zevka

    F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    About that. You recommend the full version... but, how does it work ? Should I deinstall current one (saving my pilots before) then resinstall with the full one ?
  2. Zevka

    TAW 2.0 Known Issues and Bug Reports

    In fact I had the glorious idea to search for the file. Found t80.3 in the "3" folder, and in the nostalgia mod folder. But the one in the "3" folder was empty (0ko), so I replaced it with the one from nostalgia mod, and it worked perfectly (at least for the maverick training mission).
  3. Zevka

    TAW 2.0 Known Issues and Bug Reports

    Hi ! Got some CTD today, when trying to start (sometimes just by selecting the mission - happened for the maverick training) Air to Ground training missions with the error "Couldn't find t80.3", where does it come from and can i fix it ?
  4. Zevka


    Tried it, works perfectly ! Thanks. What you mean by manually ? You have to set autopilot into refueling mode in the corresponding MFD, don't think there's another way.
  5. Zevka


    OK, i'll try that, but it seems the autopilot desactivates way before the contact
  6. Zevka


    Hi, First of all, many thanks to all who worked at making this game still playable on modern system. It's my first love in flight sim, and I can't find words powerful enough to say how much joy I had playing it again. This said, I write this post 'cause I can't manage to pass the refueling training mission. I followed the instruction as described, the autopilot bring the plane to the refueler... then desactivate himself before the refueling even start. Did I miss something ? In the instructions, it seems very clear that the autopilote handle the refueling process himself, and there's no hint about additionnal manoeuvre.