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  1. The Dude

    Odd errors

    Not Mechwarrior3, but does Warhammer 40K come close? This is the Grim Reapers using an ArmA 3 mod (headphones recommended):
  2. The Dude

    Odd errors

    mikew, Yes, they do have beach volleyball, but I don't have the "remove_shirt", "extreme_hair_gel", or the "be_a_douche" mods yet, so I can't enable it.
  3. The Dude

    Odd errors

    Not running on at all. Understanding and using the proper phraseology is part of the fun of combat simming. I never cared for all that proper fighter-jock phraseology when flying with my fellow CSIM buddies in WWII aircraft, but flying Hornets in DCS World has raised my game simply because the sim itself is so dang authentic. Lately, Deacon and I have been learning how to communicate properly with respect to calling out air and ground radar threats (e.g., "Mud spike!" for when we get locked up by a SAM), as well as saying the proper term when we fire A2A missiles (e.g., Fox One! or Fox Two! or Fox Three! ... I can never keep them straight) or a Maverick (in which case we say "Rifle!"). I even learned a new term the other day, "RAYGUN" which you say when you lock up an air target but you don't know if it's friend or foe. If it's friendly, the friendly is supposed to reply, "Buddy Spike!". At least I think that's the way it works. My new fascination with proper military pilot comms has now, naturally, extended to my ATC comms, so everything you are saying here is very much appreciated. The Grim Reapers, who do those YouTube videos, have downed pilots that jump into either the ATC role or the GCI (Ground-Controlled Interception) role during their missions. And I must say, at least to my non-military ear, they do sound like they are doing a very good job of using proper military phraseology. Although, the GCI guys tend to get a bit excited verbally when the sh!t is hitting the fan --and who could blame them!
  4. Stans, I'd argue that one can watch their videos for the combat simming eye candy and the lols alone. Vicarious combat simming for the CPU and graphics card challenged, so to speak. Also, I'm with you in the lack-of-time group, so I just consume their videos in short sessions when I have some time. YouTube seems to remember where I left off, so that helps.
  5. If you love combat sims (and I know you do) subscribe to the Grim Reapers YouTube channel: (Be sure to watch in full-screen mode for maximum awesomeness)
  6. The Dude

    Odd errors

    OG, I agree that Cap didn't do your version of the Overhead pattern in that video I posted, but he does come closer to your version in some of his other mission videos. Regardless, I'm enjoying this thread immensely because the perspective you bring, as a former military ATC, is both educational and downright fascinating. Re vidoes: If you have JavaScript disabled in your browser, then yeah, the videos won't play in this forum. You will, however, still see the video embed box, but it will contain a message asking you to enable JavaScript if you want to see the video.
  7. The Dude

    Odd errors

    OG, They are just YouTube video embeds. I'm using Google Chrome as my browser and I don't think it even has Flash enabled, so it can't be a Flash thing. Just tried this page in a very old version of Firefox browser, and the embedded video still works fine. Here's a direct link to Cap's landing video if you need it: https://www.youtube.com/embed/V4xdYcdqU_s?start=1422
  8. The Dude

    Odd errors

    There's a fantastic YouTube channel by a fellow called "Cap" who does daily videos on his Grim Reapers squad's DCS and ARMA operations. I've watched dozens of his videos and he always ends each DCS mission with all the surviving pilots coming in for a landing. Cap usually lands first, then "films" each pilot's landing from his own POV on the runway. You'll like Cap as he seems to be a stickler for the performance of the Overhead exactly as you described it. Pretty sure this is a video of Cap performing the Overhead pattern: I watch this guy's videos all the time. Does an amazing number of DCS tutorials. His Campaign videos are better than 90% of the stuff on Netflix, imo. Oh, and he's a funny bastard, too (kudos to Deacon for telling me about this channel)
  9. The Dude

    Carol Channing has died

    There was something other-worldly about her big eyes and even bigger smile. Then there was her voice and manner of speaking ... utterly unique. She was certainly one-of-a-kind. Very funny lady with a style that was endlessly imitated, but never duplicated. RIP, Miss Channing.
  10. The Dude

    OG wanders into DCS World

    OG, Totally understand. DCS is very demanding of both CPU and graphics hardware. Ping me when you upgrade your rig and we'll go shoot down some MiG's together
  11. The Dude

    OG wanders into DCS World

    OG, You can join me and Deacon in our Discord channel if you'd like to get the word on DCS straight from the horses' mouths, so to speak. Forum wise, the DCS official forums are here: https://forums.eagle.ru/ Those guys (and gals) on that forum are the veterans and you'll get great answers to any and all of your questions. If you decide to join Deacon and me on Discord, get the Discord app here. I private message'd you an invite you can use to join in. You can text us in there, but it's better for all if you have a microphone, that way we can chat.
  12. The Dude

    Tales of an aging gamer....

    Still waiting for that light to shine on me. Those #@*&! VRS stalls!
  13. The Dude

    Tales of an aging gamer....

    Dang, Whizzer, I remember when you were just a wet-behind-the-ears punk kid of 74 years old. Time ... she do fly! Glad you're still gaming, even if it is Call of Duty ... which is fun, and that's the point, right? You know, there's no law that says you have to fly, you could just log into our Discord server and say hello (or just hurl some well-intentioned insults, because that's what we normally do to each other). OG: yeah, the learning curve is straight up for the avionics and weapon systems. I struggle just to retain what I've learned in one cockpit, let alone four or five different aircraft. The learning curve can be made a tad shallower if one always assigns the same functions across all aircraft to the same buttons and keys. For example, my trim in both the Hornet fighter jet and the Huey Helicopter are on the same button ... so I got that going for me Donnie: I hear you about the soul-sucking nature of online multiplayer, especially in MMOGs where any 14-year-old (or 40-year-old) with an attitude can pretty much ruin the experience in a matter of moments. That's why our ArmA and DCS squads with me, Deacon, Gunny and Madman have always played against computer AI, never other carbon-based hoomans. But even without anonymous humans ruining our gameplay fun, the never-ending arms race between our PC hardware and the latest and greatest game software updates can be equally demoralizing---one day our game software and PC hardware systems run together like a well-oiled machine, then the next day after the game updates, our graphics cards start blacking-out like delicate Victorian damsels overcome with the vapors. Software updates are free, but new video cards aren't. Sadly, I'm a sucker for pretty sims, so I take my bottles to the recycling depot and save money with coupons so I can keep upgrading my rig. But it's not all bad news: I was able to build a shed in my backyard with the discarded PC carcasses around my house and even shingled the roof with old (but perfectly working) motherboards and video cards. Okay, I'm just kidding about that last bit mikew: I scanned that article and had I not rediscovered my love of air combat simming with DCS, I would've agreed with everything in that article ... heck, it could have been written about my gradual loss of interest in video gaming. My problem, as the article states, was lack of time. I simply had too many other distractions in my life dealing with work and my aging parents. But things eventually settled down and after running out of movies and tv shows that interested me, and home-improvement projects, I found I was just plain bored ... so, after much prodding by Deacon, I took up the challenge ... griping and bitching the whole way, mind you ... and started flying DCS. The bug soon bit and I was as interested in flying again as I was back-in-the-day. But that's just me. Home Fries: I wanted to echo your sentiments about "finding the right group of guys". Having fun is always our primary purpose in the VMF-124/Bessie's Bastards squads, and teaching newbs makes the game more interesting for us, not less. I'll try to coordinate with Deacon to join you on your Black Veal squadron server for a Saturday session! Edited: spelings, werds.
  14. The Dude

    Tales of an aging gamer....

    Great thread ... this needs to get more posts, because it's relevant to us CSIM'ers. I've been playing ARMA (since the Operation Flashpoint days) and IL-2, online in multiplayer vs game AI, with a immutable core of Bastards since 1999 or 2000 (yeah, that's not a typo). IL-2 died out for us a few years ago, and since then we've played ARMA3 exclusively ... and we still do. But recently ... Two of us, me and Deacon, we've started playing DCS World, and dayum, we have some fun ... but it's not for the faint of heart or faint of wallet. Learning curve is steep, but certainly not insurmountable. I'm 56 and have no-fucks-to-give, and I can do it, so really, it shouldn't be difficult for anyone who ever played air combat sims ever in their life. Like all things simming, it's about the community. It's about your online friends having been in the newbie's shoes and not dissing the FNG's. That was why (forgive me a moment of narcissism) I started CSIM --- to share the knowledge. 2019 is, literally, a NEW YEAR, and I would love to mark this new year with growing our little CSIM band of DCS flyers with some new recruits. I'll leave this here ... I await your replies ( I couldn't feel more awkward than if I were standing here naked).
  15. The Dude

    I did it! 50,000 posts!