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  1. If you send me your email address I will send you these IAF on XP files.
  2. Good Morning All, The Gulf Knight approach isnt working too well as he charges for downloading my "free" files. I will gladly email my IAF files to anyone who asks and provides their email. Thanks and have a good day. tplummer Derry, New Hampshire, USA
  3. Update: I understand that this site no longer hosts any files for download. The IAF_on_XP.zip file is available at Gulf Knight Airbase downloads. Have a great day, tplummer
  4. Greetings All, Just joined and want to contribute some of my own work. Spent most of a day creating a selection of new Janes IAF PREFS.dat files for those who wish to run IAF on XP. I know there has been quite a lot written about this already but I was never able to find a good selection of PREFS.dat files for use in XP. I have screenshots of IAF preferences matched to PREFS.dat files of the same name so you may see exactly what options are set. I also have detailed notes on how to deal with the IAF XP interface isuues. I now need to learn how to upload my IAF_on_XP.zip to this site for all to use. Have a great day, tplummer
  5. I am a fan of Jane's Attack Squadron, a much-maligned flight sim. I like finding all the strange and amusing graphic bugs in JAS. It is one of the great appeals of this sim to me, that and the fact that everyone seems to have rejected it. I am glad that Xicat finished it after EA abandoned it. I also like flying the JAS planes, they are agile, and the secenery is very well done. My favorite graphics bug is where you are a nose gunner in one of the bombers and shoot into the water, suddenly bullet holes appear right in mid air as though you have hit an invisible thing. Now the fun part..... keep on shooting and check the outside view of your plane, the fuseleage id beeing hit by all those mysterious bullets. Keep shooting and you cut yourself in half! I know of many other graphics 3D model bugs that surprise, amuse and just are fun to find. Have a great day, tplummer
  6. The Dude Thanks for the new subtopics. Have a great day, tplummer
  7. I want to start a Jane's IAF and Jane's JAS subtopic, right next to Jane's USAF and Jane's F18. I like all the Jane's series and want to see them all here. I realize that these are not very popular but I do not want to see any of the Jane's series neglected. I cannot see how to start a subtopic myself, perhaps the moderator does this? I have new recent work to contibute about running IAF on XP, and which I've not found on the forums. I would like to share this with members and generate an interest in IAF. Well OK, don't let these quirky-but-fun sims be pushed aside.
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