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  1. Thanks for the reply Mikew - I searched for "0x5BAC90" too (after I posted TBF) and only found my post, doh! 😀
  2. Hi all, Hit a snag with my game crashing during the Strike Force Campaign when I'm changing the waypoints on an interdiction strike, which can be a bit of a problem. Here's the f22.$$$ info - Program fault at 0x5BAC90, cleanup up and exiting! 0B2C0678 000CFC10 005BAC90 00210202 0B2BFD78 00000078 00000BA0 0000009F 00000004 0B2D1D79 0000002B 0000002B 00000053 0000002B 00000023 0000002B version 5.191 by on Nov 16 1998 Any help gratefully received! Spec - TAW V2.30 Win10 using dgVoodoo No mods used, not even the NVG one.
  3. The "issue" is that I remember the AMRAAM behaviour being different where 2 missiles, targeted at 2 different aircraft, wouldn't both target/hit the same plane and yet now it can/does happen more than I ever remember (although my memory could be wrong). I am currently firing the missiles with a 1 second delay between shots (in my ACMI recording I can see that I change targets between shots) in a tail chase against targets 12km away so they're flying away from me & increasing the distance, rather than a head-on shot. I choose a Learjet for the targets as it has no DAS to interfere with the missiles.
  4. Good Point, I can't remember what I played it at back in '98 but I'll try that test again in all modes to see what I get - I'm using Learjets as my target and I find that out of 4 missiles at least 1 always "doubles up" on a target, and when I tried bigger 747's it was worse. I D/L'd this from the Google Drive link yesterday without issue, so I'd look at browser settings (ad-blocks etc).
  5. Hi all, I must have played hundreds if not thousands of hours on the original TAW (still got the original game files) and I still think it's probably the best "gameplay" simulator out there so I'm amazed to find it's still alive 20 years later (so amazed that I didn't realise I'd posted in here 8 years ago I've just found 😀)! I've just D/L'd the game and it's still just as good as I remember but one "new" thing puzzles me. From my memory, in the Original version the performance of the AIM-120C was much more accurate with a salvo of 6 getting 4-5 kills at MAX PK, yet now it's dropped to 1-2 kills. So I did a little testing and what I've found so far is that, using four targets at 12nm range, the 120C's aren't "cycling" through the target list properly despite the HUD showing that they are. So when I fire four 120C's in EMCON 5 at 12nm the 1st and 3rd aircraft are being targeted by two 120C's each and aircraft 2 and 4 are not being targeted at all despite the HUD showing that all four targets have missiles targeted (via the big X on them). Is this something that has been changed in the game files or has this always been the case and it's my memory thats dodgy? Other than that it's amazing to be playing this game again!!!!!!
  6. I went down the Water-cooled route too for mine but used a quad-core Zeon so there's less potential for high clock speeds but better multi-threading. I put a review of it here. Intel Zeon 2.66ghz @ 3.5ghz 4GB RAM Nvidia GTX280 Antec 900 case (3x 12cm and 1x 20cm fans ) Single loop W/C rig. Runs all the lastest FPS games (and Flight Sims) at 1920x1080 @ 50fps all day long with "Quality" settings on the Drivers and max settings on the games.
  7. Hi all, since reinstalling, playing into the wee hours for days on end and then reading some posts on here I've noticed I seem to use some different/unique tactics in the campaign. When I 1st started playing TAW I stuck rigidly to the "game plan" i.e start off doing CAP's to earn points, then start the proper missions with full Escort/WW & hopefully hit my target and get home and end mission. Then repeat this until I've either won/lost or gone mad as the AI wingmen go mental, WW get there late, escorts only engage after I've already been shot at etc! However, I now find myself going "lone wolf" by using the CAP missions as a base in which to cause havoc without being given a dedicated Mission to do it. I'll start a single CAP mission by removing everyone bar myself from the package (even my wingman!), altering the waypoints with all the SAM's, EWR and airfields I want to hit, getting 12 Mavericks (LANTERN FREE) and belly full of Aim-120's and then cruise around destroying everything in one sortie (RTB for fuel and ammo between each target or when required) until I finish destroying everything I'd programmed in or I get shot down, although after the 1st landing I cancel the End Mission so I can End it myself while flying if it's starting to look like a mess and still be a sucess. Once those targets have been hit I'll move onto the Target List and do the same or once in a while I'll take on a dedicated mission so that on the planning screen all the target area's I want to hit are shown, and add everything as a waypoint and repeat as above. I also use the main Campaign screen's target list/theatre map to bring up targets if there's no dedicated mission and try to transfer their locations as best as I can onto the waypoint screen during planning (bit of a guess-timate). While you don't rack up the points that quickly you do get medals every flight and the Campaign totals are easily reached before the time limit. In multi-player it'd be very different as your human wingmen shouldn't be crap LOL! Anyone else have any random tactics they use?
  8. Just a quick update, I've now found how to adjust the Glide settings and reset the screen rez to 1920x1080p (42" LCD) and it looks better than ever! I have to ask if there's been any graphics updates (apart from the custom camo)? I mean, Yes the terrain is blocky on/near man-made objects (town/airfield/ports/power stations etc) but the objects themselves are amazingly crisp and the rest of the terrain is soooooo much better than when stuck at 800x600 on the original. Definately glad I've given this another go!
  9. Hi all, I've been an avid ADF & TAW player ever since my 1st 266mhz PC ('97 I think) and it's remained the only game I still play regardless of my PC/OS upgrades but the lack of modern graphics and the fact I'd completed it quite a few times meant I'd not bothered installing in on my latest Win7 machine. However thanks to yourselves (and wiki for pointing me in this direction) I'm now back fully engrossed and can use Glide again instead of crappy D3D. Oh and some of the new custom single missions are "interesting", like the Alien stuff, but mainly it's great to see variety again! Cheers!....................................IanH
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