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  1. The Dude


    Blue skies and warm ... very unseasonable for my locale. Normally, I'd be cursing the snow drifts in my driveway by now.
  2. That's a damn shame all 'round ... for the people and the aircraft.
  3. The Dude


    A date that will also live in infamy. Especially poignant today because the weather in my home town is clear blue skies for miles ... just as it was in New York and in Washington D.C. that fateful day. Time for some quiet reflection.
  4. Fixed it fer ya. Apparently, you can no longer simply copy/paste your past year's post into a new one. Or you can, but you just have to go into the "Source" mode in the editor to fix the image. It should be written like this in the source mode: <img src="https://bunker.combatsim.com/babemeister/TDIWWII/9_8_2012/ListerineAntisepticAd-Sept1944.jpg" /> Fix that, and your images should work.
  5. The Dude


    Good to have you back, Donnie Place is just not the same without you
  6. Return to normal? I was unaware we ever were "normal". lol. Stay safe, buddy
  7. Just spoke to Donnie on the phone. He's healthy and occupying his spare time watching episodes of Gunsmoke and Combat! on his satellite service (about the only thing connecting him to the outside world). His Internet is still out and may not be re-connected for some time. He may be able to get in here to say hello in the next little while using his phone as a hotspot, but he's trying to conserve his data for essential stuff---not they y'all aren't essential to his well being, but priorities, eh. lol. Here's to hoping we see him on these boards so
  8. The Dude


    Right on schedule, the weather went from too hot, to freezing cold. lol. When I came to this planet, I didn't trust the brochure's claims about the weather ... but they were right in this instance. 👽
  9. The Dude


    Sunny. Makes me sleepy.
  10. The Dude


    Back on the hamster wheel.
  11. Is it better now? There was a hotfix.
  12. The Dude


    Still warm here. The cool weather the day before did not last into the afternoon.
  13. The Dude


    Morning. Cooling off here. Looking forward to putting on a sweater. lol.
  14. The Dude


    What didn't you find impressive? The previews and reviews I've seen on YouTube were hugely enthusiastic about the weather effects, ambient airport and road traffic, and the real-time satellite terrain. Also, there was much buzz about vast number of airports and planes included at even the entry-level price point. About the only negative thing I've heard was that Orbx, a third-party add-on developer, got their tit in a wringer for releasing a London City mod with 1997-quality graphics ... but they've released a statement saying it was an error on their part ad would be rectified.
  15. The Dude


    The storm and the destruction in Iowa is ... oddly ... not very newsworthy, apparently. I'd have thought it would have received more national media coverage than it has.
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