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    IL-2 and Windows 7

    I had problems installing IL2 and some issues with Pacific Fighters on Windows 7. I went ahead and broke down and purchased IL2 1946 ($10 off the UBI Soft website) and it installed with no problems. I can't tell you about Falcon, however.
  2. Off and on I've played the IL2 series, original, Pacific Fighters and now I just downloaded IL2 1946 directly from UBI for $10 (FYI, as far as I can tell, this loads on Windows 7 64 with no problems) I say off and on, because this game frustrates me to no end. The learning curve is extremely high, and I feel the tutorials, because they're not hands-on, don't contribute much. My biggest problem is stalling when dogfighting. Seems every time I make a turn, suddenly I go into a spin and stall. Is there ANY recommendation/tutorial/something to help me get further along? Maybe I'm just missing something in the game. I really don't want to switch to 'easy'. I've played FSX for a long while and have never had this kind of problem with stalling, unlike IL2. Secondly, does IL2 support Saitek devices beyond the joysticks and rudders? I have the switch panel I'd love to add to the game but can't seem to get it to recognize it. Thanks in advance, and happy flying!