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  1. The Dude

    The Dude

    Just gonna pour myself another Caucasian and enjoy relaxing with my Creedence in my Walkman headphones and lie here on my rug ... which really ties the room together.
  2. The Dude


    Hey there. Thought I better say hello. Warming up here. Sun's out today.
  3. Just received a report that the power went out here in zee bunker this morning, so I thought I'd stop by to see if all was well. Lo and behold, I see a thread with Maine and Rommel. No wonder the fuses blew. I'll let myself out.
  4. The Dude


    Too cold here. Gonna get worse, too.
  5. Dayum. Says he died of a heart attack at Cedar Sinai. Was he there for treatment and had a heart attack? or did he have a heart attack and ... well, it's all academic now. I can see Buck doing a skit about his death where numerous such questions would be asked and answered in awkward and hilarious fashion. One of the original "off the wall" comedy stylists. RIP.
  6. The Dude


    Still winter here.
  7. Whoops! Just saw this. In my defense, I've been in a turkey and stuffing coma since Thanksgiving (Canadian version). Thanks for the well wishes.
  8. Happy Fourth o' July, my American cousins. Thanks, too, for the belated O' Canada birthday wishes, Donnie. Let's celebrate with the world's saddest-looking emoji birthday cake: 🎂
  9. I liked Al Jaffee's fold-y thingie inside the back cover. Don Martin's drawings were just plain hilarious. The floppy feet he drew made me laugh. But my greatest admiration was for Mort Drucker's caricatures. I'd happily trade my eye-teeth to be able to draw like he does (still alive, btw, at 90-years-of-age).
  10. Veeeeeery interestink. Those of you who are old enough will get the reference. RIP, Mr. Johnson. Thanks for all the laughs.
  11. Throw in some guns and collision/damage physics ... rename it to MS Combat Flight Simulator ... then shut-up and take my money! Until then ... meh. I kid. Looks stunning. Will certainly buy it, but I'll wait until it's stable to do that.
  12. Am I the only one who noticed the mention of a dragon in the last sentence?
  13. I recall that if you caught a wire on the carriers, and then put in your chocks, you could just sit there and others could land right on top of you and nobody would blow up. If you failed to put in your chocks, then yeah, it was massive fireballs of sadness if anyone else's plane touched yours.
  14. Supermodel doggos are always bored when you point a camera at them.
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