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  1. Donster


    Morning all. 43F under cloudy skies. Partly cloudy skies late morning throughout the rest of the day with relatively light westerly winds and a high of 60F.
  2. Kodak Ad - April 1943 1940: British submarine Starlet sunk off Norway. 1940: Germans advance further north of Oslo. More British troops are landed at Aandalesnes in Norway with the plan of co-operating with the British and French troops already at Namsos to surround and then retake Trondheim. However, the Norwegian commander, General Ruge persuaded the Aandalesnes force, to move south in order to give support to his troops still holding out at Lillehammer. *Mary Castle 1941: Britain warns that if Cairo is bombed, then the RAF will
  3. Donster


    Morning all. 45F under partly cloudy skies. Cool, quiet, and mostly cloudy today. High of 58F.
  4. Chevrolet Ad - April 1943 1940: Royal Navy Heavy cruiser "Suffolk" bombards installations at Stavanger, but on her return is badly damaged by Ju-88 bombers and barely makes Scapa Flow with her stern awash. 1941: Yugoslavia surrenders, with the Wehrmacht taking 334,000 prisoners. King Peter of Yugoslavia is flown to Athens and then on to London by the RAF. *Anne Jeffreys 1942: The RAF makes a daylight raid against Augsburg in southern Germany with 14 Lancaster bombers. The raid is pressed home with great gallantry, with squadron lea
  5. Donster


    I do hope Stans is able to escape on his own. We could try to launch a rescue mission, but that would put CSIM way over our Cdn$3.45 budget. Maybe we could get Elon Musk to finance the mission and let us use one of his SpaceX space crafts.
  6. Donster


    Morning all. 44F under Cloudy skies. Clouds stick around for much of the day, but temperatures should warm a few degrees back into the low to mid 50s. A weak system will pass through late Friday giving the chance for showers. Any rain will be scattered and light. High of 57F.
  7. Chrysler Ad - April 1944 1940: British and French troops make landings at Namsos. Further British troops are landed in the Faeroe Islands. 1941: London suffers through the heaviest blitz of the war. Parliament buildings and St. Paul's Cathedral suffer damage, and more than 2,250 fires are touched off by incendiary bombs. *Ida Lupino 1941: The first American "Lend-Lease" food aid shipments arrive in Britain. 1942: An official inquiry into British bombing policy is setup under Mr. Justice Singleton. This was the result of
  8. Donster


    Morning all. 38F under partly cloudy skies. The wind will back off a bit today, to around 10-15 MPH. High of 50F.
  9. Goodyear Ad - April 1942 1940: British troops land at Harstad in the Lofoten Islands, opposite Narvik, Norway. Quisling government resigns in Oslo; 'Administrative Council' takes control. 1940: British unemployment falls to 973,000, lowest figure since 1920. *Jane Greer 1941: The Luftwaffe keeps up its air offensive by attacking Belfast. 1941: The Admiralty assumes operational control of RAF Coastal Command. Jane Greer 1941: German troops occupy Sarajevo in Yugoslavia. Jane Greer
  10. Donster


    Herr Fink, you will see that the morning post is properly titled Tuesday. You are the one who has lost his mind. You cannot reprogram me or Stans. He will soon turn the tables on you NWO morons.
  11. Donster


    Morning all. 34F under clear skies. Chilly weather continues this week and today may very well be the coldest of the bunch. High today of 46F.
  12. Martin Aircraft Ad - April 1943 1940: German Minesweeper M6 sinks RN submarine Tarpon. 1941: The first German attacks against Tobruk are repulsed by the Australians. *Diana Dors 1941: Germans break through new Greek front line. The Greek Army of Epirus withdraws from Albania. 1942: Laval returns to power in Vichy as the 'Chief of Government with special powers'. Thirty five hostages shot in Paris. Diana Dors 1943: Stalin's son Jacob dies at a POW camp. The Russian 14th Army repulses a German attac
  13. Donster


    Morning all. 40F under clear skies. Increasing cloudiness with gusty NW winds. High of 49F.
  14. Studebaker Ad - April 1944 1940: British Naval forces, this time supported by the Battleship HMS Warspite, again engage the German naval forces located at Narvik in the Jössing Fjord. This, the 2nd Battle of Narvik, results in the sinking of 8 German destroyers and a U-boat whose surviving crews join Gebirgsjäger units that are defending isolated Narvik. 1941: German forces launch an attack against the Greek and British positions near Mt. Olympus. The Italian 11th Army in Albania begins to push the Greek Army back. *Sandra Dorne 194
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