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    How can it be a Hard Day's Night when you've been sleeping like a log?
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    Morning all. 5F under clear skies with a -10F wind chill. Despite the cold start to the day, the gusty southwest winds plus some sunshine will turn things around to the lower 40s by this afternoon. High of 41F.
  3. Kodak Ad - January 1943 1941: Compulsory fire watching duty introduced in Great Britain. 1941: With Hitler's tacit support, Marshal Antonescu suppresses a rebellion by the Iron Guard in Romania. 1941: Emperor Haile Selassie crosses the Abyssinian border at Um Idla. *Julie Adams 1942: In the Wannsee suburb of Berlin, the formal adoption of the 'Final Solution to the Jewish Problem' takes place. In practice this meant that all Jews in occupied Europe were to be transported to the east. The able bodied were worked until the
  4. Donster


    Morning all. 23F under cloudy skies. Early this morning, it’s possible that we may see a brief round of flurries or freezing drizzle which may lead to some slick roads. This afternoon is when most of the precipitation will arrive and a trace to an inch of snow still looks pretty likely. High today of 29F.
  5. Packard Ad - January 1943 1941: Hitler and Mussolini meet at Berchtesgaden, with Mussolini accepting German military help in North Africa, but not Albania. 1941: British launch counteroffensive in East Africa, attacking Eritrea and Ethiopia from Sudan. *Piper Laurie 1942: Two Axis transports, the Mongevino and Ankara land 45 German tanks at Benghazi as reinforcement, while axis forces evacuate the city. 1942: General Wavell warns Churchill that Singapore cannot be held as little had been done to prepare the landward faci
  6. Salute to his accomplishments. But he was a murderer, and deserved to die in prison.
  7. Donster


    Morning all. 22F under clear skies with a 13F wind chill. Periodic bouts of light scattered snow and flurries will be the rule through tomorrow. High today of 26F.
  8. Chevrolet Ad - January 1943 1942: German-Japanese-Italian military agreement signed in Berlin. 1942: The Red Army encircles several German divisions of the German II Corps at Demyansk near Lake Ilmen. German troops of Army Group B recapture Feodosiya and seal off the Soviet bridgehead at Kerch in the Crimea. 1942: General MacArthur repels the Japanese in Bataan. *Margie Stewart 1943: A wartime ban on the sale of pre-sliced bread in the United States - aimed at reducing bakeries' demand for metal replacement parts - went
  9. Donster


    Morning all. 21F under cloudy skies. Freezing drizzle and light snow this morning made for slick driving conditions. Partly sunny late morning into the afternoon with a high of 26F.
  10. General Electric Ad - January 1943 1939: The Reich issues an order forbidding Jews to practice as dentists, veterinarians and chemists. *Joan Vohs 1941: During the night, the Italians evacuate Kassala and Gallalabat in the Sudan. Joan Vohs 1942: The last German garrison at Halfaya in Cyrenaica surrenders, with about 5,500 prisoners taken. 1944: First attack toward Cassino, Italy. Joan Vohs 1945: Russians forces cross the Warthe and advance 100-miles on a 160-mile front forcing the Germ
  11. Donster


    Morning all. 29F under cloudy skies. Another day with plenty of cloud cover, a northwest wind, and some scattered snow showers or flurries. High of 30F.
  12. Lockheed Ad - January 1943 1940: Hitler orders the postponement of his attack in the west until the Spring. Likely reasons for this are the compromise of 'Fall Gelb' and increasing criticism from some commanders that the plan was too predictable. Led by Gerd von Rundstedt, they proposed instead that the main blow should come through the wooded Ardennes region in southern Belgium as the allies would not expect this. 1940: British submarines Seahorse, Undine and Starfish reported sunk after penetrating Heligoland Bight. *Carole Lombard
  13. Donster


    Morning all. 30F under cloudy skies. Only an inch of snowfall from yesterday afternoon and last night. Scattered snow showers will continue on and off through the day. Snowfall totals are still on track to wind up in the 1 to 3 inch range in most of our area. High of 33F.
  14. Royal Crown Cola Ad - January 1943 1940: Nearly twice as many Britons have been killed on the roads since blackout started than by enemy action. *Rosemary Clooney 1942: The Japanese begin their invasion of Burma from Thailand, attacking up the Kra Isthmus. They quickly capture the British airfields around Tenasserim, enabling Japanese fighters to now escort bomber attacks against Rangoon. 1942: Army Group Centre evacuates the Kaluga sector and takes up winter positions 20 miles to the West. Rosemary Clooney 1
  15. Donster


    Afternoon all. 36F under cloudy skies. Rain, freezing rain and snow later this afternoon through the night. Two to three inches forecast. High today of 38F.
  16. Stromberg - Carlson Ad - January 1943 1942: At the so called Arcadia Conference held in Washington, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill agree to concentrate the Allied war effort on the European theatre. President Roosevelt also orders that all aliens are to register with the government. This is the beginning of a plan to move Japanese-Americans into internment camps in the belief that these people might aid the enemy. *Teala Loring 1942: New German battleship Tirpitz, moves to Trondheim in Norway, to threaten the Arctic convoys.
  17. Donster


    Morning all. 25F under clear skies. Partly cloudy today with a high of 37F.
  18. Westinghouse Ad - January 1943 1941: The Luftwaffe launches a heavy attack against Plymouth. 1941: Hitler demands that Bulgaria joins the Tripartite pact, but the Bulgarians play for time. *Wende Wagner 1942: Germans begin a U-boat offensive along east coast of USA. 1942: The allied conference in London pledges to punish axis war criminals after victory. 1942: A Japanese attack just to the east of Mount Natib, begins to pose a threat to the left flank of the US-Filipino 2nd Corps. Wende Wagner
  19. Donster


    Morning all. 24F under clear skies. Plenty of sunshine today with a high of 33F.
  20. Goodyear Ad - January 1943 1940: At the height of the cold weather spell in Europe, 50° of frost is reported in some places. 1940: Soviet bombers raid cities in Finland. *Gloria Grahame 1941: Recruiting of Norwegians for the 'Nordland' Regiment of the 5th SS Motorised Division 'Wiking' begins. Gloria Grahame 1942: Hitler orders Admiral Otto Ciliax, who commands the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the cruiser Prinz Eugen at Brest, to prepare to return to Germany. The new German battleship Tirpitz, si
  21. Donster


    Morning all. 27F under overcast skies. The cloudy skies will remain throughout the day with a high of 31F.
  22. Philco Corporation Ad - January 1943 1941: Adolf Hitler orders forces to be prepared to enter North Africa to assist the Italian effort, marking the establishment of the Afrika Korps. The operation is to be named 'Alpine Violets'. 1941: The Cruisers HMS Southampton and HMS Gloucester are attacked by German aircraft in the Sicilian channel. HMS Gloucester receives damage, while HMS Southampton is sunk. British submarine's begin to make attacks German and Italian convoys crossing to Libya. *Nanette Fabray 1942: The Kriegsmarine begin
  23. Donster


    Morning all. 19F under overcast skies. Lots of cloud cover today with a high of 23F.
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