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  1. Am I the only one who noticed the mention of a dragon in the last sentence?
  2. I recall that if you caught a wire on the carriers, and then put in your chocks, you could just sit there and others could land right on top of you and nobody would blow up. If you failed to put in your chocks, then yeah, it was massive fireballs of sadness if anyone else's plane touched yours.
  3. Supermodel doggos are always bored when you point a camera at them.
  4. I showed her your suggestion. She's on her way down to the bunker now to tell you what she thinks of it.
  5. As you happy few may have realized, I have, as of late, been watching YouTube videos of various combat simming channels. I really enjoy the video format for learning about new simulation games and hardware, so I decided to give it a try. I just released my first attempt at a video review of Thrustmaster's T.Flight HOTAS 4, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Edition (try saying that in one breath). Here's the link to the review: It's part of my new YouTube channel which also has about 50+ videos that I just made public as part of the "big" <cough> unveiling. Those other videos are just me, Deacon, Gunny, and Madman being silly old farts as we play ArmA 3 and DCS World. Here's the link to the main channel page: Combatsim YouTube Channel
  6. That Dornier's rear-facing gunner in that last clip was pretty chill about bailing out Great footage Are you recording the playback of the track files? I really liked the track file player in IL-2. Sadly, the one in DCS World is horrible. Here's a video I created from IL-2 Pacific Fighters track file footage awhile back ... omg! 11 years ago!
  7. Great opening footage on this last one. Flames look impressive and a rather poignant moment when the stricken pilot slumps over dead when the final coup de grâce is delivered. Are you running a stock version of Battle of Stalingrad? or, does it have any community mods applied? May I ask what screen recording software you are using? OBS, by chance? Do you use anything special to edit your videos? I've found Windows 10's "Photo" app to be surprisingly versatile for creating and mixing clips.
  8. The Dude


    Weather? Let's just say I made sure my vehicle's windshield washer fluid was topped-up this morning.
  9. 35,000 recordings ... whoa! Funny ... I never knew of Blaine until now, but it seems I've been listening to his drums all my life.
  10. Thanks, Donnie I've changed my recording software so future vids won't be so dark. I also upped my mic volume since then since I can barely be heard (not a bad thing) in this video.
  11. Can't believe no one has posted this yet:
  12. Late to this topic, but I'll reply anyway. Personally, I still think IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 is a great WWII combat sim. Not sure why you don't like Steam, but if you get it from there, it should install on your Windows 10 machine without any problems. It can also be modded using various community-created add-ons, but that takes some patience and following the mod install instructions to the letter. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover has better graphics than 1946, but I found the AI wasn't as good to dogfight against ... they seemed rather dumb compared to the AI in 1946. I could just be imagining that, but others I flew with in multiplayer coop thought the same thing. DCS World is an amazing (and fully up-to-date with modern PC hardware and Windows 10) air combat simulation that is free to download, but you'll have to buy the decent warbirds like the Spitfire, FW-190 D-9 Dora, and the P-51D Mustang. You can download the base game for free from their official website or get it on Steam (that is, if you have a change of heart about them), but like I say, you have to buy the *good* versions of the warbirds if you want to fly them. You can also buy WWII air combat campaigns and maps (they have a WWII Normandy map) if you want the fully immersive experience. If you have any difficulties getting your bearings, check out the video tutorials on the Grim Reapers YouTube channel (here's some Spitfire tutorials) or, if videos aren't your thing, there's always the large and extremely helpful forum community at forums.eagle.ru. I'm currently enjoying the hell out of DCS World. Here's a little video montage I made recently of a Spitfire mission I flew with one of my fellow CSIM forum buddies (warning: harsh language and non-period rock and roll music):
  13. Oh yeah ... how about this?
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