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  1. At SimHQ, never thought those issues could be fixed but it happened Marc..
  2. Marc

    Another WOW

    When EEAH & EECH first came out I was a fan of Longbow 2, so I never gave them a look until now, simply awesome the work they have done, honestly I don't see anything coming close to it as a package. I'm surprise how complicated it is in realistic mode and it runs on in my case on a 6 year old laptop with no fancy video card on a 50" tv Marc..
  3. Marc

    Another WOW

    First it was TAW 2.30, I made a gaming chair just for it , then EECH that I just installed with the all in one patch 1.16, Wow!! Where am I going to find the time Marc..
  4. Yeah! We had to go the same route a couple years ago with our 15 year old dog, it was hard at the end seeing her suffer, we didn't replaced her, couldn't I know how you feel Marc..
  5. Marc

    Voice Attack

    Hey guy!! Anybody tried the voice recognition software Voice Attack with Taw? Any issues? Marc..
  6. Do you still have the same setup? Pretty cool, brings up memories Marc..
  7. I understand, thanks. I won't go online with that setup for now so I disable AVG Marc..
  8. So NVG Tool is useless? Thanks, Marc..
  9. Ha!!! Cool, thanks a bunch guys Marc..
  10. Hey guys, using night vision results into a clean crash with a warning from AVG that thinks it's a virus and wants to quarantine it How do I deal with this? Thanks, Marc..
  11. Not to bad considering Elon Musk was not overly confident Marc..
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