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    Hi to everyone, this is my first post so I hope to eventually get to know some of you. Can anyone tell me please, are there any addition 'add on' aircraft for LOMAC and, if so, where do I obtain them? I am an 'Eagle lover' (I live very near to RAF Lakenheath and its great to see these guys overhead) When I first purchased LOMAC a few years ago what put me off was the fact that only two USAF planes were available to fly. Being a 'mud mover' I found the A10 was good, but I prefered the Eagle. I know it would be a difficult task for someone to build an F15E into the sim, but a 'D' would be be a good as a second best as it can carry a decent (dumb) bomb load (or so I've been told). I've noticed the Tomcat and F/A18F elsewhere on the forum, but I can only find the link to the video and not the site to obtain them. If anyone can help I would be grateful. Thanks all.
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