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  1. The Dude


    Warm (relatively speaking) and windy here. Temps are at 32F/0C. Seems to be doing a good job at melting all the snow we got during the last week of December.
  2. The Dude


    Happy New Year, eh. Weather is <check outside> winter. I'll provide further weather updates quarterly.
  3. The Dude


    Been seeing some of the pictures of the big snowfall out east. Yikes! 2020 sure is determined to make folks suffer. And a pox on all snowplow drivers who cover up folks' driveway entrances after they spent 2 hours clearing it. Hope all my friends out there are safe and well.
  4. Deacon and I watched this live yesterday as well. Pretty much the coolest thing I've seen since those two booster rockets did their simultaneous landing thing a while back. There was a pretty good amateur analysis of what happened in this launch/crash landing in Reddit's BestOf subreddit.
  5. Blaspheme! She was ungainly and dorky looking, but never ugly. Also, with her 8-gun nose in the A-26B variant, I'd not want to call her ugly to her face. lol. To be honest, tho, according to Wikipedia, she was not a well-loved dorky gal during WWII because the engines protruded so far past the leading edge of the wing that they blocked the pilot's view to the ground while circling. But those guns! With a clear run-in to a target, it literally plowed the earth with its forward-facing machine guns.
  6. The Dude


    The snow is here. Actually, it's more frozen sleet which just sticks to everything including vehicle windshields and sidewalks. Annoying stuff. Still waiting for the "real" snow to happen.
  7. Please pardon my tardiness in saying "Thank you for the Turkey Day Well Wishes!"
  8. I remember hearing Eddie's solo, Eruption, for the first time. Blew my mind. A true legend.
  9. I posted a book review of Jay A. Stout's latest book Jayhawk. It's a compelling biographical account of the life and career of WWII B-25 pilot George L. Cooper, who, if I'm not mistaken, is still alive and well at 100-years-of-age. If you're interested in the Pacific Ocean theater of WWII, give it a read. Stout continues to amaze me with the depth of fascinating detail he provides in his books. Very readable stuff.
  10. The Dude


    Blue skies and warm ... very unseasonable for my locale. Normally, I'd be cursing the snow drifts in my driveway by now.
  11. That's a damn shame all 'round ... for the people and the aircraft.
  12. The Dude


    A date that will also live in infamy. Especially poignant today because the weather in my home town is clear blue skies for miles ... just as it was in New York and in Washington D.C. that fateful day. Time for some quiet reflection.
  13. Fixed it fer ya. Apparently, you can no longer simply copy/paste your past year's post into a new one. Or you can, but you just have to go into the "Source" mode in the editor to fix the image. It should be written like this in the source mode: <img src="https://bunker.combatsim.com/babemeister/TDIWWII/9_8_2012/ListerineAntisepticAd-Sept1944.jpg" /> Fix that, and your images should work.
  14. The Dude


    Good to have you back, Donnie Place is just not the same without you
  15. Return to normal? I was unaware we ever were "normal". lol. Stay safe, buddy
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