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  1. what about Warbirds ?? little better than crimson skies, not so hardcore like IL-2 and totally free! in the link above you can download the game and join the free arena.
  2. F22 TAW, Janes F/A 18, Falcon 4 (original). regards;
  3. Hey guys; First of all, I would like to thank you all for the way that you receive me on our weekly multiplayer fly-in. I want apologize you all, but I´ve been having some problems that make me miss our wednesday night meeting. Besides complications at work, in the next days (or weeks) I"ll be moving. I have one week to rent a new apartment and posibly will take a while untill have internet conexion. So, have a nice flight, I"ll miss you, and hope to be back soon. Saludos;
  4. hey guys; I don´t know what am I doing wrong. Download the mission file and save in the Missions folder; Then... 1 - Open TAW Launcher.. 2 - Mission editor.. 3 - TAW 2.0 Battle Commander.. 4 - Mission Manager.. 5 - drag and drop Hawx mission from " saved missions" to " taw missions" on slot 10 of Multiplayer missions - TAW 2.0 Co-op missions.. 6 - Done.. 7 - Launch TAW, select the mission, launch.. 8 - in the game, when I select the mission on TAWBC, co-op multiplayer missions, the game crashes and show this message.... http://img708.imageshack.us/f/hawkxv312error.jpg/ any idea? See you
  5. Sorry guys, I can't meet you tonight. Lot of work! Have fun. Saludos!
  6. Very nice last night guys! Really funny! Special thanks to my "SEXY" Lead Wombat! Can't wait to "buzz" the tower again! (suck this Tom Cruise!) See you next week!
  7. Hi everyone; Sorry but I can't join you guys next week. I'll be traveling with my wife for the carnival holidays Good flight
  8. Parabéns HF! Feliz aniversário! Feliz cumple HF! Happy Birthday!
  9. Nice flight last night guys! I was confuse sometimes (sorry about that ) Like Wombat says "listening and learning". see you next week.
  10. I made 60 points! 4 Air kills!!!!! Not bad! Scully should be proud!!!!! My vacations starts tomorrow. I"ll be away from the computer (I need it). See you guys next year! I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year! Mulder
  11. Hi everyone; Some questions about the multiplayer flight: 1) Lets say that we are in flight, I´m as a wingman and we have contact with the enemy. The leader gives the order to "engage". How do I know what target engage? How the leader "distribute" the targets? 2) If I have to left the session, what is the procedure to not broke the conection of everybody? Home Fries explained it to me once but I don´t remember. This one is both to multiplayer or offline: How can I know what is the runway that I should take off? I have the clearence of airfield to take off on runway 16, but how to know what is the 16? (or any other); Cheers;
  12. Hello everyone; I would like to apologize my absence in our weekly multiplayer flight. I'm with some problems in the work. Hope see you guys next week. Saludos
  13. Hey guys; I finally solve my mic problem! See you tomorrow night! Vamos volar muchachos!!!!!
  14. Hello guys! First off all, I just want to say thank you for your support tonight, besides all my problems with the mic. Some questions: 1) To type messenges, I type 5, write the messenge and press enter, and nothing happen...is that wright? 2) For about 15 min I stay in the game (I think) on the six of HF, but really don´t know if actually I was in the game, because don't see anybody else, just HF. 3) How the hell I drop the empty fuel tank??? The girl keep saying "drop the tank, drop the tank" and I don't know how to send it to the hell! Again, sorry for the problems. I will try to solve the problem with the mic and sure that I will join you in next wednesday! Thank you very much. See you!
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